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  1. Wow in 1976 I was 2 years old. I love to see old photos of Galveston. It's funny the parking lot was nearly empty even way back then. I don't recall the Galvez ever being really busy.
  2. It will be interesting to see how they handle a hurricane and see what the aftermath looks like. I'm sure Feritta probally has the whole thing insured so I don't think he's worried. Tho I'm surprised they didn't just build a new pier which I think would have been better. Oh and they really need some sort of walkway over the seawall, there is just too many people crossing the street. It's an accident waiting to happen.
  3. Sorry this is an old thread but I had to post. I was just thinking about the Galvez Mall last night. I'm 37 so the mall was still open around the time I started High School. The map is pretty acurate. The book store was located straight back from the main enterance. I remember they used to put up a Christmas display in front of it every year. It seems like across from the book store there was a little place where they served coffee or something, I can't quiet remember. There was a music shop directly opposite of the pizza place, I don't remember the name or if it was something else before. Across from Bealls they had a hair salon, I used to get my hair cuts there. I remember my mom used to work at Bealls. I once threw up in Wyatt's Cafertia haha. Skippy from Family Ties once signed autographs at the mall. I can remember playing Dragon's Lair and Rampage in the Arcade. I remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back at the Movie theater. So many memories.
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