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  1. I have been to this link you pasted. but I think that I can't go ahead and register. I have to submit my documents first to court. then, they will tell me to go to driving school. That waht I was told when I called them. Thank you for your advice Thank you everyone. Your replies really helped me. you have always been very helpful.
  2. I got a speeding ticket two week ago. My question is: will DSC (driving school course) help me? I rather to pay the fine but the last time i got a ticket was 3 years ago, and there was surcgarge (256 a year for three years). I don't want to pay the ticket fee and get surcharge bill. anyone has ever got a speeding ticket lately? Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you very much guys for helping me. I'll re-install it again and try to use it. I had to split my certificates into 2 emails. I hope they would accept them
  4. by the way i did download ADOBE. and I saved my certificates as PDF but the problem is that there are two certificates that should be sent at the same time. I couldn't put them together in the same PDF
  5. I was filling up a form online. While I'm trying to send my certificate, I get a message says"It must be DOC or PDF" I don't know what to do. It took me two days now.
  6. Hi everyone You can download any book for free from here http://www.worldebookfair.com/ it would be free untill August 4th let's know what you have read. And it would be appreciated if there is any suggested books. I don't read that much but I suggest: 1-"The 100 a ranking of the most influential persons in history" the one I'm reading these days. 2- The case of faith (kind of religious book). If you can recommend books about sociology, psychology, or Social Rehabilitation it would be great
  7. I have gone through this. most of my friends enjoy going to bars and nightclub which I don't like. Anyhow. there are two more suggestion 1- playing pool 2- Kemah is a perfect place to go over the weekend.
  8. Trophy Property I think it's a relativity. I've watched a lot of scary movies like the one you mentioned (jaws) but I don't know why i'm still scared of this one only (Cujo). Seviv I wish that I could conduct a survey to find out where will be the big number. is it the number of children who enjoy watching these movies or children who feel scary (scary in a bad way) Tjones i'm 25. this is the problem . thank you for the message. dpigtex56 I was just like the parents in this part
  9. The reason why I chose Relient Energy is because they don't ask for SSN. That why most of international students go with Reliant Energy.
  10. it's a horror movie about a rabid dog terrorizing a small community. (produced in 1983) I saw it last saturday on TNT. I couldn't continue watching it after seeing the scene in which Wallace-Stone was attacked in her car by the rabid dog while her child was screaming. Although it's just a movie, it really really scared me. It left me in a situation I can't get out of it. I couldn't even continue reading the novel "The dark half" because it was written by the same authorn, Stephen King, who wrote"Cujo". the movie based on a novel. Don't you think that this kind of movies could could negatively
  11. I'll be moving into another apartment. I got copule questions. Do all electricity providers in houston have similar prices? currently, I'm Reliant's customer and the bills is kind of high. (Averege is $100) even though it was for one bedroom. also the same question about home phone providers, any advise? Thank you in advance
  12. despite that move, he has won the Golden Ball award for the best player at the World in 2006!
  13. it's over Italy did it. although I was supporting France, Italy deserves to win. they did very well. also, what zidane did in the final was the most stupidest thing. I don't know how a big player like zidane could do this!
  14. i'm looking for a camry 2000-2001 .. Clear Title, good A/C, Automatic Transmission, the mileage etc My budge 6500 or so we could decide after having look at the car condition
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