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  1. 4 hours ago, iah77 said:

    You complain when developments don't connect to trails and then complain when they do as well ....

    They aren't just for bikes so I think legally it's no different then connecting to a sidewalk. It looks like there is an alley easement next to the trail so they are not really the same thing. Like the old rail like was separate etc. 

    Right because cars are going to have such a great view of people coming either direction. This isn't "connected to the trail." Not wanting the curb cut right on the trail doesn't mean I don't want this development. There's a lot of assumptions and twisting of what I said. 

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  2. I'll never understand this city but I contacted the Planning Dept with an image of the site plan and the response I got was, did you try contacting the developer. Well yeah I don't mind contacting the developer directly but what the hell does the Planning Dept do? I went ahead to state that this is an accident waiting to happen. I received another reply to file a 311 report, which I did. The lady who I spoke with was really nice and told me that issues like this get sent from 311 to the Planning Dept. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, samagon said:

    welcome to the standard concept of every bar that has a parking lot.

    You're missing the greater point of this specifically being a car dealership. I get that other establishments offer alcohol and parking, thanks for that information but my point is this place is enabling drivers to drive off with alcohol in their system. There's def a difference. 

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  4. 18 hours ago, texas911 said:

    Why would it be illegal?

    The immediate relationship between driving a car off the lot and being f'd up while doing so. Yeah you can make the argument about gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores, etc. but those places aren't selling cars. If you're offering drinks as a way to close a sale, I find that pretty irresponsible on all parties. 

    43 minutes ago, editor said:

    I guess you're referring to the like between drinking, driving, drunk driving, etc.  But I guess if they can sell booze at gas stations, they can sell it at a car dealer.

    Lots of retail spaces get liquor licenses for lots of non-obvious reasons.  For example, a fashion boutique may get a temporary permit if it intends to pour Champagne for guests during a fashion show.  I don't know what the TABC rules are, but I've seen that exact scenario play out elsewhere.

    Correct but none of those are car dealerships. Enabling drivers before driving off the lot just looks bad in my opinion. 

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  5. I worked at Adcetera across the street for 4 years when the original Mix phase 2 was planned to go up and never did. I'm so happy to see this entire chunk of land up for development. This has the potential to be a real catalyst for the area considering the success of The Mix. I do think The Mix needs to update their parking garage because that thing is looking a little rough but the Louisiana side is pretty nice. I'm expecting something really grand for the area, similar to the expectations for the lot on Westheimer and Montrose. 

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  6. 14 minutes ago, editor said:

    My guess is no.  It's going to be a long time before large scale retail will work in downtown Houston.  Not forever.  But we need to get the full-time residential numbers up first.

    First in will probably be something like a CityTarget, or Neighborhood WalMart.  We can hope for department stores after that.

    Right now, the bulk of the people downtown are commuters, and commuters haven't been convinced to shop downtown yet.  They're of the rural mindset, and will do their shopping on the weekend, not after work when there's an hour plus commute ahead of them.  And isn't a consistent enough flow of tourists to take up the slack.

    Just stand in front of 1000 Main and watch the doors.  When the number of people using the revolving doors gets closer to the number of people using the swinging doors, you know we're ready.

    I like the way you think. 

  7. 23 hours ago, 5thGen said:

    I wish someone can build out the old Sakowitz garage already.  The property value is probably getting to a point where it probably will be torn down if it does not hold enough space to be profitable.

    I think a while back the city was trying to get a major retailer to lease the building, but that was before Downtown started to really come in to it's own. I wonder if they would be more successful this time around. 

  8. 6 hours ago, 5thGen said:

    Nah man.  It’s Midtown.  Even the Whole Foods on Elgin and Smith gets them.


     Sad the circumstances that this CVS closed but maybe we can get better land use off this lot that’s on the Red Line.  I remember when this CVS opened and thought how it was strange that the Drive thru faced the rail line.

    I honestly think that's what we're seeing. I'm excited to see what takes it's place

  9. Whoever owns the building next to this needs to remove that ugly ass facade and expose the natural brick underneath. No wonder nobody has leased that spot out yet. 

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  10. The problem is infrastructure. Yeah there is some walkability, but developing a truly walkable stretch with the proper amenities is what's missing. You have to draw people to want to stroll, and right now LW just isn't strollable, regardless how "walkable" most areas seem to be. Drawing that foot traffic from Midtown is critical in creating a vibrant area that helps support businesses along the corridor. I hope we see LW reconstructed before the World Cup games but I won't hold my breath. 

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