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  1. As charming as that building was it won’t be missed. This just feels better.
  2. I saw work being done on the building recently. What’s going on?
  3. And on another note Denver is a fraction the size of Houston. Most people in Denver travel to downtown Denver because it’s the main entertainment area. That’s not the case here. We’re going to be fine. If anything the momentum isn’t gone, it’s just stagnant at the moment. But construction continues to boom downtown. There is still a lot happening that will draw people post Covid. The is just another round of change for downtown.
  4. Even in this pandemic, the city is booming. This along with Hanover, East River, and Regent Square will really push Houston over the top in terms of walkable neighborhoods. There’s already so much dedicated infrastructure that’s been developed over the years, from the bike lanes to new sidewalks and the new TOD ordinance. Our city is going to get very dense, very quick. I can only image what the Innovation District will look like in 5 years. 👀
  5. It’s an enormous jump. I don’t think it’s fully sunk in for me. Similar to Google opening offices here.
  6. Is this in place for areas that could be exceptions to the 5’ minimum? Like an area where the placing a 5’ sidewalk seems unnecessary
  7. I could see this becoming a bar or restaurant. Nobody is tearing down beautiful buildings anymore.
  8. Did anyone else see the change Mayor Turner made for the city to prioritize road repairs? He said the city will do 2 miles of street and 2 miles of major thoroughfare repairs each year for each district. This includes sidewalks, etc.
  9. For a moment there I was a little worried those lofts wouldn’t last. So glad to see phase II start. Will the new flood management canal have any affect on this or is this too far east?
  10. I’m a cyclist myself. I ride where there are bike lanes but I mostly ride street. If you’re in that big of a rush then use the other lane and safely pass. Patience is part of being in a big city. Nobody is going to baby you because you can't get somewhere on time. Deal with it, otherwise don’t live in a city. I do suggest riding a bike though to gain some perspective.
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