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  1. I agree.... mediocre. expensive too for what i got. plus i felt like i stepped into the 70's with that place. but is that all german restaurants?
  2. I am digging your new photos. You are definitely improving. Keep it up.
  3. went to the drake the sat before last. my friend and I both agreed the place seemed to be full of trailer trash that night. maybe it was the rain and a bad night? music also sucked. it was like 104 on speed. maybe i will check it out again bc i keep hearing how great it is. i just came back from new york and this place does not compare.
  4. So are your tags for artist and album blank? Or do they have to correct info? Bc it seems like by the file location that the tags are blank. PM me and I can see if I can help
  5. wow so many questions. burning the ripping your wmas would not be a good idea. you will lose sound quality. honestly i think the zune is too complicated for your use. just bite the bullet and go with the ipod. it will convert your wmas to acc which any player will use, ipod zune, sansa etc. that way you wont run into this problem in the future should you decide to go with a different player.
  6. I did the injection system for my driveway. I want to say it cost around $500, which isnt too bad
  7. No, most music purchased through itunes will not transfer to the zune. unless it says "itunes plus" next to the song, it has DRM and only the ipod can play it. same thing with zune. music purchased at the zune store will not transfer to anything other than a zune. if you want music that is playable on both ipod and zune, i would recommend amazon.com's mp3 service. it's not as easy as itunes, but it does not have drm.
  8. Anybody know if there is a dia de los muertos festival in houston? i want to take some cool pics of halloween this year. any other places to check out? muchos gracias
  9. Anyone ever have to sue a landlord to get their deposit back? I just moved out of my old apartment and the landlord isnt giving me my full deposit back. The deposit was 1650 and he is saying it was 1200. Yes this guy is that big of a moron. I was thinking about getting a lawyer, since texas law says that winner gets paid lawyers fees. I could do it myself but I really dont have the time.
  10. Good call on Tropioca. Great coffee there. I also like the Vietnamese place next door.
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to start a general thread about my new and expensive hobby, photography. i know there are a lot of talented photographers on this site and i hoped to hear from more experienced shooters. i bought my first dslr, and nikon d40 2 months ago on editors recommendation (i was interested mostly in photographing people.) since then i have bought a 1.8 50mm and a sb800 flash. now i am drooling over a d300 and a 2.8 17-55mm lens. ugh how did this happen? anyways, please share your gear, favorite books, locations, or anything. i am trying to learn as much as i can
  12. I asked my dad who he uses. Reid Tree Service 281-998-9260. We have been using him for a couple of years now. Did a great job clearing out our very large and overgrown tree and our tree is way healthier bc of it. maybe he will be a less expensive alternative.
  13. Oh crap, that started as a joke between me and my friends but now i just call it mangina out of habit. calling it mangia just seems foreign to me. but a mangia by any other name...
  14. Mangina delivers nationwide via fedex. hope this helps some. http://mangia.sitestreet.com/8/Order_Pizza.htm
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