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  1. Wow this is awesome! I drove through town last nite from my new spot on Airline. I went through Midtown and Montrose and let me just say that I was very impressed with how well this city is coming together. The Drewery is going to set an incredible standard for Midtown development and with the parking mins lifted, you can only imagine just how dense and urban these parts of the city will become.
  2. Is it just an over-saturated market? There seem to be a ton of co working spots
  3. A recession would slow so many projects in this city. This one, East River, and Hanover W Dallas to name a few. Crossing my fingers.
  4. The problem isn't confusion. It's the fact that people have been getting away with the way they drive for forever and now they have to think.
  5. Lets cross our fingers for a full renovation of the building.
  6. With WeWork losing so much money, how much longer can we expect their presence downtown? Or any market for that matter
  7. I wish they would build something like this downtown.
  8. Does anyone have info on the red brick townhomes here in this pic? I walk past the one in the pic from time to time and the windows are covered
  9. And think about the vibe we give those visiting when they see how busy it is downtown. We've come a long way.
  10. I think the biggest difference between the 60's/Today vs the late 90's/2000's is that during the 2000's a lot of those place were packed because downtown was a new adventure to many Houstonians. That phased out and more stable business like today popped up over time.
  11. I swear that lot across Moonshiners needs to get developed asap. It would really tie in that whole section.
  12. I saw it like that one weekend right after all the college kids came home for the Summer. A friend of mine from Pearland was like "Does it always get this packed downtown?" I was just as surprised. I felt like I was in a different city.
  13. https://www.chron.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Rich-s-nightclub-is-relocating-to-Montrose-And-14413447.php?cmpid=hpctp#item-85307-tbla-5
  14. So glad this is happening. I used to hate looking at this block when I would walk to Starbucks from work.
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