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  1. Kahn's Deli had the best reuben i've ever eaten. Most of the sandwiches at Kahn's were the best I've ever had.
  2. I agree that we have some nice young pieces. I don’t know that we are good yet by any means.
  3. "The Rockets are good" You must watch a lot of basketball.
  4. I watch through the Apple TV app on my fire stick and/or my Roku.
  5. Bravery is fantastic and would be a huge loss. It is the best of the food halls by a mile in my opinion.
  6. Any changes to these recommendations? I am looking to contract the same type of work.
  7. Brava does not have tunnel access, they didn't dig far enough down or have spots to connect.
  8. I believe that they are already down to the facade so definitely not more than that. Does look like it’s staying though.
  9. kbates2

    112 Travis St.

    4 years later and they have started working on the front of the building. I wonder what the plan is for it now.
  10. The Tipping Point is opening their second location at the former Morningstar on N. Main. Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere but they have some of the best coffee in the city so pretty pumped for another location.
  11. It’s a dumb and generally unenforceable rule.
  12. Would have been cool if they had the crown lighting finished by now. The one section that is finished looks amazing with lit up in orange.
  13. But it's the same company right? No trademark problems with yourself.
  14. While there is a chance that I still would have liked the glass podium better, I'm ready to admit that the stone looks pretty damn good.
  15. I noticed that they took down a number of trees downtown on Main and on Travis in the last month or so. I assume that they were dead from the freeze but it seems like we never have a chance for most of the street trees to mature in DT.
  16. They got like $50 million dollars for keeping it historic (not sure if it was tax breaks or what but I read that number somewhere). You can’t do much with the facade and still get that.
  17. They have not planted the food garden yet, I assume that is what they are flying up.
  18. Admittedly, I’ve only ever tried during dinner times so I’m not sure what time it opens.
  19. Aren’t all of these buildings past their tax free period? Seems like we get very little from the TIRZ relative to the size of the tax base. If somebody breaks a bottle or drops deuce outside somewhere, it will be there for a week at a minimum. Broken things like this clock tower seem like a given.
  20. I’ve been numerous times. Never seen it closed.
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