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  1. Thats funny. I was in the apartments off Teasley also, just north of 35 behind the Pizza Hut and KFC for a while.
  2. Funny, I lived in Denton for 4 years (take a wild guess why) and never noticed that! There is also a Houston St., Fannin, Memorial Dr., and Willowick.
  3. There is one on Westheimer between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford. Its on the south side at West Houston Center Blvd. Also one on Fondren just south of Westheimer.
  4. It is. I know the family. They opened it a while back.
  5. Same with the Memorial and Dairy Ashford location.
  6. Hi neighbor! I bought my house in Glenshire east last year also, but my grandparents were original owners here and lived here at the opposite end of my street until 2009. Mine is a 1975 ranch. The roofs were originally cedar shake from what I have been told and also seen in the deed restrictions. Most were replaced in the 80's and by the early 90's.
  7. I know someone that grew up in Meyerland and they told me that Colonial House was also known as "Venereal House" back in the 70's-early 80's.
  8. Just because you have power line poles in the back yard does not mean there are not buried power lines in the backyard. It appears your house has buried service to the house, which means there are buried lines in the easement for it.
  9. There was one there also at West Airport, in addition to the W. Bellfort and Fondren one in the Fondren Southwest Village center.
  10. No, I know the Fiesta on Fondren was a Kroger, as was the Braeswood and Gessner location. I went to both of them, but mainly the W. Bellfort and Fondren location.
  11. The Fiesta was previously a Kroger. I went there many times. Opposite end of the center had a Target. Its a few discount clothing and shoe stores now.
  12. Daily use: Randalls in Meadows Place on W. Bellfort Favorites: HEB on 6 and 90, Costco on University, and Trader Joes on Voss (Can't wait for the Westheimer one to open!)
  13. I remember that being a Kroger. I used to go there back in the early-mid 90's when I would stay at my grandma's house when I was little. Even then it looked old to me. There was a Target at the other end of the center, and a Walgreens where the Anna's Linen is. That Walgreens had a shoplifter in there while we were there once. I remember him bolting out the door and knocking it off the track in the process. I think the Kroger and Target closed when the Meyerland locations opened, maybe a few years before. I think the T-Mobile store was a Houston Cellular originally. I know it was Cingular for a while also.
  14. The Fun Plex over on Beechnut and Eldridge was Fame City originally and had the waterpark. I am not sure what it was previously, but I remember Exhilerama at Memorial City mall. I grew up in the 90's in Sugar Land.
  15. I was thinking it was that building, but was not 100% sure.
  16. I remember Jungle Jims and went there a few times. I want to say it was off of Clarewood near the Bally fitness center.
  17. The one at W. Bellfort and Gessner opened sometime in the mid 80's and did not close until sometime around 2005-2008. It even had a gas station.
  18. Master Control is the department that controls what goes out on air. Bascially Master Control is the last place a feed from satellite, their studio, servers, etc., passes through before it goes out to their transmitter. A lot of stations already have this set up to be automated, but still have to have a master control op in the building in-case something goes wrong. When MC is outsourced, one person can monitor and take control of many stations at once. There is a facility in Dallas that does this for small market TV stations and their set-up look kinda like a mini NASA mission control.
  19. I think part of their problem is that it is an AM station. Not many kids and teens listen to AM. I know I didn't.
  20. Now if they would just put a Trader Joes in the remaining space. I would love that since I live near there and sometimes go to TJ's on Voss.
  21. I don't think you need to worry about Academy Sports stealing electricity from the high voltage lines lol. If you look at the lines there are houses within about 100ft. of them. If that was a problem those houses would not have been allowed to be built there or the lines would have been placed elsewhere if the houses were already there.
  22. DFW has 7 also 214/972/469: Dallas, Irving, Plano, Mesquite, Cedar Hill, Lewisville, and other suburbs 817/682: Fort Worth, Burleson, Arlington, and other suburbs 940: Denton to the OK border 903: Outerlying communities east and north of Dallas, up to the OK border It always throws people off when I give my home phone number and its a 940 area code in Houston lol. It is a Vonage number that I first got while still in college up there and got a really good plan so I have kept it. My cell is 713.
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