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  1. I remember when it was a 24/7 diner in the 90's, called Charlie's I believe? It's a great old landmark building in a very prominent location across from the Tower Theater, on the curve of Westheimer. Anyone know what the original use of the building was?
  2. I agree, GoAtomic and Subdude... I've always liked those Bali Hai apartments and am sorry to see them go. It was only a matter of time though. The Marquee apartments are in better shape and will hopefully be around longer.
  3. This is interesting news... I used to live down the street from there... I believe the SW corner of that intersection is where the so-called "College Without Walls" stood (part of the HCC system). The fire station is on the NW corner of that intersection.
  4. So it's actually closer to Hockley than Tomball... that's WAY out there... It'll still be worth the drive for me though.
  5. According to the article there will be a single screen, and it will play new releases. They would like to eventually stay open 7 days a week but they know they will probably have to start with limited hours.
  6. To me it appeared to be "suburban cottage" style... and it definitely looked 1920's rather than 1960's... Nice looking home.
  7. This is great, really cool news! I too would definitely drive out to Tomball to see this!
  8. The Katy desperately needed to be widened.... 3 lanes in each direction is ridiculously insufficient... it should have been widened a couple of decades ago.
  9. Those are old bungalows dating back to the 20s or 30s. The Art League has used them for years as classroom buildings. I took a painting class in there about 10 years ago.
  10. More great pics. I love the Kaphan's restaurant building and the El Chico one looks pretty cool as well. The tiki place is cool too... I wish someone would recreate a 50's era tiki restaurant here in Houston.
  11. Awesome photos Subdude!! Great job of putting thee threads together!! I love the old look of the Holiday Inn building as well but I don't remember it looking too different now? I need to take a closer look next time i go by there... I've always liked that Weldon's Cafteria building as well. And personally I kind of like the current facade on the Sears building... I'd just like to see it cleaned up and the windows put back in place on street level... (like that will ever happen. )
  12. This is my favored route as well. I would much prefer to see the rail line running all the way down Westheimer eventually to Westchase and beyond, rather than Westpark. Westheimer is a much more densely developed corridor. If that street didn't get so narrow once it got inside the loop and there was more room for it I would like to see it go all the way to Elgin. But since Richmond is wider I guess that would be the best possible corridor although it will be sad to remove the tree-lined median in the Montrose area. So I think the rail line should cut south around Weslayan or Timmons. Hop
  13. The one that just opened on 59 at W. Bellfort was newly built from the ground up. It is adjacent to an older shopping center at 59 and Murphy Rd. That's where my chiropractor's office is.
  14. I agree. This plan is a huge improvement and a good compromise to save money and to get a lot built in a short amount of time... I'm worried as well that the protests could cause us to end up with nothing at all or to have to wait another lifetime.
  15. That comment of Perry's doesn't bother me... he was saying that about one annoying reporter, not about the people of Texas or some other broad group of people. That being said, I still can't stand this guy... I agree he's never truly been elected considering Bush handed the governor's office to him in the first place and then the only other person he had to run aganst was Tony Sanchez. I would have liked K.B. Hutchison to run but I'd rather see Strayhorn or Kinky win it over Perry. Or anyone else who would put an end to his stupid Trans Texas Corridor that he's rammed down our throats. S
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