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  1. Wow I never knew this development had so much parking. I hope someone comes in and keeps those charming buildings on the property.
  2. This area has the potential for serious walkability but it sucks when you have a car wash going in just a few blocks away. Not against the car wash but we need wider sidewalks along Studemont to provide good pedestrian activity.
  3. Anyone know what these stations will look like? I’m curious to see how they will integrate them on the highway.
  4. With the Presidents proposed infrastructure bill I hope we see upgrades to our station.
  5. This right here let's us know that if Houston simply built to meet the needs of pedestrians first, it would thrive much like any other city. Nice to finally see connectivity and walkability.
  6. I'm always amazed by what a fresh coat of paint does to a building.
  7. REALLY excited about this. Finally Waugh is getting some much needed attention. I love that this extends all the way to West Alabama. Now if West Alabama can get rebuilt you’ll have some serious walkability with S. Shepherd about to kick off as well. Lower Westheimer is the missing link along with Richmond which will become BRT at some point. My only complaint is the section from W Dallas to BBP won’t get these upgrades. Anyone know why?
  8. Nice to see them paying attention to the historic elements of the building.
  9. I work right next to this building. Love the design.
  10. Oh I see it all the time. Sometimes you'll see one guy who is nicely dressed just working those blocks. And I'm not against someone being homeless, but destroying private property is getting annoying.
  11. The city needs to work at cleaning this area up asap. These developments are going to be littered with trash if the homeless issue isn't resolved in this part of town. I'm growing very tired seeing good businesses destroyed.
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