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  1. We can't wait for the implosion! We are even going to "camp out" at one of our offices near the hotel so we don't miss it!
  2. If you’ve driven down Texas Avenue past University Drive then you are familiar with the Plaza Hotel. And if you’ve driven by in the past few months, you’ve likely noticed the vacancy and apparent emptiness of the buildings as the sky shines through from the opposite side. This is because the building is being set up for an implosion. But to understand how this pivotal structure has been led to this point, it’s important to understand the past. Joe Ferreri built the structure we know today as the Plaza Hotel to be a Ramada Inn under the urgings of Earl Rudder. Twenty years later, in 1980, he added the seventeen story high rise that we can see empty and vacant today. Due to the economy he had to sell and since then the hotel has traded owners until finally becoming bankrupt as the Plaza Hotel. Demolition has been encouraged since the site has become a favorite for criminals and vagrants. Though the future of the location is unclear, there is an undeniable air of hope and excitement for something significantly more aesthetic than the ‘eye-sore’ tower of the Plaza Hotel. For more information about the Plaza Hotel Implosion..... http://susanhilton.com/2012/05/19/demolition-and-renewal-a-history-of-the-plaza-hotel-in-college-station/
  3. LOVE selling real estate in Bryan College Station!

  4. And it just keeps going up! It is SO nice to see our community have more options for heath care. Temple was just too far to drive for Scott & White members who needed a hospital.
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