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  1. My thoughts were like "Wow, I don't think children change much. They're curious from the start!" and I wonder "Gee, I wonder if this neighborhood was the same" Like I said, one thought led to another and that's how it went. There's no "deeper" meaning.
  2. I took Materials and Construction Management at A&M. Thanks for refreshing my memory haha!
  3. I was wondering this the other day. On my way from work I noticed a lady and her son waiting on the bus and thought "Damn, were kids really like this?" This was in no way related to race but it one thought led to another and... Yeah.
  4. Loud banging noise and screaming. Gunshots but at the time I didn't know about guns. The shooting may have happened in 94 or 95. I don't know what other details I should give.
  5. It was in the early 90s that it happened. Lots of cops, a body on the ground, covered in blood. Happened in some park named Tuffy park? I'm not very sure about it though. I wasn't knowledgeable about the concept of death at the time. I didn't even know how to talk. Anybody got news on this?
  6. Oh, a shopping center. I still miss that forest area in the back. Used to go hunting for hares.
  7. What about the newly built park? What was there before? By the way do you remember a car blowing up in the forest area where sky view apartments are? Happened in the late 90s
  8. There used to be a shoe store (red looking building) but I forgot the name.
  9. Yeah, where Maxie Hair salon used to be? What used to be there anyway? And why is that business opposite of Exxon so unsuccessful. Last time i checked, it's being turned into a car electronics installation place.
  10. Yes I did. I don't think much has changed since then, aside from the new park being built and the constable area being fenced.
  11. I love Young Branch. I used to go there every day for 4 years to read beginner books to learn to read! Most of the librarians know me and I think that's like the best feeling, when you walk into a businnes and the owners/employees welcome you with your name! Yes, I read about the old Montgomery Ward. I wish I knew what the WHOLE neighborhood looked like and what businesses were there at the time. Before the Exxon was built on MLK and Browncroft, there was, again and empty lot with a visible foundation. Now about the rail line. I'll have to wait and see how things work out. The park that was built 3-4 years ago on Beekman is very close to the rails, maybe the city will enclose the park.
  12. There was a Jack in the Box?! Man. Does anyone know the median income before white flight?
  13. Oh, I was thinking of that Target by Sharpstown. Last time I went there was 12 years ago.
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