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  1. The place seems like they're trying to merge a Hooters with a Joe's crab shack.... at least that's the impression the web site gives. I wouldn't call that a positive sign. It's also an interesting time to open a place focused on seafood as the summer months usually aren't the best time to eat gulf oysters, gulf shrimp season doesn't start up again until July 15th, and crawfish season is basically over. Something tells me they won't be serving a lot of local and fresh stuff.
  2. unless I'm mistaken, the orphanage was located further west - near Bayland and Julian not Bayland and Houston. I believe one of the buildings that is a photography studio now used to be a pharmacy.
  3. Thanks for posting this article, I've looked into those windows multiple times and always wondered what happened. It definitely seems frozen in time. Kind of amazing with all the development along Washington Avenue that nothing has happened with this place yet.
  4. Does anyone know what's happening to the place on the corner of Houston Avenue and White Oak Drive (used to be Farmers wine / coffee shop)? It looks like they're doing some serious renovation to the building, it would certainly be nice to have another place to drink / dine in the area.
  5. I would second the L&L nomination - bought from them a few weeks ago - and given how early in the season it was they were pretty good sized.
  6. hmmm.... a crappy bar now serving crappy food.... not impressed
  7. Are you referring to Dirt Bar at 2222 Yale?
  8. Nope, unfortunately the stage is gone. But the place has undergone some serious renovation and looks great. The back porch hasn't been rebuilt yet though --
  9. Yep, that place is called Citizen..... it seems to be suffering from a split personality disorder. It wants to be a club and a lounge at the same time.... kind of ends up failing at both. It is a bit generic and a somewhat cheesy. But it is certainly amusing, although probably not intentionally so. Not really my kind of place - but I'm sure it will prove popular for a short while and then bottom out and change owners. I wish Pearl Bar would open back up.
  10. I flew into LA yesterday --- the fires looked absolutely insane from the air...
  11. Pearl Bar was named Best New Bar and Brad was named Best Bartender by the Houston press in their Best of Houston 2007 Poll. Unfortunately, the bar is temporarily closed down now until November while they push through the renovations. I'm going to be very intrested to see how this place turns out..
  12. Apparently the Acres Homes residents are getting tired of finding dead bodies on their streets - amongst other issues..... go figure..... from the Chronicle: ...And, lately, the bodies of dead women, seven since January 2006, have been dumped much like trash along roadways and fields in this northwest Houston neighborhood. At least three were slain, their killers still at large. The cause of death for the remaining women has yet to be determined. The latest possible victim was found Saturday. A passer-by spotted the naked body of 18-year-old Willie Bianca Jones near a ditch in the 1100 block o
  13. Well you've got to include the infamous Newlywed Game Blooper...... When answering the question of Where is the weirdest place that you have ever gotten the urge to make whoopee...... link to video... for years in interviews the host of the show denied this ever happened
  14. No question that the bar is still quite rough around the edges, but it
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