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  1. Agree! I lived on Jack and walked to all these places. It's actually a very cool neighborhood. Much better when Brooklyn was still open. Used to walk across the street for UH games.
  2. Yeah that's part of phase 2. Nevermind, I'm wrong lol
  3. Yeah this project along with The Innovation District are going to change this area dramatically. You are already getting a better urban vibe from West Alabama to Holman towards HCC. And further down around McGowen.
  4. Ok Luminaire lol You act as if I haven't heard the same thing over and over by local authorities regarding reconstruction on multiple major thoroughfares. Regardless the current situation, we can't act as though this city didn't decide to use a pay as you go system to prevent added debt. Nobody is putting blame on property owners. The problem is they aren't held accountable enough by the city to maintain the city ROW. So both parties are to blame. We all want these projects to get done, and they would have been done a long time ago at the cost of added debt. I'm not being "optimistic", I'm making the point that based off of all the construction and infrastructure improvements over the last decade, one can only assume that this isn't just some bullshit attempt to shut everyone up. Clearly the city is understanding the need for upgrading it's infrastructure. I'll bet anything the city knows how important Lower Westheimer is to the overall grand scheme of things. You're making the assumption that because Durham and Shepherd are utility based that that is the only reason for repairs. The city is using that as an opportunity to upgrade other existing infrastructure. That's what I meant by current NEED. Lower Westheimer isn't in so much disarray that basic maintenance by property owners wouldn't help. There is simply no accountability for property owners to do their part. Nobody is pointing the finger and tying to be an asshole.
  5. j_cuevas713

    Reve At Montrose

    This is becoming a really nice intersection.
  6. When is the next bid? City Council member Abbie Kamin seemed optimistic that it would be included next go around because of the criteria change. I feel that the reason this was scrapped for the moment is because the city is trying to prioritize areas that are in desperate need for improvements. Not saying Lower Westheimer doesn't need work, but at the moment, if property owners would simply keep the city ROW clean and maintain their sidewalks, this area can continue to thrive until those repairs are made. The city needs to put pressure on property owners to better maintain their part of the infrastructure. I don't know how long it's going to take a restaurant like Aladdin to request the city come and clean up their muddy street corner. Honestly if it were me, I'd like to see Washington Ave, Montrose Blvd, and Waugh get rebuilt. It looks like West Alabama and Durham/Shepherd are part of the improvements for this year.
  7. I feel like once the mixed use development in Montrose is finished, this design style will take off with no delay.
  8. So when is a lot of this actually going to happen?
  9. Yeah this sucks really bad. I guess I don't understand how everything else is going up but this is delayed.
  10. Looks like Phase 2 which was supposed to be announced around this time won't happen any time soon due to the pandemic, etc.
  11. Any news on Elemental Processing opening up soon?
  12. Would laying a rock bed along the bayou bottom help with erosion?
  13. Would you rather Google not set up an office here? An office is an office. And as they get their foot in the door, they’ll expand their presence even more over time. I expect an office in the Innovation District.
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