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  1. On 1/24/2022 at 3:04 PM, Ross said:

    Nextdoor was full of the whining class that wants to tell other people what to do with their property without putting up any of their own money. Or even asking whether it would make economic sense to retain the building. Like Gulf Publishing years back getting a ration of crap for demolishing their building, and replying that they weren't going to spend millions of dollars and lose money on the project just to satisfy someone elses aesthetic sensibilities.

    It's great if a property owner can come up with a way to reuse the existing structures, but it's not a disaster if they can't.

    That thread on Nextdoor didn't last long. It disappeared while I was trying to reply.

    I don't think people are just whining to whine. There is legit concern when developers destroy charming architecture, no matter how "insignificant" the building may seem. The issue people have is that this has real historical value showing the Ukrainian influence that was in Houston and the neighborhood at the time. These are the type of small scale structures that keep the neighborhood at a pedestrian scale. When I visited Chicago a couple of years ago, not only did you have the towering skyscrapers but you had a ton of the small little brick buildings that made you feel like you were part of something bigger in the city. That's what the whole idea of placemaking is about and is an idea a city like ours needs to pay attention to before it's too late. Now I get your argument about "well it's not your property or money" but that doesn't mean we shouldn't voice our concern. I'd be more worried if people didn't care. 

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  2. On 1/24/2022 at 2:06 PM, mkultra25 said:

    Paul Barabash’s Store

    There was a thread on Nextdoor about this a couple of days ago, but when I went to look for it just now I discovered that it had been removed. The gist of it was that a lot of people were upset about the demo, but as it turns out the demo apparently does not include the facade as pictured above - it is being preserved and will be incorporated into the new structure that is being built on the site. So, adaptive reuse as opposed to "scrape it all and throw up a townhome".

    This building is do damn charming and would be a huge loss for the neighborhood. Do you know if it will be an addition to a new building or just a few bricks saved?

  3. 1 hour ago, Luminare said:

    Some firms and contractors will continue to show earlier illustrations because it shows the evolution of the project. I'm working on a project right now where we showed one thing at a meeting and now will have to make some adjustments for the next one. Meaning I'll be producing new renders, new site plan, and a new animation. Designs change all the time and more often then people might guess. Honestly, the image shown above isn't that different. I'd imagine that was a phase of the design where they were exploring the cost benefits of placing more residential on site than office/retail. This happens all the time. I know there is usually a kneejerk reaction with each release on here of new or different renderings, but most of the time there is no context of when this was released by the firm or presented. Either way both designs are good. Both will be a massive improvement for the area. Considering what has been exhibited lately and even what is shown on Arch Con's website what we have been seeing lately is latest and greatest.

    Yeah I agree. This thing is def going through revisions before we see a final design. Hopefully they are in the final round of changes. 

  4. The new law is homeless encampments are now considered "illegal." Last I read Houston was leading the way in TX in terms of finding ways to house the homeless instead of just making them criminals. Supposedly cities like Austin and Dallas are taking notes from us to do the same. Not sure how much headway has been made. 

  5. 11 minutes ago, X.R. said:

    Their security company was on site last night setting up what looked like cameras or something.

    Multiple caterpillar-type small machinery was being parked as I went by, and they were fiddling with the tarp surrounding the hole in the ground. I'm assuming this means work has started. Which is nice since I think the garage will help tie Greentown and the Ion together, and alleviate any potential parking issues.

    Speaking of parking, it seems like the Ion is getting busier, maybe someone who is a tenant can confirm. Driving by at 8:30 am just two months ago had the surface lot maybe a quarter full, but now its like 1/2-3/4 full with non-homeless people crossing the street at Wheeler and Fanin! What a difference 2 years has made for those few blocks.

    I've def noticed fewer homeless in the area. Not sure if it's because of the new law here in TX or because things are getting more organized in the district. Prob a bit of both

  6. So I spoke with Lee Cineros, he is the Capital Improvements director for the UK District. He was very transparent with me and basically what he told me was the city simply doesn't care. They hand out permits for Centerpoint or their sub contracted companies to do work but because the city is limited on inspectors nobody from the city can monitor the work being done. He said that while Centerpoint is not part of the CoH, the city seems to treat them as such. He also said they've had to reach out to Public Works multiple times and all they end up saying is "we'll try harder or we'll tell them to do better" This is the 4th largest city in America but we're run as though we're a small town. 

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  7. I could def see this becoming another renovated warehouse with multiple local businesses as tenants. That seems to be a huge trend right now. I looked up info on the building and it says it was built in 1920 and renovated in 1980. So I'm assuming the bones are still in good shape. 

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  8. 5 hours ago, Texasota said:

    The red line is extremely convenient, as is the 82 bus. That, in combination with the planned University and Inner Katy BRT lines, along with easy bike access to the Heights, makes this a pretty convenient place to be without a car. 

    But this is somewhat subjective. I don't enjoy having to drive everywhere, so if there are halfway decent alternatives I will usually take them. 

    Honestly that's damn near a 90 walk score in most cities so I'd say it's not subjective at all. All those key transit connections you listed both currently existing and proposed are going to take our walk/transit score way up. I'd say once those two lines are built our score will probably shoot up 15 to 20 points easily.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Ross said:

    If it's a power pole, call Centerpoint. The City doesn't fix Centerpoint's stuff.

    A friend worked there., It was Exxon Production Research, later Upstream Research. I think the Chemicals research part of Exxon is in New Jersey or somewhere up that way.

    Yeah I know but my issue is instead of them forwarding my complaint they force you to go back and call them yourself. Of all of the issues I've reported from sidewalks to debris, I get varying answers from 311 on what the city handles and what it doesn't. 

  10. 40 minutes ago, Geoff8201 said:

    This discussion on boundaries got covered on the previous pages of this thread.

    The RO doesn’t fall within the boundaries of River Oaks, Upper Kirby or Greenway Plaza.

    Google any one of those with “Boundary Map” and you will see the borders. Some maps are more accurate and detailed then others. Take Realtor provided boundary maps with a grain of salt.

    With the boundary of River Oaks being a block away, and the name “The RO” not being used elsewhere it’s no surprise they used it. Maybe the initials RO don’t actually even stand for River Oaks? 🤔

    Centerpoint has been doing work along W. Alabama replacing poles and aging equipment. Sanitary Sewer updates have taken place along Buffalo Spdwy and W. Alabama is supposed to get updated in the coming years on the Upper Kirby (Buffalo to Shepherd) and COH (Buffalo to Weslayan) sides. Both plans would replace storm sewers, replace the streets, add sidewalks and add bike lanes.

    As for the RO, last I heard they were looking for more Capital. Bears the question if Spear Street is still on board.

    I’m just hoping in the short term, they fix this leaking valve that has been pouring water since the freeze last year.

    That’s it. That’s all I know for now.



    Good luck filing a 311 complaint. Every time I fill one out it gets sent back that I need to take further action. It's completely ridiculous. The city never just forwards it to the proper channel. And matter's like this pic above take months to fix. It seems the people at 311 enjoy doing the bare minimum. I have a chunk of utility pole hanging above a sidewalk on W Alabama that's been sitting that way for weeks with debris from what appears to be a car accident still not cleaned up by Upper Kirby Management District. 

  11. 4 hours ago, Nate99 said:


    The restaurants and bars up that way were hit hard during all of the shutdowns and the reduced worker traffic during the week hasn't helped either.  The blocks from Prairie to Congress have always been pretty dingy by day.

     If the (State National?) bank refurb to Hotel ever gets going, that could help, and the parking lot could be a grocery store for the three residential towers that are nearby, but dealing with the homeless in the area would be a challenge for any retail. 

    Honestly I haven't seen many homeless lately. And areas around the old Cotswold fountains have surveillance now. The most I've seen still hang around the church but it hasn't been as packed or crazy. As far as the hotel is concerned, I see work is still being done so that's a positive. 

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