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  1. The exterior of this building was designed to evolve over time.These shots are going to change as the years go by. This building will be a living stucture with all types of plant life on the roof top terrain as well as the sides and walls of the building itself....it will definately lose that sterile look that it has now. Its gonna be interesting to watch the evolution over time....BRILLIANT!!
  2. U are right about me liking Houston...I love Houston.......But I also see how houston is not all it cracked up to be or how u houstonians want people to see houston...It is rather BIG....and for the most part it is bland.......lets not talk about monstrosities...the buildings in DTHouston are indeed tall......but overall its nothing in DTH thats not screaming "Bland".....I can say that my favorite buildings in the world are in Houston(enron Towers) but that is not enuff to create the image you guys want everybody to have.....Jealous?...I wouldnt say that.i feel like dallas and houston basically offer the same stuff accept dallas always seems to do everything a tad bit better....Houston is the 4th largest city in the u.s...and Dallas which is the 9th largest out bids houston on everything...why is that?Because while houston is almost double dallas in size and poulation it shows that the bulk of the bulkiness of houston is generic uninspiring uncontrolled fill-in that gives it a bigger busier feel with no substinance..In dallas its much smaller..less congested alot cleaner and the developments give you a way better since of place...development in Dallas always seems relevent to the surroundings to where it is placed...in hosuston everything seems randomly placed and badly situated......ugh!!!!..I know houston can do better...How can the ninth u.s city be giving Houston this much run for the money.....Step it up Houston....You guys need to be blowing us out of the water up herer in lil ole Dallas....
  3. Sorry if i came off as trying to bash houston...i simply second someones opinion...I mean for the lack of better words i just agreed with velvet...It will by all means function as a state of the art hospital ...I just know it...so lighten up a lil...just because its not attractive to Me dosent mean its not a good hospital and the the crown is indeed an afterthought in my opinion used to spice up a bland design that "LOOKS"cheaply built.....but it is new..and it is a hospital...so i hope whats inside can make up for the eyesore part
  4. this building lights up well but its not an attractive building to me....just my opinion tho...
  5. ..U are simply a joke.....Ive never heard of Dallas being Nationally known for bad taste...u guys make up anything to soothe your envy....GET OVER IT!....The envy will only get worse in the coming years because Dallas has just begun another wave of development:Woodall Rogers Park,Covention Ctr hotel,Museum of Nature and Science and the Calatrava bridge is picking up steam..DTD main street new lighting scheme that will be introduced at the end of this year along with Runion Towers New LED lighting scheme.And on top of that...Dallas has just completed and about to complete alot of development also....its too much to name.......oh and Mister X GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!
  6. lol......have u even been to downtown dallas lately.....vacancy rates are things not seen by the naked eye when visiting a city....most people couldn't care less when visiting a city....Visit DTD and come see whats happening........vacancy rates?????!!!....even if it is high,..me along with a ton of other people are really enjoying whats going on DT. its a whole new place.And pretty soon companies are gonna swarm DTD from everywhere....including Houston
  7. .....we are just fine up here in Dallas.......still progressing...thanx for the update and concern....of course you have alot of time on your hands because it only takes 10 min to shop at all the stores at HP......Oh and good to see or hear or read u again too.
  8. ok......now what......u had an orgasm because dallas is failing (in your eyes)like u predicted?????....please get over it....DAMN!!!!
  9. I agree wih u on this Trae. To me its the same situation with the Galleria.Houston Galleria is better than Galleria Dallas,but on the flipside of the coin....It has to be that way because it is "THE" mall of houston while Dallas has a more watered down version of the Galleria(which is not far behind Houston's)Dallas also have other choices that are also on par with it. To me it makes for alot more variety.Houston Has "2" water prks...Dallas "4"Houston has "0" amusement parks..Dallas has one of the best... Dallas Has two indoor waterpark hotels....Houston has "0".Dallas proposes a neat ski park... Houston Proposes one that HAS to be kick ass to compensate for the amusement park that was lost aaaaaaaaaaand to compete with he new concept for our ski park...So again trae ..I agree wit you totally!!!
  10. Yeah I read this.....and this has been said numerous times..But I can almost put my money on it that office construction does not grind to a complete halt....be realistic...I know some may want this to happen..(in Dallas and Houston),but you have to realize...Developers build for the future markets not always the current market....My two Pennies
  11. Yeah...I see alot of people are having a hard time digesting the design....me on the other hand thinks that the design of the buildings themselves would be the eye catcher of the whole development...I dont think texas will see to many developments like this.And I also think that people here are not used to edgy developments like this .....if this was a proposal like in Chicago or LA it would be well welcomed....and as for sopping up office space....Dallas has been in this vicious cycle for as long as I can remember so this is nothing new...just my two pennies.
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