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  1. I had inquired about the parking lot and they told me it will be for the tenants of the building
  2. FINALLY! https://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/houston/article/montrose-southwest-freeway-lights-overhaul-18369526.php
  3. I mean we're jumping to assumptions here when the little blue building down the street looks to be remodeled soon
  4. That comparison is dumb as hell . The River Walk is paved. The Bayou is literally that, a bayou.
  5. The city needs to do a massive clean up on the trails heading in to this side of town. The homeless issue is a disaster right now and it's pretty dangerous unless you're riding with a large group.
  6. Houston is literally Sim City in real life with how quickly it's changing and slowly becoming more walkable and dense
  7. These are looking great. Each of these developments compliment one another nicely.
  8. It was tough to see the building across the street go a few years ago. I know these two structures had seen better days but damn this is ridiculous. Just more holes in the skyline
  9. Interesting. This sounds like a very large project to abandon a entire street
  10. Is this for this main building or the little building across the street on Louisiana? I keep hearing that building is going away soon
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