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  1. Houston will soon have another Fortune 500 company. Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced today that it will relocate its headquarters here from Silicon Valley. It’s the latest example of Houston’s aggressive efforts to relocate major corporate headquarters and create a more robust digital tech ecosystem. #houston #hewlettpackard #texas #technology #computers Hewlett Packard Enterprise Relocating Global HQ to Houston houston.org • 3 min read
  2. WOW! My small town hometown will never be the same after this. Beacon Hill is being developed between Waller and Prairie View, TX. My parents always said it was only a matter of time when the city comes to the country. Guess it's finally here "BEACON HILL". #acreage #community #forsale #realestate #pvamu #wallercounty 1607536138122 (800×450) (licdn.com) Massive development coming to former Waller County farmland houstonchronicle.com • 3 min read
  3. The city of Houston has moved from BETA(+) to ALPHA(-) according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC). That's 6 spots higher to Number 35 in the World. ALPHA Class cities are defined as; cities that are highly integrated areas, filling advanced service needs. The index ranks cities’ current performance based on a number of metrics, including business activity, human capital, information exchange, political engagement and cultural experience. Houston has seen close to 700 different announcements in the region over the last 10 years of foreign firms saying they are going to invest in Houston. Things that bode well for the future of Houston, we are getting more interest from firms overseas investing or visiting or somehow doing business in Houston. Global Rankings for US Cities: ALPHA (++) = New York City ALPHA (+) = 0 ALPHA = Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami ALPHA (-) = San Francisco, Houston, Washington D.C. BETA (+) = Boston, Atlanta, Dallas BETA = Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia BETA (-) = Seattle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globalization_and_World_Cities_Research_Network
  4. Metro Rail Ridership is now at 60,600 a day. Who says rail doesn't work in Houston. I believe rail ridership can be over 100,000 thousand if the University line, Uptown line, and Inner Katy line was built, maybe even more than that. Plus I definitely see opportunity for smaller extensions of light rail for instance : North Shepherd to Heights, Oak Forest, and Garden Oaks. Market Street East to Denver Harbor and Jacinto City, Galena Park. Up Hirsch Street to Fifth Ward, Kashmere Gardens, Trinity Gardens. Inner Katy can extend into Spring Branch/Kempwood & Blalock. Extend down Scott Street to Sunnyside and South Acres. Southwest side from Hillcroft Transit Center to Westbury. Extend to Hobby Airport too. Mobility can work in Houston. We are going to have to do something because all of our freeways are congested and we can't keep expanding them. We need another option to get around the city and that is RAIL !
  5. Was doing some research on traffic in Houston and saw some interesting stats. The 10 most dangerous intersections in Houston. I agree that these are some crazy places to drive through but I would include some others as well. Do you guys agree ? 1. Beltway 8 and Genoa Red Bluff Road (worse) 2. SH - 249 and FM 2920 3. U.S. Route 90 Alt. and Beltway 8 4. Louetta Rd. and I - 45 5. FM 1093 and Beltway 8 6. Westheimer and Highway 6 7. Highway 6 and FM 529 8. Highway 59 and FM 1960 9. Highway 225 and Beltway 8 10. Loop 610 and Wallisville Road But the following I would add to the list as well. Highway 59 and Highway 6 (Sugar Land) Highway 90 and Grand Parkway (99) (Sugar Land) Highway 288 and FM 518 (Pearland) Loop 610 and Westheimer (Houston Galleria) Highway 290 and Hollister & Tidwell (Northwest Houston) These come to mind for me. But I know there are plenty of them in Houston. Your thoughts ?
  6. But the Katy line going down I-10 doesn't make any sense. Rail needs to be where to people are, especially for walking distance. I agree with Slick Vik & Marcus Allen, this would connect to the Uptown Line and on down to the University line whenever they are built. You would have a complete rail circle for Central West Houston, that would be awesome ! Plus how about adding a spur rail line from where the rail would cross Sheperd Dr. & Durham Dr. going north to Garden Oaks and turn on 43 rd street for Oak Forest. That alone would add thousands to the ridership of light rail. That would actually bring more people to central Houston who work in downtown, uptown, & medical center. Plus the entertainment and shopping value as well. Inner Katy just makes more sense and could help sway thoughts on Uptown and Univeristy line too as a side effect. Come on metro lets get it together.
  7. With all the drama around the university line and uptown line I would seriously think metro would try to allocate funds toward the Inner Katy line instead. I know it is part of future phase 3 projects but thats something that could go alot smoother then the others. To me, that would be a less difficult project to undertake because of location. Think about the route the line would take : It would connect at the downtown line, move north along Houston Ave and turn west at the railroad where amtrak is on. Metro could construct a line alone side the already existing freight rail that runs parallel to Washington Ave, Center St., and Allen St. It may have to use Allen St. as a route but noboby uses that street anyway. Then it could run across I-10, just like the railroad, run behind the TXDOT building, go across washington ave. and ride along old katy road to Antoine Rd. The perfect finish stop would be the IKEA and the Edwards theater. I think this way very few streets would have to be torn up, if so only a few sections. Maybe some businesses would have to move for space but not that much. Don't believe any houses would be effected. And for this most part, how could you object to a rail in your backyard, HELLO, there is a big one there already ! I really hope metro considers maybe putting the more difficult univeristy and uptown lines on the back burner for now. Lets start the Inner Katy line now !
  8. Where do you all see the future of Fort Bend County ? Our population has reach 627,293 and is growing more and more everyday with no signs of stopping. I live in Sugar Land and I can definitely see the growth. If we were a city we would be the 7th largest city in Texas, just after El Paso ! I'm starting to wonder if Fort Bend is going to have to start thinking like a big city rather than a suburban area. For example, with transportation, Hwy 59 (I-69) is always backed-up and needs relief. Highway 6 is a nightmare, Highway 90 is starting to get crazy. Thankfully the Grand Parkway is being built out to 59. Maybe turn highway 90 into a tollroad, connect the Fort Bend Tollroad to South Post Oak in Houston, Commuter rail that reaches all the way to Richmond and Rosenberg, and maybe turn the Fort Bend Transit System into a full bus service system. Thats just one area of concern. I even see the day when the Sugar Land Airport turns into Houston's third major airport. It's just a Regional airport now but flights are constantly coming one right after another, even at night. It's the busiest small airport I ever seen. What do you guys think in other areas as well like education, real estate, economic development, crime, health care, etc. All these issue are coming up fast in this county and we have to find some answers soon.
  9. Aldi can't be any worse then the bootleg Food Town's across Houston ! They need to shut those stores down. Reminds me of the old Food Lion back in the day, and they went bankrupt cause of lawsuits from unsafe conditions at there stores.
  10. What area of Houston would be a potential candidate for the next Houston Skyline ? Right now we have 7 skylines. Downtown, Uptown/Galleria, Texas Medical Center, Greenway Plaza, Memorial/Energy Corridor, Westchase, and Greenspoint. I was thinking the Northwest/290 Skyline, the area around Tidwell and Hollister Rd. It has a few mid-rise buildings and definitely alot of commerce around that area. Another maybe forming is The Woodlands/Spring Skyline with the new ExxonMobil Campus being built on the northside and the buildings in The Woodlands Town Center. I'm sure there are other areas around town for consideration. Maybe not having zoning in Houston is a good idea cause if all these business centers were together it would be a traffic nightmare !
  11. I really like the Sound Exchange cause of there collection of old school Jazz & R&B. I mean John Coltrane, Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone. You can't beat that !
  12. Was wondering where in Houston would be a good place for music lessons. I am a music lover and played the saxophone for 12 years in school. But when I went to college I drop it to persue the business / corporate route to make money but now in my 30's I realize that I shouldn't have stop my first love, MUSIC. Wanting to get back to playing sax again and also learning guitar and possibly some voice lessons too. Music has never left my soul and I am wanting to re-kindle that spirit. So looking for a place for private lessons for adults in learning musical instruments. Hope you can help.
  13. I was wondering what was that opening on Highway 6 and West Bellfort ! For the longest I tried to see if there was any signage about what was happening. I live in Sugar Land right down the road from here. This is great news ! Can't wait til it's open.
  14. All I have to say is METRO-LIGHT RAIL ! If Houston would stop playing politics and go ahead and built the University Line, Uptown Line, and future Inner-Katy line, you could have directed traffic alot more smoothly on the westside of town. The issue is not the amount of people, but instead the number of cars on the road ! You could have used rail to get from downtown to uptown/galleria with ease, and then walk to the galleria right next door. I just hope we can get some people who can think progressive in leadership positions.
  15. I am truly fustrated at the nonstop traffic on Highway 6. I live in Sugar Land and used to live in Northwest Houston and worked on the westside so I'm very familiar with the headache that is Hwy 6 and FM 1960. Will there ever be a solution to that corridor. Maybe they could widen Eldridge on the westside. The new medians from Memorial @ Hwy 6 to Fort Bend County have done little to ease traffic. I was thinking of a connecting Baker-Cypress to FM 1464 (Clodine Rd.). They have just finish completion of widening 1464 road in Fort Bend County. There would definitely be an issue with the environmental impact of going through George Bush park. The ground might not even support a road going through there, but there is a small dirt road/ bike trail that connects the two. Not to mention the flooding in that area. I don't know what the solution to the traffic problem but something has to be done or we are all going to have road rage and go crazy !
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