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  1. Houston Creations (start-ups)

    Start-up Orion Span Is planning a Luxury Hotel in space by 2021 Website:
  2. A few new proposals Humana Medical Center Alta 510 Office Tower for Colonia Escalon Deportiva Tower Premier Residences Foresta Porto Elit Paseo Alto Roble Condominiums Hotel Cifco
  3. Houston Aerials

    Awesome, can't wait to see more
  4. Houston Aerials

    I have never seen so many angles of Houston in a single video, well done.
  5. Houston Creations (start-ups)

    Houston will be launching its own version of SXSW in 3 days, its called THIS. (The Houston Innovation Summit) Hopefully this brings a lot of money into the city like SXSW does for Austin and attracts other companies. from the link above
  6. Houston Creations (start-ups)

    Lumen Motors Update:
  7. Syke's Offices Rendering Update Tigo Campus Insigne Rendering Update Hyatt Place Rendering Update Millennium Plaza Rendering Update WTC 4 Rendering Update (far right) Avitat 1 Rendering Update Florida Sky Rendering Update
  8. El Salvador Photo/Video Thread

    ////////////////// Coatepeque Lake ///////////////// Some Urban Shots as well
  9. Houston Creations (start-ups)

    Alcove Group is developing a laptop workstation for today's digital workers. Alcove Website:
  10. A few new projects Casa 5 Puerta del Alma (3 towers) Torre Masferrer Torre Luceiro Avitat One Condominios Cielos de la Escalon Torre H SYKES Office midrise Torre Ambrogi
  11. Houston Creations (start-ups)

    Houston is poised to become a tech city Detailed plan: