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  1. What about the funds the Elan Heights apartments paid into the parks system when they were built? Never saw that get used for an improvement in the park like was supposed to happen. Also isn't there a TIRZ that could get involved?
  2. I don't know if it was mentioned above but there has been some coordination between "Houston Needs a Swimming Hole" people and BBP for east of downtown for potential sites. They have toured BBP owned or controlled sites and are currently doing a feasibility study. One of the sites along the bayou being considered is the former wastewater treatment plant on the north side of Buffalo Bayou and Lockwood Dr.
  3. The donuts are great but probably over complicated... They all have ingredients you have never heard of and a lot of them taste the same even though they supposedly have different stuff in them. Trying to hard to make the donuts "adult". The breakfast is the most unique in the neighborhood and what keeps bringing us back. And I have always had to wait in a line, they are doing well from what I can tell. I was kinda underwhelmed by the gelato shop. Probably because we just went to that one in River Oaks District which is on a whole other level. Its gonna be hard to not go to Hughies every week. It was our favorite restaurant even when it wasn't that close.
  4. Spoke to someone who works at Ritual and they said they plan on returning it to a live music venue. Will have live jazz and high end cocktails. Planning on being open in a couple months...
  5. After just driving by it looks like Fusion Taco on Main St. is open.
  6. Agree about listening to the guests. Each time we went in we were a little less impressed. Got rid of the happy hour instantly. Portions got smaller every time. We use to be able to order a couple dishes and be full but each time we went it seemed like another dish was needed. When you pay $36 for a half chicken that is the same size as a normal chicken breast it kinda makes you sad inside. Everything tasted great but when they opened I and others were hoping for a more casual place for frequent meals. It ended up being a more tapas style $100 date night place.
  7. http://www.chron.com/homes/article/What-does-it-take-to-protect-a-historic-Houston-6075235.php "The 'protected' designation means that the structure cannot be demolished or altered without the approval of the Commission," Hartgrove says. "The landmarks can proceed with an inappropriate alteration or demolition after the Commission denies their application for that activity once 90 days is up." Is this Houston Chronicle article incorrect on this?
  8. I believe it requires notifications and waiting periods before you tear down a city recognized building.
  9. Well that wasn't my question and I think you know that. Its odd how every debate about this issue ends up with talks about liquor and bars. Not one of these places you listed is retail that would benefit from this current update and is instead a list of bars that are not effected. Remember you can list a bunch of new bars in the dry zone as well. The question I raised was set on the idea that if the dry law was updated as proposed it would open up development to new unwanted and low class retail establishments selling beer and wine. If this hypothesis is true you should have seen these places opening up around the dry zone boundaries this past decade but the only example I can come up with is Premium Draught. Now why would the update of the dry law suddenly encourage these places to open when none have opened just across the street? I am suggesting that fears of allowing the purchase of beer and wine for off site consumption will lead to the construction of more liquor stores, bars, and convenience stores in the Heights dry zone doesn't make sense. First the update doesn't effect liquor sales, second they are already building bars and again this update doesn't change those laws, and lastly no development on the fringes of the dry zone have demonstrated the retail fears I am hearing.
  10. So what examples of new "retail with easier alcohol restrictions" have we seen outside of the dry zone? The Heights has had the largest influx of development in its history these past 10 years so we should have seen examples of this in the vast area of the Heights that have no dry laws.
  11. Wow. For that price you can get a house with more square feet on a full size lot in the same neighborhood plus not pay the $836 maintenance fee. Good luck to them!
  12. I am interested in the connection of this trail to the one that goes past Stude Park (MKT?) It is a separate project that appears to be ready to go but the COH GIMS website which has estimated construction start dates for it keeps moving it back every 3 months for the past year.
  13. As previously stated, redevelopment raising their properties and not being required to do detention because of no net change in existing impervious cover is the problem. When redevelopment happens in the 100 year floodplain this isn't a problem because there is a requirement that mandates no net fill to be brought onsite. Have you noticed that the Fiesta property holds water or has a ponding issue after a big storm? If there isn't an existing onsite drainage issue redevelopment there probably wont be any impact on the neighbors IF it the property is raised. Its when an old property that use to hold water during event because it was built to low is raised that issues like this can come up. There is no recourse I am aware of as long as they meet current building criteria. In the future City council could pass a new ordinance updating regulations on redevelopment. Also are we sure Walmart didn't provide onsite detention? I believe they would have been required to and they typically install their detention under their parking lots.
  14. I hear that of a bar is being put inside the store here. Any details/confirmation?
  15. + Chicago Beef. Use to be the only place around to get deep dish.
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