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  1. No, I do not speak spanish Looks like Sharpstown is full of immigrants, that's OK though because I am an immigrant myself. At this point I have a growing business and do not want to have a large loan because I want to keep investing in my business. Spring Branch is another option, but the prices there are a little higher - decent homes there will start from 170k-180k Can you recommend any other other areas in West Houston where I can buy a single-family home for about 150k?
  2. Hi there fellow Houstonians, I am a first time buyer looking to purchase a home soon. I am 25 years old and do not have any kids so I am not very concerned about the school district, my price range is up to $150k and am only looking to buy a single-family 1900+ sq/ft I am specifically looking to purchase a home in West Houston (between 610 West and Beltway 8). It looks like the areas that can fit my criteria are Sharpstown and Fondren SW. Everybody has been telling me to stay away from Sharpstown because of the high crime rate but I have a notion that for these prices any home will be in a high crime rate area. Is Sharpstown really that bad? Is it worse than Fondren SW - Braeswood & Fondren area? I used to live on Westheimer and Fondren and would take long walks at night - I always felt secure and never had any problems. One thing that is probably important to add, I am planning to live there for a few years and sell or turn it into an investment property after then. Does anyone have any experience with that area or any suggestions about other locations that will fir my search criteria?
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