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  1. I like it though and it seems to get some good business.
  2. I wonder if the developer will consider that. The guy seems to really care about our city.
  3. Him too. What I'm saying is that it's been the people in charge politically. It's not just some conspiracy against our city.
  4. I think it would be cooler as an elevated line along Westheimer.
  5. It’s not that we never received funding. It’s politicians like Culberson who prevented rail in their district and the feds eventually pulled the funding because it wasn’t being used. Houston isn’t somehow being singled out unfairly.
  6. Good because what was originally planned was ridiculous and would have looked terrible next to Lower Heights District.
  7. That thing was turned in to a damn dungeon. Very thankful for the renovation.
  8. I thought Fletcher released that ban???
  9. You put all of those developments together, Houston's walk score goes up big time.
  10. I thought that’s all that was planned at the moment?
  11. The Rebuild Houston website says construction cost is $12 million and starts Spring 2020
  12. Wasn’t that lot supposed to the the final phase of the 3 buildings along the street. I know the Whole Foods was the anchor for the others.
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