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  1. Presumably the view will be much more appealing when the apartments are built around the parking garage structure.
  2. Here are some photos taken from the pond side of the project last week.
  3. The fence barriers along most of the the pond on the north side were removed yesterday. The pond is now open to visitors.
  4. The plan submitted to the Houston Planning Commission doesn't encroach the pond.
  5. Note from Crocker Partners dated March 29th indicates that the property has been sold and the new owners are planning to build a residential complex. The development of the property will extend over a portion of the lake area, which is now owned by them. We have been instructed that the lower lakes will be drained in order to start construction of the project. The memo says we anticipate that the lower lakes (closest to Post Oak) will be without water for approximately 3 months.
  6. We have been informed at the Empire that the pond will be empty for about 3 months.
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