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  1. Well that blew away my expectations. Very nice!
  2. It sucks losing the small older building but at least this will front the street with nice wide sidewalks like a normal city.
  3. Yeah I don't remember anything like that either but at the pace they are going I just assumed that this would start sooner than later. I get that all the basic infrastructure needs to be set first though.
  4. That fact they "hope" to start Phase 1 next year already has been worried. I thought Phase 1 was going to start this year.
  5. j_cuevas713

    Alley Theatre

    Damn such a charming building too
  6. I actually like the look and feel of the building. Once we see lighting in the lobby it will look much better.
  7. Could this be Upper Kirby District rebuilding their sections of the road? I remember hearing a lot of reconstruction was about to happen throughout the district.
  8. Honestly we need a solid big named retailer like Macy’s or Bloomingdales. I drove down Dallas St today and there is so much potential for a thriving shopping area.
  9. Damn that happened fast! So what exactly did they do to this building? Lol Aside from the fact it’s now a hotel.
  10. Again you’re missing the overall need for STABLE/CONSISTENT pedestrian traffic. Convention goers and a few business people traveling in from the burbs every day isn’t enough to convince a developer that their store will succeed. You have to think about the casual every day person after 5pm living and becoming a part of the downtown fabric. We haven’t reached the tipping point where developers are now confident the downtown population can support a store. Yeah 3 years isn’t much time considering how far behind we were in overall infrastructure and development. Especially for being the 4th largest city, our downtown was very outdated and neglected. Now that Post HTX is kicking off and Houston Center is redeveloping, it’s a welcome sign letting us all know that downtown is really starting to take off. There really is not set time. Downtown is obviously showing new signs of life as each new project takes off and many more continue to finish. This also isn’t the nearsightedness we saw for so many years back in the late 70’s through the 90’s. Houston is finally developing in a more organized cohesive way with more thought in to overall quality of life. Not to mention the more noticeable national spotlight that this city has missed out on for so long.
  11. So what is the issue with this development?
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