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  1. RT @TexasTribune: Beto O'Rourke: "I'm so thousand dollarsing proud of you guys." Watch this page for live election results: https://t.co/AxEobzZavD #M…

  2. RT @SylvesterTurner: #KempinAintEasy with that monster HR by @tonykemp. Our @astros take their first lead. #RedSox 3 | #Astros 4 B4 #Neve…

  3. Just booked my flights for next Memorial Day. Will be hitting up Milan and Venice.

  4. @British_Airways I would suggest you get someone on the phone with me NOW since after 30 minutes on hold, I was spe… https://t.co/StZYpolDef

  5. In trying to finalize my first post for my website (https://t.co/XcaMmUUWQh), I have been researching Parisian cafe… https://t.co/cLCmgKrKxv

  6. So like millions of other people, I bought Mega Millions tickets. Unlike millions of other people, I know I won't… https://t.co/5wPEwtZmO1

  7. Watching the new Queer Eye. So good. I like all of the guys, but I think Karamo is my favorite.

  8. Getting sick on vacation is the absolute worst.

  9. Getting older is horrible. I'm incredible sore after a tumble down a hill early today. It is actually causing me not to sleep well. Sigh.

  10. People watching in the international terminal is amazing. However, that being said, O'Hare REALLY needs to update this terminal.

  11. RT @axlrose: Happy birthday to the Queen, all my love, Ax - #hollabackgirl

  12. I am so sore from my Pilates class on Friday and my Aqua Cycle class on Saturday. Sunday is a rest day. Start all over tomorrow.

  13. Buyer beware! @mybkr has yet to contact me about my missing package. It seems their customer support is nonexiste… https://t.co/uRwrzusDWr

  14. RT @TexasTribune: ICYMI: U.S. Rep. Will Hurd and some of his Republican colleagues declared they'll try to force the House to vote on a ser…

  15. RT @russellcrowe: Great news for Koala everywhere. @AustraliaZoo @wildwarriors @LastWeekTonight @iamjohnoliver @rickygervais https://t.co/…

  16. RT @DeathStarPR: Happy #StarWarsDay! Some fun ways you can celebrate: open automatic doors with “the Force”, tell a Luke YOU are his father…

  17. Sunday afternoon = naptime.

  18. RT @McQueen: Explore the Alexander McQueen Pre Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, available to pre-order exclusively at https://t.co/jG27a1cVlv…

  19. Ok, @FitbitSupport. I already had a bad experience in buying my @fitbit Versa. Now, I am unable to set it up. Th… https://t.co/bL5yedznV7

  20. @TexasTribune Investments in T-bills and CDs are just ways to hold value. Not sure why people are outraged over that.

  21. RT @TexasMonthly: In May, Richard Overton will celebrate his 112th birthday the same way he celebrates most things in life—with whiskey and…

  22. RT @missmorenab: Excited to share... #Deadpool2: The Trailer. @deadpoolmovie https://t.co/FSYPs38o3v

  23. Hey Davida at @IKEAUSAHelp, when you have an irate customer on the phone who has been on hold for 45+ minutes, don'… https://t.co/aeHWMRWZfy

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