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  1. Honestly I’m glad he did, and its a State Antiquities Landmark, meaning it can’t be altered without consent from the state. This is a rare opportunity to actually save one of the buildings that made us the city we are. We really need to evaluate the importance of the few remaining truly historic buildings we have left. We don’t have the “luxury” of tearing down any more history. People often argue that even Yankee Stadium was torn down but losing Yankee Stadium didn’t hurt NY because most of NYC is old and historic. 

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  2. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/2021/12/22/416147/congressional-panel-investigates-deadly-astroworld-concert/?fbclid=IwAR05q9R3iqOZbLIvHYt3Y2i6gD9C_YzqiEZyPPQwlgX0ql2cYp-39mPmkYo 

    Looks like we may be talking about another tenant leasing out Live Nation’s space pretty soon. I wonder how this will affect their new music venue in POST

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  3. 17 hours ago, hindesky said:

    He walked it back after a lot of heat.

    The great thing behind that is it shows how huge the bicycle culture has become here. When enough voices have that kind of influence, we're on the right track to becoming a gold level bike city. There are only a few cities where bicycle culture really dominates. NY, Chicago, and SF are a few that stand out. It would be nice to see us in that discussion in the near future. We're too damn flat not to have bike lanes all over this city. 

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  4. On 11/6/2020 at 11:12 AM, Paco Jones said:


    Midtown Building



    3310 Travis Street

    Houston, TX 77006






    Travis Partners Capital, LLC.



    This project is a new 6-story midrise building (approx. 23,200 sf) that will be connected to an existing 2 story building on the NW corner of Travis and Francis streets in Midtown.  Levels 1-5 consists of office space while level 6 has Kitchen/Bar/Lounge (enclosed) with an outdoor terrace.




    THIS is the type of stuff we need in Midtown. Great out of the box design. 

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  5. Instead of this bozo complaining about bike lane design he needs to focus on the bigger issue. The city needs to crack down on people speeding and drivers who are completely distracted by their phone or whatever else they're doing. I have friends on the west side of town that live along Westheimer and that road is a damn drag strip. And not only that, people aren’t just speeding they’re completely ignoring traffic signals/signs and doing whatever they want. All of this is from decades of pedestrian neglect and a car centric culture, but somehow 3 years of bike lanes is the issue.

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  6. On 12/18/2021 at 10:13 AM, BEES?! said:

    Is it likely that those are the final alignments/station choices for the University Corridor? (Sidenote- is it just going to be called the University corridor? Or are they going to give it a color like the Silver line?)

    I believe the University Line is supposed to be blue

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  7. 1 hour ago, Amlaham said:

    I live in district J near uptown and let me tell you...... he has not done a single thing for the area. Whats ironic is that his "issues" listed on his website is to "update bike trails" and "beautification of trails and bike lanes." The homeless situation is a lot worse, the streets are in horrible condition, absolutely 0% increase in the 0% bike lanes we have in the area. Multiple residents have sent him emails about multiple inquiries getting vague responses or no response at all. Im tired of these politicians contradicting themselves. 

    Well idk if this means anything but I simply commented on his page, "Prioritize people over cars" and I was blocked. 

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  8. On 12/11/2021 at 2:39 PM, Amlaham said:

    It's crazy how our most popular/ busiest streets are the ones that are in the worst shape. Westheimer (lower), Washington, Shepherd/Durham, etc, but they're all pretty much getting re-designed and rebuilt! Imagine what our city is going to look like in the future when these streets are brought up to date. Imagine the bike network we're going to have! This city is definitely moving forward and its on fire! Some of these completed streets w/ bike lanes look EXACTLY if not better than some of the streets I saw in Europe (Sweden/ Denmark)

    And West Alabama in UK. Imagine that with Lower Westheimer and Richmond Ave BRT. 

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  9. 11 hours ago, trymahjong said:

    Thought I would share a little something that seemed strange during Montrose TIRZ zoom last Monday.

    COH brought up an ‘amended’ proposal for the improvements to lower Westheimer.  Does anyone remember how long COH hosted community input. Or how a special committee was set up to bring all that input into a workable proposal?  the short video produced that gave everyone an idea of how those proposal ideas might be put together and what the improvements would look like?

    Then Hurricane Harvey happened and the fully  funded Lower Westheimer improvements were attached to the unfunded remaining Westheimer road proposed improvements…….and seemingly forgotten.

     COH must have had selected memory of the community input and the work  of that special committee …….

     COH proposal seemed like a vague attempt to reproduce Alabamas 3 lane set up - freshly painted lane designations but no real”improvements” at all. Comments brought up about all that community input as well actual improvements proposals such as curb cuts for Metro bus stops and wider sidewalks seemed to baffle the presenter. It was very strange.

    Wow that's a bit concerning if there is that big of a disconnect with what was presented and proposed originally. What ever happened to the proposed pedestrian improvements by Kamin across from the Whole Foods in Midtown? Getting rid of that turn lane, etc. 

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