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  1. Forgive me for any repetition in this long thread. I might be able to add a little info on Playland Park. Yes, it was on the corner of S. Main and Murworth. My father owned the arcade and skee ball there, so, naturally, I spent a lot of my childhood there. I remember the difficulty even getting there as we lived 2 blocks south of Meyerland Plaza and 610 wasn't built yet. So we traveled residential streets to get there. With almost unlimited access, I was able to achieve perfect scores of 450 (9 balls @ 50 pts. each) on skee ball. I remember collecting and tracking the coins out of the 100+ arcade machines and rolling them up and helping my dad deposit the bags of pennies, nickels, and dimes at the bank in the Prudential building. I remember my dad became friends with the man in charge of souvenirs for the Colt 45's and ultimately the Astros. He had a son about the same age as me so I was able to see a number of games over the years. Good times.
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