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  1. s3mh is correct. This is a case that we in Texas would label as "A turtle on a fence post". (aka, someone put him up there) Birds, dogs, and coyotes maul, rather than ritualistically dissect their prey. I also started out as a skeptic, but the repeatable patterns have led me to believe the intent is not to serve as a meal for a hungry animal. Granted the owners should take more personal responsibility in not letting their animals roam free, but to do this is madness.
  2. In Timbergrove we may have a serial puker going around a puking on people's property. Same person different end? Eventually all of these idiots will be caught, and I think the reward may be just the thing to get someone to come forward.
  3. I had to chuckle to myself reading about how these are largely a cash-based business. You're not suggesting that their customers are paranoid are you? Lol...I'm sure there are also comparable vehicle break-in stats for customer vehicles parked at these businesses. Maybe the nearby Star Pizza should run a 24x7 pizza buffet. Alight, I'm finished.
  4. It appears that the killer now has a bounty on his/her head. https://houston.craigslist.org/apa/4692230464.html
  5. Speed is a factor when one comes into contact with people on the road ignoring traffic rules.http://youtu.be/Yiu1uLgwF1E
  6. Having lived a good percentage of my life there we started to notice changes in the late 1980s as more and more apartment complexes lowered their standards to maintain occupancy. Bammel Middleschool and Westfield High School were already known for drugs and trouble by 1983. Westador was not aging well, RoundTop never took off and the strip-centers between Ponderosa Forrest and I45 were starting to decline. Also, Metro started running bus service along FM 1960 in the 80's and whether true or not the rising crime rates were attributed to Metro riders by many of the older residents. Today, I think would be a good time to invest in property from Ponderosa Forrest to Willowbrook, but you'd have to be crazy to dump money into anything east of Ella. I've heard the same things about crime since Katrina from LEO's, some stating that there are apartments that many don't want to take a call from. I don't know how true this is, but I do know that it's not the same place I grew up in. Sad. Oh, and the idiots that changed the name from FM1960 deserve to be shot.
  7. Let me know if you need to borrow a charger. ;-)
  8. What about an outlet mall with a decent list of brands similar to what Simon properties has way, way out on 290? Parking can be resolved with construction of a garage. I think there is going to be a tremendous amount of growth along old Hempstead hwy, and the demographics will support it. There is no reason to attempt to compete with a traditional mall with the Galleria so close. As far as Gunspoint is concerned: Option 1 - Cleansing fire Option 2 - Data center Option 3 - Hunger Games arena
  9. A friend of mine had a section of sidewalk missing near his house. The land was owned by an out of towner, so nothing was going to happen to make it better. He waited until a new cluster of town homes were having their foundations poured, and having already framed the section of missing sidewalk with scrap wood and wire, asked the cement truck guy if he would mind dumping the rest for $20. Long-story short he had just about enough left to fill in the section. A few extra bags from Home Depot were used and all is well even today. Now I'm sure the city would be sad that he did not pull a permit, but who really cares...
  10. I'd hate to own a home in the 4th ward. Between the apathetic deferred maintenance of churches to brick streets, the residents who lived there all their lives not caring, now suddenly care, but want someone else to do the leg work or foot the bill.
  11. You're pretty safe being next to these trucks. Most of the gases are shielding gases, and in the case of Argon they can be used to put out fires. (And also kill chickens in bulk, but I digress) Also the odds of a properly capped tank taking off like a missile is extreamly unlikely even in the event of a massive wreck.
  12. Agree on tax relief first. This is not unlike the person that receives a tax refund and thinks they are receiving new money. Adjust your withholdings sir. Why is so out of the realm of possibility for governments to consider that maybe taxes are too high and downward adjust when a surplus exists? I'll avoid debate on the number of parks/need for new parks, but on the subject of city services and beautification I'd like to see a concerted effort to combat, address, and enforce the rampant rise in graffiti throughout the city. This is a base-business activity for a city, and Houston is failing miserably at it. Other base-business activities I'd like to see a focus on: "Enterprise-level" traffic signal management with intelligent traffic forecasting and demand management. Intelligent traffic signals don't require bloated pension and healthcare liabilities, mobility response team personnel do. And finally, gasp, take the "extra money" and hire a reputable, and non-biased company to conduct a thorough efficiency analysis of the COH with the intent of adopting Lean Sigma-style methodologies in our city's operations.
  13. TGM

    All Things Walmart

    Hell has frozen over as I find myself agreeing with this statement. Regardless of what the store manager feared would happen, there is no excuse to knowingly allow your store to become a co-conspirator in inter-state wire-fraud. This is a disgusting lack of concern for taxpayer dollars.
  14. TGM

    All Things Walmart

    Just curious if the same thing occurred at the Heights Walmart. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57607332/ebt-benefit-card-glitch-sparks-walmart-shopping-sprees-in-louisiana/
  15. Active neighbors that follow-up observed criminal activity with calls to the police are what has kept the park a reasonably safe area. The homeless, pan-handlers, drug-dealers, and other undesired elements will hangout there, the neighborhood just needs to decide what level of "tolerance" or "co-existence" they wish to have about them.
  16. i'd ask you to cite your source on the 70% undocumented, but since they're undocumented I'm wondering if there is any documentation to support it.
  17. For starters this was a private, non-government example. So the term liberal is an insult now?
  18. S3mh, The most effective way to preserve anything is to be the one buying the property. Why do historic preservation groups waste time, money, and effort on blasting developers when it would have been much easier to pass the hat and purchase a property in the first place? With sites like Kickstarter you can raise funds if your fellow preservationist are too cheap to pony up their own funds.
  19. Absolutely. All groups are capable of working both hard and smart. Making choices, planing, and acting on one's plan are the basic components to success. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in many that arrive in this contry because they are not hamstrung by the negative talk and self-defeating behaviors of those that group up here and come to believe the pollution their families seek to instill in them. The path out of poverty and bad neighborhoods is the same for both those living here and those fleeing the countries of their birth. It's acting with single-mindedness one step at a time, being mindfull that the things that matter the most should not be held hostage by the things that matter the least.
  20. Yes, welfare is a runaway phenomenal success. In fact the retention rates are amongst the highest for multi-generational households.
  21. Rubbish. I just arrived home from a restuarant owned by someone who fled Vietnam to arrive first in Ohio. A couple hearing his story paid for him to move to Houston where he worked his butt off to ultimately own a business. The fact of the matter is liberals like yourself and government in general needs people to need them.
  22. What is simplistic is assuming that people living in lower-income neighborhoods are too stupid to figure things out for themselves. If that were the case then no one in poorer foreign contries would be able to put two and two together and formulate a plan to come to the United States. Furthermore once they got here and were settled in an affortable area they somehow were able to rise up without the help of the benevolent government hand. How did they do that? It's downright amazing, magical. And even more amazing is that despite the fact that they were surrounded by criminals they managed to walk the straight and narrow. The Vietnamese community is a living example of how this is possible.
  23. If you take the 3 houses near me, 1 to my left and 2 to my right you'll discover that I am the token victim of the latest leftist meme. My neighbors consist of 3 petroleum engineers, a small business owner, and one medical professional. Each household probably makes 50% more than what we take in. Boo-freaking-hoo. I guess now knowing this I'm going knock over a Subway because I'm so distraught and envious of my neighbors. You will find in any area that is undergoing renewal "income inequity" residents that have been living cheaply in the years prior to the revitalization and new residents willing to pay todays market value. Even in areas not undergoing significant renewal (like Timbergrove) you will find inequity in income solely based on the fact that the demographics include young double-incomes and retired seniors. So what? If you're looking for the smoking bullet that separates those who commit crime versus those that do not then I would suggest looking at individual choices not blanket generalizations such as income status, race, or political views.
  24. I'm not sure what you think hustling means, but it's not about proactive customer relationship management.
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