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  1. Well, I finally checked out Rebel's Honky Tonk last night. The place is very clean! Even the restrooms were the cleanest I've ever seen a bar. The music was mostly all country/western with only a brief 30 minutes or so of other music. I like how they didn't do an rotation of country/western and hip hop like at other country bars. That's lame. It had a pretty good girl to guy ratio, slightly more guys than girls, not very many douchebags at all, and some nice looking girls. The place is set up with good flow for moving around the club. Even when it got crowded around midnight, it was mainly just the bar areas that felt really packed. There is a patio outside, ground level, not rooftop. Tip: get your drinks before midnight and brush up on your dance steps.
  2. We already have something like this in the area: The Oil Ranch, which I believe is in Waller or Hempstead. Is it still open? I haven't been since I was in junior high school in the early 90s.
  3. Man, I would hate to be the bouncer at Club Pure! At least The Drinkery keeps it nice and simple.
  4. Well Texas polka is country also, probably more fitting of that genre name than what is played at "country" bars, but I can't complain about the bars themselves. They usually have the best looking girls. I just think they need a little Texas Czech polka, like you'd hear out in the country. That stuff is really fun to dance to if you know how.
  5. I see clothing like this at pretty much all the Washington bars, mainly girls wearing the hats thinking they are trendy for hanging out on Washington. At first I thought it was kind of hip, but now that I realize how popular it is, (i.e. kid's backpacks, bathing suits, being sold at TJ Maxx) I'd probably never buy it. It's too bad that there are not other clothing trends at the bar scene that are deemed respectable. Did The Drinkery really put that on their sign out front, or was it just a joke for their facebook page?
  6. What does that mean, "please no ed hardy"?
  7. I really hope Walters does not close. That place is a dive but it has major cool-factor, and it's a fun place to catch live shows in a great location on Washington. Please no Little Woodrow's; that place has the worst service, and there wouldn't be anything unique about it in this area. BW3's would definitely take some of the hipness away from the avenue. I don't even know why these big chains even try to locate inside the loop. I guess there's a market somewhere. I am surprised at the success of the Chili's near Old Sixth Ward and the Applebees on 18th and 610 North.
  8. This would be nice for the area, but how are "upscale guests" going to find out about this place with all the other nice hotels scattered all around Houston.
  9. Wow, this place looks great! They did such a nice job with the exterior and interior. Good parking will help the area, but it will be valet, so you still have to find a spot somewhere. I'm probably going to try Rebel's this weekend. Anyone have any new information on Reign?
  10. Yeah, I was thinking of something different when I said that. I'm thinking now that I will really like this place. Anyone know if it's going to be live music or dancing, or just a bar to drink at?
  11. You're right, what I said didn't make any sense. I was just really tired when I typed it, but I have since edited it. I was trying to give reason as to why it failed without even knowing what was going on. I just think the place takes itself way to seriously, and it doesn't seem to fit in on Washington Ave. Maybe they'll actually make the place cool, because the building looks really great.
  12. Seems like the owner sold the place. I wonder why the original developers of Reign just abandoned this project.
  13. Don't you have to be a member to go there though? I was thinking they should have that same kind of dancing at regular bars!
  14. That post needs to be removed. I was thinking of something totally different with the name Rebel's Honky Tonk, like some back woods kind of place. If this is just a country-western bar, then I'm all for it. Those places always have attractive women (and some fat ones too!) But we still need a bar on Washington with polka band at least one night a week. That would be fun.
  15. I just wonder whether they'll be able to get customers. People who would go to a place like Rebel's probably don't hang out inside the loop. I think what we need is a bar that has live polka bands at night. As someone with Czech heritage, that would be a lot more fun than another cowboy themed bar.
  16. Shepherd already has some stuff going on, but it's just lumped into that whole Heights/Washington area. Northside Main to I-45 could definitely looks like it could have the potential to become a hot spot, but the problem is, it's already too close to downtown Main St., which would just make it an extension of that if it ever got hot.
  17. Oak Forest is just a few miles north along T.C. Jester Blvd. You can get to Washington Ave. in less than 10 minutes. That's a really good choice! So is this new Bronx Bar like the one in Rice Village? Is it larger or smaller in square feet? I'll probably check it out this weekend. There's still like 5 bars on Washington I need to visit. (They keep popping up so fast, I can't keep up!) On a side note, does anyone know of a place that makes a good mojito drink besides Block 21, which I already know has the best in town.
  18. Wow, I think I found my new favorite bar. Is the one on Washington supposed to be like the Rice Village location where all these photos are from?
  19. I agree about the location of Reign, and I'm wondering if it will hurt the place sooner rather than later. I really don't think the owners did their research on the neighborhood before building the place. It's like they just wanted to exploit the hipness of Washington and hurriedly found property while it was still cheap. Where is Nox exactly? Isn't it on another street that's north of Washington? I figured it wouldn't have the same parking issues since it's off by itself.
  20. It should be, given the cycle I mentioned. It will be a hot place to go for a few more months, but then once it is no longer the "it" place on Washington, Reign will have to find a way to stay profitable with all the other options along the corridor now. Maybe they understand the business and have no intention of being a long term neighborhood lounge. Maybe they just want to make a lot of money while they can and then pack up and leave. If they were smart, they'd invest in the long term, because while you can say that this area falls under the migrating club scene category, it is also a recently gentrified area that is going to continue to establish itself over the years with a relatively young demographic.
  21. I have this feeling that with the the number of options on Washington now, some of these clubs/lounges need to rethink what they're doing or else they will have no choice but to close. One example, Reign Lounge: the building looks good and the concept of the place is current style, however they need to lose the bouncer w/ clipboard thing and the red carpet and ropes outside. That is such a 1990s thing. In today's social/nightlife scene, that isn't exactly cool anymore. Instead of trying to create hype, they should be trying to figure out how to stay in business after everyone's gotten the chance to see the place, and people begin to explore other options, and the rents/taxes start going up. The typical cycle for clubs that operate this way is 1) Club opens 2) Club is hot for a few months while everyone is wanting to see it for the first time 3) The girls you want to meet go elsewhere 4) All girls stop going creating a sausage fest 5) Dudes stop going because there are no girls 6) Owner freaks out because they're not making money and changes policy and they start letting just about anyone in. (Ordinarily at this stage, the club would just continue to operate with lower prices, less restrictions on who gets in, etc., but because of the location, Reign would have to close once it gets to this stage.)
  22. Service in general at retail, fast food, and restaurants has gotten much worse over the past 10 years. The employees I interact with wherever I go simply have no social skills and don't speak articulately or use proper speech. I'm surprised that places with poor service stay open, while I see places that I always liked going to go out of business.
  23. The kids just need to be careful when crossing the street, and people just need to pay attention and be fully alert when driving their cars anywhere. This phone ban stuff is too much. We need less laws in Texas, not more.
  24. I grew up right there at 18th and T.C. Jester. I guess you're right. What I said didn't make sene. I was trying to say that if it will become like Washington is now, the parking would not be the same, because you cannot park on Shepherd/Durham Dr. itself. Yes, it has bigger parking lots than Washington, but the segment (I-10 to 610 N) is not lined head to toe with them. There are only a few that are decent sized, so the bars/clubs would have to be separated a bit along this drive. I don't know what it is about it, but I just don't see a bar scene over there; too close to Washington, which I think will have its nightlife for the long term, even as the owners who play follow the leader close up shop and move on after the property value goes up. The bar/club owners who want to invest in the community will take over.
  25. I don't see bars replacing the existing businesses along Shepherd/Durham mainly because of parking issues. On Washington, you can park on the street or on side streets, but it's not as easy on Shepherd/Durham, and you couldn't make a parking lot big enough, given the shallowness, as was mentioned. I'd like to see it develop into an area with locally-owned retail places. People in the area already prefer locally owned restaurants, so why wouldn't they prefer locally owned retail stores? All it takes is a few people with some good ideas to get it going. Then it will entice further openings if they are successful. The problem is that the used car lots aren't going anywhere yet, and the business owner would need quite a bit of money to buy the used car lot and then take over with their business, which small family businesses don't have. Only chain stores would be able to do this, but they don't seem to be interested in opening up on Shepherd/Durham, which doesn't bother me at all. Anyway, if Shepherd/Durham does ever change over to locally-owned retail, I'd also like to see it reduced to fewer lanes to give the lots more depth with added sidewalks, bike paths, and more trees and green space. It really does have a decayed 20th century look, now that I think of it, and the best solution would be to come up with a new plan for it to have a cozier and more community feel to it. The way it looks now doesn't bother me that much, but I think a visual change of scenery in the right direction is always nice for a neighborhood. Another idea would be to have apartments with a layout similar to Brittany Place on 18th between the loop and Ella Blvd, only the architecture and landscaping would have a more current style.
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