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  1. Wow - thanks for all those photos. My dad worked at Sharpstown mall when I was young and we used to go every Saturday, this was in the 60s & early 70s. I also could have been one of those kids standing at the clock, I have a good memory of that thing. It only worked for a very short while, the doors which opened up on the hour to reveal various scenes stopped opening soon after it was installed and it then became a huge ugly clock. They finally got rid of it many years later. I remember that Sinclair station too, did you notice the price in the color picture was 24 cents/gallon?
  2. The new Harlow's is owned by Landry's so I'm not sure it's as much a reopening as a reusing of a familiar name. Their website boasts a lot of arcade type games so I'm guessing they want it to be a teen hangout to increase business for the movie theatre. I haven't been there but it looks to me that it's not really like the old original Harlow's and not my kind of place. I might go there for lunch to check it out one of these days though, since I work very near by.
  3. A friend called me Sunday morning to see if I wanted to go to the Bayou City Art Festival so I went. It was $8 to get in and the ticket said it benefits charities. Didn't say which ones, or what percentage or anything else so who knows. There definitely were lots of cops, and they did provide electricity so yeah, they have expenses. I'm sure they take out all their expenses before giving any money to charities, on top of which since they don't specify which charities, I figure it's totally questionable. I bought a burger for $5 (the food choices were incredibly paltry!) which was so pitiful, I wouldn't have fed it to my dog! Funny thing, the booth I bought it from was raising funds for a pet charity (spay/neuter I think). The art, however, was wonderful. There was a large variety of things to see, the weather was fabulous and it wasn't very crowded. So, that brings up another question -- with the weather being up there among the top 10 days of the year, you'd think more people would have come. Was it the $8 that kept them away? Sort of hard to believe in this city where they charge at least that much for home shows, antique shows and the like at the Reliant & George R Brown. I over heard a converstation between a couple of vendors comparing attendance to last year when one of them said you could hardly move in the city hall reflecting pool area because of the crowds. They were speculating on what was responsible for thinning out the crowds this year and the two ideas they mentioned were gasoline prices and Hurricane stress. Could be. I bought a framed photograph and the seller was very appreciative. I had a great day, even if the lunch and entrance fees were a bit high. Oh well, I just chalk it up to current cost of entertainment. Besides, it was fun hanging out with my friend!
  4. Back in the day.... all the Houston festivals were free. That includes international festival downtown, westheimer art festival, etc. And there were a reasonable number of people who showed up. Then it seemed like the world exploded and these events became way overcrowded. That's about the time they started charging. Don't know if it was to reduce the crowds or if they figured that if that many people were coming, a good percentage of them would be willing to pay. Or maybe it was both those reasons. In any case, there ARE lots of people willing to pay so I don't see them changing their strategy on that issue any time soon!
  5. The Food Lion stores opened in Houston right at about the time 60 minutes (or one of those kinds of shows) did a huge expos
  6. That was pretty much the first food court in a mall in Houston as far as I know. It was put in when they put the second floor on the mall -- sometime in the mid 70s. The entire food court was called "Good Time Charlie's". And yes, one of the restarants was Chelsea Street Pub which was a sort of a bar/appetizer type of place. I'm pretty sure they had live music at the beginning. There was also a very nice restaurant up there, I can't remember the name of it. It was a reservations only/maitre d' type place -- very hoity toity and high $. It lasted about 5 minutes. Oh, and you might want to check out this thread which has a ton of memories of long lost houston restaurants. Houston Restaurants No Longer Here
  7. I went to the festival yesterday. We arrived at noon, just in time for the parade which was quite nice with a very small town feel -- local marching bands, local politicians, local businesses, art cars. etc. We hung around for about two hours looking at all the booths selling crafts, jewelry, etc. There was a kids area and several booths aimed at the kiddies too. It was hot but the sun stayed hidden most of the time and an occasional breeze made it livable. Parking was tight but doable. And a good time was had by all.
  8. Gulf got bought out by Chevron in 1983 and all those Gulf stations eventually got new signs and became Chevrons. It mystifies me, however, that Gulf stations still do exist in other parts of the country.
  9. Kresge's -- there was one in Sharpstown Mall way back in the 60s. It was a sort of five & dime if I remember correctly, like Woolworth's or TG&Y.
  10. I'm not sure the square is able to be revitalized. HD has pretty much taken up most of that land and there is very little left. Certainly not enough for a Target --- but with the new Target recently opened in Meyerland, I can't see that they would open one there anyway. About the only thing I can think of to revitalize what's left would be to open a couple of restaurants. Might be an opportunity for someone willing to take the risk -- there are almost no restaurants to speak of in the entire Westbury area.
  11. Yup, they reopened under new management. It's in the strip center which is in the WalMart parking lot on Hillcroft just south of Braeswood.
  12. Great photo of 610. As I made my way home from work on Wednesday around 5 pm. I went down the west loop in the opposite direction of where your photo points. It was PACKED, bumper to bumper, cars moving 5 mph if that. By Thursday morning, it was empty. Very weird.
  13. If you watch Neil Frank on channel 11, it's "wobbling".
  14. Location: near Meyerland, one story house Status: gonna stay.
  15. That old Media Play spot in Meyer Park started out as PharMor. Media play lasted about 5 minutes in the grand scheme of things. And that very large spot has been empty ever since. How many years has it been? That empty spot, the rundown condition of the Walmart and the deterioration of the AMC movie theatre have contributed greatly to the decline of Meyer Park. When that movie theatre opened, it was the largest in Texas (or something like that) and was very nice. But as soon as stadium seating came into the picture, it was done for. The amazing thing is that the houses in the neighborhood directly south of the center (Willow Meadows), although old (mid-century), have held up their value very well and continue to gain in value. I can't figure out why that center has gone down and why that one piece of it has remained empty for so long.
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