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  1. I notice the Photos of the Day are still smaller than the Ads. Good job, good effort.
  2. Man.. you have the strangest desires and curiosities... I hope your vacation filled the holes in your life where these burning questions once were. My only specific comment is to #1. Yes, Yes they do offer tours because I have been on one. It's really cool, by the way. They give tours to architects and others that would be interested in specifying their products, or clients interested in buying their products... ... not to just anyone who comes in off the street. And to #5. Come try walking it one day. Couple years back a guy spent his Saturday walking from Westchase district to a bar in Midtown.. think there's video of part of it. Can't currently find the associated article.
  3. See.. I was spot on. The genius loci of an Albertsons.... just not something you can find in any old Krogers. Well.. have fun.. take lots of photos.
  4. Based on what we know about you here at Haif.. I've prepared your perfect dallas vacation agenda. Tom Thumb Albertsons Aldi Burlington Coat Factory Wisteria Shop Big Lots and last but not least.. Kohls
  5. Unpermitted interior work happens all the time. The fact that it's unpermitted has zero bearing on your HCAD value. I'm in the same boat. Home purchased last fall. Had minor cosmetic renovations. HCAD value went up. Yours went up because as a new owner, you don't instantly have the homestead exemption and therefore arent protected by the 10% cap. This is how HCAD course corrects. The cap artificially keeps values down, and when a home changes hands, that's the only time HCAD can bump it to where they should be. If it had been permitted.. then HCAD would have an even stronger case for bumping your value up since you will have handed them on paper what that value change is. Least with unpermitted changes, you can attempt to appeal. EDIT: I assumed this was interior work.. and therefore mostly finish-related.. then re-read your opening post and see that I may be wrong. Was this all interior or did they add on a wing or something
  6. I remember discussions from when they were submerging 59 near montrose, that part of the reason was to flood if needed. Property (vehicular) damage is a better outcome than Property (real) damage. I imagine I-10 was deisigned the same way. Yes, adding detention ponds are meant to give floods somethign to fill up first and help the overall situation but ultimately, losing a few hundred cars on 10 and 59 is way cheaper than flooding in the Heights, Washington Cooridor, Montrose, and the Musuem District
  7. I don't disagree with you on that. But another aspect of all this is anonymity. Same reason I dont like HAIF on FB, or twitter, etc.. A few people on here know me, and I'd like to keep it that way... a few. I'm sure it's like that for most haifers. If i ever needed to consult Haif for professional help or jobseeking.. I could just as easily start a post to address that need.
  8. What would the fun in that be ? That was my PSA for the day. Gotta set some linkedin noobs strait.
  9. I'm out. Linkedin shouldn't be a contest to get as many friends as possible. I see some of you saying you invited all your facebook friends..?? What's the point of that ? Is your mom's friend going to get you a job.. how bout your cousin in a band or your best friend's goth little brother? Linkedin should be lots more selective. I don't want it to be facebook part deux. Creating a network just for the sake of having a network.. what does that achieve ? Is Joe Bob architect that I know by 4th degree going to help me find a job? No. It's better to have a smaller and more meaninfgul network - Your coworkers, your former coworkers, your former classmates, your clients, vendors you've worked with. If i were linkedin buddies with any of you and I were looking for a job would any of you, first off, be in my field and able to help me? Second would any of you be willing to help me? I wouldn't be willing to help sopmeone I don't really know and can't vouch for. "Hey boss, I have a resume of someone I want you to look at to fill this position" "How do I know em...?.. well.. he's on an internet forum with me and umm..ermm... well... that's it" Really? That's a sure way to torpedo your own career. Furthermore.. Linkedin is less important for networking (except for easy contact/managment of your real professional network) and more important as your professional ad space. Have a good profile. Have a professional photo. Have your profile public. ... Include your link in job searching emails or on your personal buisness card. Assume any interview you go on, your interviewer wil be searching for your FB and your Linkedin.
  10. Irontiger.. Since you are such the grocery/department store connoisseur, I have a joke for you. Q: How do you fit an Elephant into a SafeWay bag ? A: You take the 'S' off of 'Safe' and the 'F' out of 'Way'. *Drum Riff*....
  11. "Despite getting a renovation... It didnt look too different from most Krogers I've seen." Really ? Did you think Krogers Corporate Mother Ship would renovate to make it look more different ? Did you think Krogers Corporate Mother Ship was like "Gee, this Krogers has a cute quirky nickname.. we should surely take this into consideration when we remodel it " Did you think it got its name becasue of the renovations ? I'm dumbfounded at your train of thought. If you wanted to experience Disco Kroger for not just the people, but the architecture.. then it should have been fairly obvious to you that you were making your first visit over half a decade too late. P.S. You have "visit every grocery store brand in the US" on your bucket list don't you ?
  12. I will second your Dave Grusin.. and I'll submit anything by Henri Mancini for the "oldies but goodies" class of composers.
  13. Spiegel im Spiegel... I knew the name, but don't believe I'd heard it before.. On now and very nice. I don't want to deviate from scores and soundtracks too much..... but Chopin's 'Raindrop"... First heard it in the amazing Halo 3 mega commerical "Believe".... incredibly moving piece, incredible commerical... and I'll forever associate it with Halo. Also.. speaking of Halo. Martin O'Donnell has done all those soundtracks and some of thoese are every bit as amazing as what you find at the movies.
  14. Oh yeah.. forgot X-ray Dog. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Ray_Dog You probably hear something by them every other time you go to the movies and don't realize it.. they are 'The Trailer music' company. Pull up a youtube playlist and sit back for a few days listening to this... you'll be ready to conquer the world.
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