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  1. Trader's Joe has 4 Houston Metro area locations and not 1 is in an area similar to the 1960 NW Houston / Champions corridor. That area is typically inhabited by families, often large families, which is not what Trader Joe's caters to. If you're talking about "food desert" and wanting an niche grocery store to service it, then you need to talk Whole Foods and not Trader Joe's. But the 1960 corridor isn't really the target market for Whole Foods either....which is why it's near the Vintage.
  2. Man, the number of nail salons in this area is too dang high!
  3. Thanks! That makes sense. I looked it up and there is a 2nd Baptist Campus coming off 290 - 168,000 SF building. also there's a few hotels coming on top of the Holiday Inn Express: La Quinta (I think that's over by the new Goodwill near Meuske), a Courtyard and possibly a Hilton Garden Inn. Last the gym I mentioned earlier is going to be a VillaSport, looks very similar to LifeTime Fitness. This will be their second location in the Greater Houston area. The other location being in the Woodlands.
  4. So what's going in where the HEB was supposedly going to end up ( NW corner of 290 / 99 )? Also anyone know what's going in at the Mueske / 290 corner, next to Cracker Barrel? I heard at one point it was a restaurant and a small strip center. Not much land there to build on though. ((EDIT - Just saw it's a Mo's Irish Pub and a retail store.)) Last, looks like a full sized Goodwill store going in behind the newly built strip center on 290 just west of Lucky's. Also saw where the empty lot at Jarvis and Barker Cypress is going to be a large fitness center, possibly Lifetime Fitness with a couple retail buildings in the parking lot.
  5. Ok, I won't. That's weird though. Both are listed on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website. Neither was overly exciting, would just be nice to have a few more options around that area.
  6. It's the same thing every other community is getting right off the highway(s). Chain restaurants, typical box stores and fast food places. Not sure what you could expect to be put in there, but it's the fairly typical "shopping center" that everyone else gets. At least once it's finished there will be an Academy and new movie theater that serves food. You're going to have to wait another 5 to 10 years for Bridgeland to start building out their "town center", which will be huge (approximately 20% of their land space), to get something a bit more upscale or unique. Towne Lake's "town center" should have some nice offerings once finished in the next couple years. I heard they are getting some higher end restaurants that the area is sorely lacking.
  7. Chic Fil A is under construction (near completion) and the land has been cleared for the McDonald's. I think the Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse construction will start in a couple months (if not sooner).
  8. Looks like it could be the Cracker Barrel finally going in, as the work is directly next door to Gringos.
  9. Today some land surveyors were surveying the empty lot next to Gringos with a sign for Captial Retail Properties. Not sure how old the flyer is, but it shows a Cracker Barrel between the soon to be new retail space and Gringos and a Papa's BBQ on the other side of Gringos. Strangely enough it also lists a "proposed" Kroger's a bit further down 290, before Mason and "Memorial Herman", presumably taking the Fairfield Driving Range's lot. http://capitalretailproperties.com/brochures/Mueschke.pdf
  10. Along 290 Frontage Road: Bank of America (currently under construction) Chase Bank Taco Bell (currently under construction) Chick Fil A Whataburger Jack in the Box Olive Garden Longhorn Steakhouse 2 open parcels similar size to Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse Shopping Center: Kohl's Party City Star Cinema Petco Joann's Ulta Old Navy Buy Buy Baby HomeGoods Academy
  11. According to this website (and I had heard the rumors a few months back) Cypress is getting a Longhorn Steakhouse. The website also lists an Olive Garden (long time rumor), a Whataburger in Fairfield and a Jimmy Johns. A bunch of chains yes, but Longhorn Steakhouse is a pretty decent restaurant, much better than a Texas Roadhouse. http://constructiondatacompany.com/construction-projects/11632/longhorn-steakhouse-cypress-tx/
  12. The edge-re.com site is interesting as it mentions 1 "tenant" and 1 "restaurant" going into the strip mall.
  13. I believe they had to move because the Grand Parkway took up some if not all of their land. I could be wrong on that though.
  14. http://impactnews.com/articles/commercial,-residential-development-continues-in-fairfield%E2%80%99s-master-plan/ Looks like that's going to happen. Drove by yesterday and they have the moved some concrete drainage boxes out there.
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