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  1. High today in Boothbay Harbor 79 degrees. Also, will keep a running lobster count for the week.

  2. That's the 3 no's. MT @taraistcell: @esandler not at all. It's like me offering Tums to someone for a meal I've yet to cook.

  3. One from last night: risotto with 25yr old balsamic. $5 HRW supplement @ Tony's http://t.co/NLQopkwu

  4. .@ssegraves I was on the @cleverleys show for the last 30min or so. Just wondering how it sounded to people.

  5. These are the people I follow RT @Fidoz: You know you've done a good job when someone describes your fart as sticky.

  6. Ended my week of ridiculous eating with HRW at Tony's. Paying extra for souffle totally worth it. Service great even in Siberia

  7. Remember, Davy Crocket surrendered during the Battle of the Alamo and was executed by Santa Anna afterwards. http://t.co/msXdkIqC

  8. When @cshepherd13 says he's gonna make the best steak of your life, he is not thousand dollarsing around.

  9. Tasting menu portions for @HouRestaurantWk a bummer, but it all tasted good. I probably don't need to eat til full anyway

  10. Hit @NOLAs2Geaux for lunch. Blackened catfish poboy and rbr are perfect fuel for an afternoon of blogging.

  11. Really enjoyed these veal sweetbreads last night at Sparrow http://t.co/z7koADtD

  12. Restaurants like Triniti aren't usually my thing, but I really enjoyed everything I tried today. Thanks to @kimberlypark for treating.

  13. Update from Mom. In line at Red's in Wiscasset for an hour. Almost at end to order her lobster roll. Think I'd get 2.

  14. Extremely funny RT @kludt: Panic attacks, surprise menus, basement lockers and more at $100/head Dans Le Noir http://t.co/e1pBD2nm

  15. Nachos at the Skeeters. Take that Sheriff Blaylock! http://t.co/mgIIXXaw

  16. You need @mgaspard71 smoked pork shoulder. @ Paulie's Restaurant http://t.co/DVYO5G7e

  17. Kinuta maki: fish wrapped in pickled radish. Very refreshing @ Sushi Miyagi http://t.co/xnSZ3Gup

  18. Spicy homemade sausage, fall apart, well-seasoned ribs, brisket lacked smoked, kinda dry http://t.co/V50ClRO4

  19. My friends are great, btw. That's just a great lyric, and it's fun to wallow with my headphones on sometimes.

  20. And, btw, friends, please be with me on this: new Kroger on Studemont near Wash Ave is "Broger," right?

  21. .@UrbanSwank Thanks ladies. Good to meet @foodwaysTX @MichaelBerrySho and catch up with @Wholefish, too

  22. Congrats and good luck! RT @EaterHouston: It's true! @TheBurgerGuys are coming downtown. #BGDT http://t.co/LVUGn5rT

  23. Who else is going to the Foodways event tomorrow?

  24. Paid $5 for this seating. Not too shabby @ Minute Maid Park http://t.co/aVBPBfbM

  25. Are the Astros gonna win tonight? Clown question, bro #AstrosMMP

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