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  1. It’s a hardship for those with disabilities though. It’s even tougher during Summer months when those extra few steps seem like an eternity. That extra 60 ft is enough to deter business as well. If I’m a business, I’m trying to attract all types of clientele, not just motorists. Otherwise I’m losing potential income as a business owner because I’m only catering to one type of commuter. Parking in the back doesn’t create this massive inconvenience for property owners and aesthetically it’s just nicer. A great example is the shopping center on W Gray and Montrose. And to also ask how many people live in proximity is an even bigger reason we need to build smarter. Just because the current layout doesn’t cater to pedestrians doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be built to handle pedestrians. Especially when Metro is planning a station in this location.
  2. That's a very fair point. A business that has an established reputation draws people.
  3. I emailed them asking why parking wasn't placed in the back. This just seems like such a waste of time and money for an area of town that seems to not really know what direction it's going. You have some semi dense apartment complexes next to a suburban Kroger and future Home Depot that will sit next to a future car wash. And the pedestrian infrastructure is lacking along this corridor.
  4. The guy that is talking in the beginning is the one I spoke with a while back about lane maintenance. He’s originally from Detroit and helped with the planning there. One thing I would like to see are two way lanes northbound and southbound. It’s already hard enough as a cyclist trying to get by cars. So having to navigate from one side of the street to the other across that many lanes of traffic just to get to a bike lane can be a bit challenging.
  5. I actually like the industrial look the port brings to our city. Aside from some of the chemical plants of course.
  6. Wow who are they kidding with that bs? Now don't get me wrong, this will still be great because it is more of a dedicated entrance but damn. Hopefully as foot traffic increases and Brookfield gets their head out of their ass, they could always upgrade the rest.
  7. I was doing some random research in to mob families of Texas and the Tilman's ran Galveston along with the Maceo family back in the day. No surprise he's made a fortune in the industry he's in and probably says a lot about how he runs things. I would love to see something more upscale and classy from him, similar to what he did in Uptown. My ONLY hope is that the little red brick building on the property stays but knowing Tilman I won't hold my breath.
  8. Hell yeah that just seems super unprofessional and pretty dumb if they want to expand their brand.
  9. I think what was really cool is I saw one of those double decker city tour buses filled up with people the day I went. We def made a good impression on visitors with so many people walking around to check out POST and the energy of everything.
  10. OH MY GOD!!! I am literally blown away and at a loss for words.
  11. Is that a serious question? Look at his district. It has a lot to do with a lot.
  12. Yes!!! When I used to live in the area I always loved this little building. Great save!
  13. It’s great to see these guys doing well.
  14. Not surprising since Covid had ravaged the restaurant industry.
  15. I find it hilarious that these Republicans want to speed up the process of a civil rights investigation calling criticism of the project “disingenuous” while Dan Crenshaws district looks like a kid scribbled on a map. And none of them represent those affected by the project.
  16. I said the same thing about Amtrak when I was there. I love how it opened up a whole new part of downtown. It’s a side I’ve never explored or thought much about. I think many people were thinking the same thing about the station though. I could def see some sort of connection in the near future.
  17. Noticed one fountain working today. I’ve also noticed that many of the homeless don’t congregate around them anymore.
  18. It was packed. Lines were very long for the food vendors. Many of the office/retail space was converted to lounge space for the meantime. I’m really hoping for a major tenant like a Google or something.
  19. It's def heading that direction. It looks like the city is slowly implementing that plan while allowing people to get used to the changes.
  20. The best way to see some change is to hit up the Downtown Management District. If they have enough money to hire workers to sweep and clean up downtown daily, then they can address this issue. This is similar to the fountains on Main Street Square or the lights on the 59 bridges. Why even build it if you're never going to use it? If a few of us send the district an email, we'll get some info on what the issue is. I think one of the problems is that some of the people in charge don't walk the streets how we do. They don't take the time to see what the issues really are. Then they give that job to someone else who lives in Katy to oversee what Downtown needs. At the end of the day we need to put pressure on the people in charge. Even if it annoys the hell out of them because it annoys the hell out of me seeing something just go to waste that could aesthetically benefit the city. They have a form already set up so no need to email. http://www.downtowndistrict.org/contact/
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