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  1. I have traced it as far back as United Savings. Which was early 90's late 80's. HCAD shoes the building being built in 1995 but I know thats not true. Anyway, is there anywhere where I can research this?
  2. I'm looking for a bit of history on this building. The actual address is 3120A Southwest Fwy. its currently inhabited by Chase bank. I think I have gotten its history back to the early 90's late 80's but I can't seem to find its origin. What was this building originally. A bank, a church, a mosque? Some insight would be great!!
  3. Looking for a bit of history on the Chase bank in the Greenway area off of US 59 and Buffalo Speedway. It has the gold dome and I remember back when the Rockets were winning championships they covered the dome with a Basketball tarp. Anyway, I am looking for the origins of this building just for my own curious reasons.
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