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  1. Thanks for the update. Good point on todays kids and video games. I agree. That's interesting!! I used to frequent the Games People Play on 1960 back in the early 80's. I have fond memories of that place. I;d love to find some pictures.
  2. I grew up in the Spring area, but now live in SW Houston (Meyerland). I was on Beechnut today and drove by Adventure Bay, which is now defunct. I got out and walked around - looks like they are clearing it out. I also noticed the "Fun Plex", which I think used to be Fame City. What is the story on Adventure Bay and Fun Plex/Fame City? I had never heard of either. Fun Plex is a MASSIVE complex. Any history on these? When they opened, etc? What is in Fun Plex now?
  3. I think there was one off of 1960 sometime between 1978-1983. I used to love to play the "Excite Bike" arcade game there. I think it lost alot of business when a Showbiz opened a block or two over.
  4. Glad to see your post. You brought back some great memories. I posted earlier about GPP. GPP "was" an awesome 80's hangout - straight out of something like "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"! I remember all those sounds too in that arcade - FUNNY. Let us know if you do a site or find some pics - I'd love to see them.
  5. Great Tex Mex: 1. Cyclone Anayas!!! 2. Lupe Tortillas - Fajitas!! Salsa is different, but good! 3. Original Ninfas 4. Cafe Adobe 5. Tin Star is really good and really fresh!! Highly reccommend this place! 6. Escalantes - pretty good Berryhill - not a huge fan of this chain. Chillis sucks! Chipotle - sick of it. I prefer Freebirds
  6. I remember "Texas Tumbleweeds". I ate there alot with my parents back in the early 80's. There was one off 1960 close to the old North Oaks Mall. As I can remember, great steaks, rolls, and homemade ranch dressing. Used to eat at Strack Farms close to Spring. That is still there and pretty much the same. Still has the Miss Pac Man video game I used to always play. Also remember JoJo's of 1960 - awesome desserts!! What abour Biaperrettis(?) great itallian place. Not sure if theyare still around or not.
  7. Maybe I am posting this in the wrong section, but I live in Meyerland and I have often wondered why we do not have a Super Walmart in the SW Houston/Meyerland area. We have a normal Walmart off of South Post Oak and 610 (which is always REALLY crowded), but not a Super WM. Anyone else think there needs to be one?
  8. There was a Monterey House off 1960. I used to go there with my family in the early 80's. The candy was kind of like a praline, but without pecans.
  9. I remember a really good steakhouse off of 1960 called "Texas Tumbleweed". My parents used to take us there in the early 80's. I also remember a decent mexican rest. called "Monterey House". Anyone else remember these?
  10. I remember "Games People Play". I lived in Ponderosa Forest from 75-82 and then off of Champion Forest Drive from 82-86. I had a few birthday parties at GPP. I remember the water slides. They had a "saw mill" theme to them. I remember them being really dirty and I think I remember hearing something about that kid. One of the slides had a huge saw blade hanging over the slide and I remember older teenagers telling us kids that if we rode the slide on Halloween, the blade would come down and cut us!! I don
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