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  1. This year is the 50th anniversary of Dallas Pop aka Texas International Pop Festival. I'd like to talk with attendees who might consent to a video interview regarding their time there. I shot 16mm film of the festival ...which Has Never Been Released. Contact me directly...without delay. sprokethead@comcast
  2. Anyone remember this place? Corner of W. Belfort & Post Oak
  3. There was another Houston girl who appeared in Playboy long about 1967; She was Carol Lee, blond haired beauty... photographed riding a horse. & uuuh, 'I remember her very well'...
  4. Are you looking for rare photos of hippie vans? I had a customized '66 G-10 Chevy van back in the seventies....stand up...geodesic roof...livable. I'd have to send the photo to you e-mail. Hollar if you wanna see+ post.
  5. Does anyone remember an evening at Liberty Hall that showcased a jazz dance routine performed by about 6 local girls? This happened in summer, 1973. I'd like to know more details about that show. Also in Early December of '71, there was a film festival of local filmmakers works. I teamed up with two filmmakers from KPRC; we set up three 16mm projectors in the balcony and showed among many other short/underground movies, footage I had shot two days earlier of The Who when they did the coliseum. I left around midnight but my friends kept showing movies til around 3. Other shows I remember catching were Kinkey Friedman & Velvet Underground.
  6. Mad Daddy's Inferno!...Thanks for the post...first time I've ever herd anyone mention MDI in almost fifty years. I knew the owner's son and I think his name was Porvechio..plus, my band played there one night. Seems I remember we set up in an elevated loft area near the back...we did 'You Really Got Me' et al.
  7. Deuce is Wild Shot at the Catacombs Club with cut-away shot at Love Street-1968
  8. Here's a day's worth of the Houston Skyline compressed into 2.5 min. 1971
  9. Okay...I'm on it...just had a batch of film digitized; Please Stand by for several short subjects. The drag racing films I shot are already posted here at HAIF at the Dickinson Drag strip section... aka Houston International Speedway. More to come,
  10. Drag Races Houston International Speedway 1961 Tommy Ivo vs Green Monster -1968
  11. Wonder if any others here may have any photos or memories of this event? I hope long time citizens of Houston can remember. I have film of that event..and will post it as soon as I figure out how. The 16mm film is being digitized and as soon as it's back, I'll edit it and upload. Any suggestions for a server? thanks
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to post video: I have a video of the skyline with the GULF sign spinning around. THe video is one full day...static shot... in timelapse...lasts about 2.5 min. (color) Any suggestions?
  13. The digitized footage arrived today (late) and it's going to take a bit of work. I'm searching high and low for free drag race sounds to fill out what I have for the '62 portion. That year I shot the Burris Huett fuel dragster and I'd really like to track all of what I have before uploading. The 1968 Ivo-Jet car race has sound I recorded while filming; no problem there...but I'm a struggling video editor. Any suggestions or links for sound would be appreciated.
  14. Gulf sign that used to be on the Gulf building. Amazingly, the company is still in business and doing stuff that you would recognize every day like the Metro bus shelters and the Dynegy sign. Maybe they'll appreciate a film I'll be uploading soon; it's an entire day of the Houston skyline shot in time-lapse 1971. That Gulf Oil sign is just a spinnin! Look for it in late May 2011.
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