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  1. Admittedly, I’ve only ever tried during dinner times so I’m not sure what time it opens.
  2. Aren’t all of these buildings past their tax free period? Seems like we get very little from the TIRZ relative to the size of the tax base. If somebody breaks a bottle or drops deuce outside somewhere, it will be there for a week at a minimum. Broken things like this clock tower seem like a given.
  3. I’ve been numerous times. Never seen it closed.
  4. If they turned the parking lot between McIntyre's and the bayou into parkland....
  5. This happens on a ton of projects in Houston. I did some consulting work for this type of company one time and would compare their list to HAIF. They were not the only company in town and their list usually covered like 1/4 of the Going Up section.
  6. Yeah, for me the sun at the pool trumps a view. Plus, this way you get pool view or downtown view and so more of the building is desirable.
  7. The sled in the background of Hindesky's photo does appear to be a dewatering pump sled assembly.
  8. It is certainly a hinderance which is why you were able to name very few players. The people who have thrived and are below average height for the sport are the exception and thrive as a result of extreme levels of talent. The pool of potential NBA players that are under 6'0 is WAY larger than the pool that are over 6'5 but the number of players historically that are over 6'5 compared to under 6'0 is a clear indication that height gives you a huge leg up. Honestly this point isn't even really debatable in basketball and is only debatable in certain positions in the other of the big 3 sports.
  9. Also regarding electric delivery, those smaller one-off companies are not providing your electricity. Centerpoint delivers your energy and maintains the infrastructure to do so. The other companies just market your electricity.
  10. Local Foods basically died before the pandemic hit. Their hours never made any sense to me and I thought it was going to be the death of them when they first opened. Finn Hall has had issues with crap food. Downtown is definitely still slower than it should be by a lot but most of the places that you mentioned have/has more issues that the pandemic just made more obvious.
  11. Is this something that is unique to Houston? I always feel like any buildings that we have with lighter colored stone turn black and I don't see it in other cities.
  12. Gotcha - just not your speed. I think the other McIntyre's does pretty well so we will see how this one does.
  13. What signs point to this being a terrible, terrible bar?
  14. Just to clarify, hindesky is saying no they have not fixed it and there has been no murmur of funds moving anywhere near such a project. It’s craze.
  15. I would be all for replacing pretty much every grocery store in central Houston with a store that has residential on top like HEB Buffalo Heights or Whole Foods in Midtown.
  16. If they were sprinkling this in various neighborhoods it wouldn't have such a high likelihood of turning into a slum.
  17. That garage covers multiple blocks and is multilevel, I think that a project to redo that would be huge and we would have heard about it.
  18. Says "Guest House Only" - Looking at photos, that seems like a newer addition in the back.
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