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  1. I find it hilarious that these Republicans want to speed up the process of a civil rights investigation calling criticism of the project “disingenuous” while Dan Crenshaws district looks like a kid scribbled on a map. And none of them represent those affected by the project.
  2. I said the same thing about Amtrak when I was there. I love how it opened up a whole new part of downtown. It’s a side I’ve never explored or thought much about. I think many people were thinking the same thing about the station though. I could def see some sort of connection in the near future.
  3. Noticed one fountain working today. I’ve also noticed that many of the homeless don’t congregate around them anymore.
  4. It was packed. Lines were very long for the food vendors. Many of the office/retail space was converted to lounge space for the meantime. I’m really hoping for a major tenant like a Google or something.
  5. It's def heading that direction. It looks like the city is slowly implementing that plan while allowing people to get used to the changes.
  6. The best way to see some change is to hit up the Downtown Management District. If they have enough money to hire workers to sweep and clean up downtown daily, then they can address this issue. This is similar to the fountains on Main Street Square or the lights on the 59 bridges. Why even build it if you're never going to use it? If a few of us send the district an email, we'll get some info on what the issue is. I think one of the problems is that some of the people in charge don't walk the streets how we do. They don't take the time to see what the issues really are. Then they give that job to someone else who lives in Katy to oversee what Downtown needs. At the end of the day we need to put pressure on the people in charge. Even if it annoys the hell out of them because it annoys the hell out of me seeing something just go to waste that could aesthetically benefit the city. They have a form already set up so no need to email. http://www.downtowndistrict.org/contact/
  7. I have no idea how they'll make it out of this one but from what I've heard, they have a track record of violations. What happened this past weekend is truly one of the most tragic events in this city.
  8. The branding for Canary is so much better
  9. This development creates a solid anchor for Houston to showcase itself to visitors. There is no doubt that this will spur more development in the area. I’ll be there with my gf and parents this weekend. I can’t wait!
  10. Jim Crane confirmed that construction will start in 12 months and be similar to the ballpark village in St Louis and The Battery in Atlanta. This is going to really spark this corner of downtown. Finally seeing the investment of building MMP downtown.
  11. Wow looks like Highland Village is going horizontal instead.
  12. Then why not host it in a place where everyone has a voice? lame excuse
  13. I was hoping this shopping center would be demolished but for $50 mil that remodel better be drastic.
  14. I was downtown this past weekend with my gf and it's becoming more and more apparent how many historic structures are being saved, which made me admire the buildings even more amongst all the newer glass towers. My hope is that the food store on Main is renovated at some point. I feel that's a massive missing piece to the puzzle. But there are a few like this that could still use some work but def have potential to add to the vibrancy of downtown. This is going to tie in the block very nicely much how the Hyatt on Texas Ave helped fill the gap.
  15. I think the best bet is that we bombard the city and Mayor about this issue. How nice would it be to have these repaired right now DURING the World Series!? This city doesn't get the memo sometimes. And we had the World Cup committee here 🤦‍♂️
  16. I spoke with the head of the company and he said the plan is to have all the bridges repaired by the end of the year. Either way it’s ridiculous how neglected we allow things to get before we do anything about it. If you go to any city considered a tourist destination, those cities are vigilant in maintenance. Yet we want to be a tourist destination how exactly? We can’t even get our sidewalks up to par because we are still so concerned with cars.
  17. I noticed this the other day. Anyone know what’s going on here?
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