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  1. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/08/city-committee-to-review-historic-ordinance/ he ordinance that oversees Houston’s historic districts could soon see some changes. The city of Houston Planning and Development Department and the Archaeological and Historical Commission announced Thursday that it seeks to refine the ordinance, which was updated in 2010 to create permanent protections for historic structures in designated districts and establish a new process for creating a district. The goal would be to clarify certain aspects of the ordinance and provide more consistency for the ap
  2. And hopefully they won't dare peer out the window into the direction of the Heights. Gasp!
  3. I'll take a vertical version of anything over a horizontal version of dilapidation.
  4. I went last year and was unimpressed, especially for the price. I thought Screamworld was better.
  5. I'll take bland over architectural quality any day if that means bland is better built, more efficient, and technologically sound. Better that than something that desires to be on the cover of Better Homes which is equivalent to analog vs digital. You can always argue opinion, but you can't argue fact.
  6. I read something about the next generation of consumers are less concerned about a big house and lot and prefer functionality and lifestyle. I have to agree on that. I'll take what suits my interests any day over space.
  7. If school was an issue and private school wasn't an option, then I'd go with Southgate or West U. I do think the 3 story home shown was overpriced, though. I have lots of friends who live in Super Neighborhood 22, Heights, and Garden Oaks, so that makes a difference as well.
  8. I'd pick the first one for a couple reasons. One, location. The heights is closer all around to restaurants and bars I like to frequent. There are less than a handful of places I like that are south of 59. Yeah, the zoo and Miller and arts are great, but I don't frequent it often enough to justify the location. Restaurants and bars and such, I'd do that any day of the week. I'm not talking douchey bars, but chill bars to wind down from after workThe other reason is the build of the house. I'd forgo the bigger yard for a house with better efficiency and newer technology than one i have to retro
  9. InTown owner here in the loop. So far, so good. Been there almost 4 months. Little things here and there but overall happy with the house. Prices keep rising on the new builds, too. Mine was a new build. They don't really negotiate, but you may get some free upgrades or appliances after talking to them. Our sales person pretty much sucked, but the construction supervisor/manager was pretty good. If you're going to get a new build, stop by often, take notes and pics. Show it to them as soon as possible if you think there's an issue with anything. As far as Fannin Station, I've visited that seve
  10. Recently bought a house in Cottage Grove. Value of the houses jumped significantly...now selling in the $450k to $500k.
  11. True,the demographics will definitely be different; doesn't mean one is better than the other. The Cypress one will have more families and that type. The CityCentre happens to have more singles, couples, empty nesters, happy hour crowds. I've spent plenty of time in both locations, so that's my experience. As for the wealth, over in the Memorial area it's more on the extremes, whereas in Cypress it's somewhat consistent. There also tends to be more of the stay-at-home moms in Memorial. Cypress seems to have lots more dual income families.
  12. What is really more telling is the percentage of that 114k count vs the 293k count that would be patrons to the local establishments. Plus, the 293k is a double dip in that a large portion of that 114k probably overlaps to the 293k based on commute. Regardless, I think it'll be good for the far Northwest. I moved back to that area until my house finishes building in the loop, so I'm non-biased either way.
  13. Good to hear. Converting to commercial is expensive and time consuming, but I'm ready for to chow down on their good burgers.
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