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  1. This is actually not bad. They’re pumping a lot of people in to this area which is what it needs to grow and thrive. It’s been stagnant for far too long. My only hope is that the core buildings in the district remain. Most of them are occupied.
  2. I absolutely love that the the pavilion is being reused and not torn down.
  3. Not a huge fan of the siding but overall this is nice. I love driving down Washington Ave and seeing the density.
  4. I think Montrose Collective is going to help us get over the hump in terms of denser more pedestrian focused development. This might be a good example of the impact it's going to have on the entire Montrose area.
  5. Does that mean a zero setback with parking in the back? 😅
  6. WOAH! That was my go to spot! Any idea what's going here?
  7. Damn this keeps getting better and better. I hope they find a way to build better sidewalks along Studewood at I-10 to better connect to Lower Heights and sidewalks along the bridge. Things like that make it easier for people to access bar/restaurants/etc in the neighborhood.
  8. Looks like Holman and Emancipation are being rebuilt at the same time in 2022.
  9. This is crazy disappointing. Middle of the city and we get this BS.
  10. I said the same in an earlier post. If I owned the land, I would make that little building a central focal point for the rest of the development area.
  11. I agree. While I like the new farmer's market, the pedestrian access still isn't the best. From the sidewalk to the front entrance there is no pedestrian walkway. Not sure who to contact about that. And like you said, simply getting there is a challenge without a car.
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