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  1. When I read it my heart sank until I realized why they did it. DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT LOL
  2. I’ve noticed the same exact thing. I feel this terrible pandemic has a silver lining where people are being forced to take a step back and appreciate our city a bit more.
  3. Simple typo on my end. I was typing fast.
  4. Can you post the article? I was just thinking about Finn Hall today. Is it empty now?
  5. Franks Backyard has permanently closed
  6. I think I’m most afraid to see Hanover on W Dallas, East River, TMC3 and Regent Square slowing down.
  7. Has anyone heard any info of projects being delayed or pushed back due to the pandemic with the Coronavirus? I figured I’d post here since Going Up is the most frequently viewed of all the threads.
  8. He's Arriaga. My mom is Tijerina. You may know a few of those as well.
  9. I ate at Finn Hall with my cousin from Wharton last nite. He loved downtown. I can only imagine our city center in about 5 to 10 years.
  10. 🙄 I was hoping for a wide sidewalk
  11. They also added 2 lights on Studemont to slow traffic which is great. What I'm trying to figure out is what exactly they're doing at the corner of Studemont and the I-10 feeder.
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