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  1. http://news.rice.edu/2015/12/11/new-office-building-parking-garage-to-be-constructed/ - apologize in advance if this is the wrong thread, but more Rice construction news. I see urbanizer beat me too it - long time "lurker" on the site and thought this would be my first contribution...oh well, have to keep looking!
  2. Excited to try Maryam's and Skinny Rita's. Unfortunately I can confirm that the service and food are severely sub-par at The El. The atmosphere is wonderful, and my wife and I had been looking forward to trying the restaurant during this "soft opening" process. However, bland/overcooked food, poor drinks, and slow service are hard to overlook. On Nextdoor, experiences have ranged from similar complaints to ours to food poisoning for an entire family. Hopefully things will change, but that is going to have to include some significant changes in staff and in the kitchen.
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