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  1. Guess I am really old. I worked at 790 when it was KULF, and remember Demand Radio 79.
  2. I saw these in a crosswalk in the Galleria area. They are so noticeable and very cool. Of course, we can't have them here in Denver, because like reflectors and Botts Dots, they would be covered by snow and create problems with plowing.
  3. Great ones, dudemeister! Here is another. Extend I-68 west from its current terminus at Morgantown, WV. Make it cross I-77 at Parkersburg, WV / Marietta, OH and finally end in Cincinnati at I-75.
  4. I have long believed that the Galveston to Dallas I-45 should be extended north from Dallas, through Sherman, Tulsa, and join I-35 in Kansas City. That would give Houston a straight Interstate shot up to KC and Minneapolis. Another idea would be to extend the woefully short I-27 north from Amarillo to Denver to join I-25, and southeast to San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Or perhaps upgrade US 287 from Fort Worth to Amarillo to Interstate status. To drive from the Metroplex to Denver is either US highways from Fort Worth to Raton, NM and up I-25 for the last 200 miles, or else go out of your way up I-35 through OKC, Wichita, then I-135 to Salina, KS, then west on I-70. through Kansas and Colorado. Or how about extending I-70 west from its junction with I-15 in Utah to go through Carson City, NV and on to Sacramento, where it would join I-80 on to the SF Bay area? What do you think of those ideas? What others would you like to see?
  5. Bob Russ, thanks for filling in memory gaps here. Great stuff. Once you pass the mid-century mark, things get a bit fuzzy in the old noggin. :-) And when you mentioned Looney Town, I did remember that title. I can tell you that your dad was a big part of this middle-aged guy's childhood memories. I posted the car photo, and knew it wasn't the same car, but thought I would post it as an example. Is your father still living? If so, pass along my regards, even though he won't know me. If he is not, my condolences to you and your family.
  6. There have been a few lost over the years. Another that many here would be too young to remember would be Johnny Gilbert in the KULF Bird. I worked at the old 790 KULF in the late 1970s, and one night came across a tape of events surrounding the crash of the KULF Bird, a fixed wing aircraft. Johnny was killed in the crash while covering a fire in 1974. The tape had recordings of the cutoff of the last broadcast from the plane, a call from someone at KENR to KULF telling them about the crash, and a number of other recordings of the sad event.
  7. Looks like we have ourselves some potential Darwin Award winners!
  8. What a thief. Stealing someone's words is inexcuseable.
  9. What about that other "Mister Wonderful", Phil Arms, the Baptist evangelist who started a church that he owned, made a career of slamming everything from Promise Keepers to Harry Potter, and was caught taking money from his congregation to support his drug habit. Top notch fellow there!
  10. Once in a while, my "old fart" status pays off!
  11. Yes there was. I went on his show also. A long L O N G time ago.
  12. Some of these tropical storms are much more compact than their cloud bands. I recall one back in the '80s that came through downtown Houston during the day. We got a bit of rain and winds, but by 5 PM, the worst was just some minor street flooding and heavy traffic going home. I lived in Pecan Grove, and by the time I got their, it was a beautiful sunny day, and not a drop of rain had fallen.
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