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  1. From what I understand, in an agreement with the city, he was given 4 years to get something out of the ground. It's already been 2 years since that agreement and he said about 4 months ago something would happen in roughly a year. So based off all of that, I'm expecting a groundbreaking some time in Fall on some part of the plan.
  2. This doesn't even look like the same place! And I love that now you can actually see the bay windows without your eyes throwing up at the sight of that turd yellow. Beautiful. May the power of neutral colors compel you
  3. That's the advantage our ballpark has being built downtown. The Rangers aren't going to get much revenue in their entertainment district outside of games, and it's because of the location and the sea of parking around the stadium. SD is right downtown so it's easy to access and check out on non game days, which makes it a 24hr spot for fans.
  4. Is it? There are like 20 lots in that proximity, not to mention the countless garages
  5. Yep neutrals and earthy tones are way easier on the eyes, along with green. A dark forest green is always nice and versatile.
  6. Agree. We just have to keep building residential downtown. More residential will spur more mixed-use which will create more energy downtown.
  7. From what I understand, Crane owns every lot surrounding the ballpark. I don't know if that includes Joystix, but if it does, I hope Crane doesn't try to run them out of business and works with them.
  8. I always find it interesting how places start changing to look better only when something nicer comes along and calls them out aesthetically. It's pretty annoying and tells you the developer doesn't care until they have to.
  9. Well they seem to be doing very well so more power to them. I wonder who fill the void in the other building.
  10. How much you guys wanna bet that the Mayor is "pausing" this simply to show a level of sympathy for those opposed? This will move forward just like anything else. Too many people support this.
  11. If parking is an issue, then we have a bigger problem in this city. There is no way you're going to tell me there is not enough parking in the neighborhood to service this restaurant.
  12. Are you sure? I walked by the spot the other day and a guy working said they are just renovating the spot for Christian's Tailgate.
  13. This is honestly a miracle. I've been worried about these buildings for a long time. And with Urban Genesis doing it's thing right down the street, this area is going to be even more vibrant than ever.
  14. For sure. After last years Sidewalk Summit, I remember a council member saying that the next big thing on the agenda is talking about parking requirements city wide and extending the market based parking to other areas.
  15. The parking requirements are insanely ridiculous. Isn't there a meeting soon about parking mins city wide?
  16. I drove by this Sunday off I-10 and I will say that it does look reasonably dense and the parking lot isn't as big as I assumed it would be. I'll prob end up retracting previous comments on this once it's finished lol
  17. I have a feeling this is going to spark more density along Richmond Ave. Plus I seriously can’t wait for Metro to build the University Line.
  18. https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2022/04/19/cyclists-camera-captures-dangerous-road-rage-incident-in-deer-park/
  19. I have a good feeling it's more parking for the Pappa's next door.
  20. Damn, is this a win for the area? I feel like that's a lot of charm to lose just to expand a restaurant.
  21. Idk but it would be nice to hear the departments input to make sure sight plans line up with their vision for Houston moving forward. I know the developer is responsible for the current sidewalk standards, but with how dense this area is becoming it wouldn't hurt. I'm within walking distance of about 7 car washes. We can talk about demand and business all we want but in all seriousness that's just lack of planning and foresight. If the city catered better to pedestrians first, the right kind of development would follow.
  22. Is this once of those instances where a development is approved because the Planning Dept didn't have time to review the project?
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