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  1. I walk by this lot daily from my job on 18th to Dunkin Donuts. This is awesome!
  2. So does that mean Hanover won't start to build anything until that deal is finalized?
  3. These are the types of developments that need to continue to fill our city. This is similar to Montrose Collective in terms of beautiful design that goes a bit above what we're used to seeing in Houston.
  4. The city is going to have to upgrade the infrastructure in the area soon with all the new businesses lining the street.
  5. This part of downtown is getting a very Millennium Park/Central Park vibe to it.
  6. So I’m curious as to who maintains these bike lanes? I saw some broken tree limbs and peeling paint along one of the routes on the East End. Long term maintenance is going to be just as important and building the infrastructure itself.
  7. This place is going to take architecture in Houston to a new level. So thankful they opened an office here.
  8. I mean they just finished it lol I'm sure they'll hang banners or something at some point.
  9. It wasn't that it was hard to justify. The owner didn't have the money to renovate on that scale and welcomed whoever could help restoring it.
  10. I walk that area daily because my job is on 18th. I’ll have to walk by the offices tomorrow.
  11. It's like Houston is building a whole new city with better walkability and transit.
  12. I wouldn’t take this too literal. I mean later this year could mean a month or two.
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