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  1. Drift Bar opened on Friday, 01/10/20. Fantastic place to go watch a game as they have tons and tons of giant TVs.
  2. “While this project is not a real development at this time, our study shows how it is possible to create a vibrant mixed use development of office, retail, restaurants, and grocery in the heart of Bellaire. ”
  3. That are unnecessarily huge and take up half of the sidewalk.
  4. Drift Bar opens on W 20th in the Heights tomorrow, 01/10/20. Huge sports bar with a ton of massive TVs.
  5. I assume that it could just be hard to restore on a convenience store budget.
  6. It is 5:52 and my ParkMobile app will only allow me to pay for a max of 8 minutes. I think the rules are unchanged.
  7. It would make sense for him to make the New Hope property additional premium parking but I think that this site is much more likely to be in his ballpark village plan.
  8. Yeah this sucks. Conservatory is great as is in its current space. Big loss for downtown.
  9. Former Houston Press building, demolished earlier this year.
  10. Looks like we should see how this looks underneath soon, they are removing the panels. https://imgur.com/gallery/X6fzahX (Can't figure out how to get the photo in the post)
  11. I tried to walk there to watch a World Series game and they were closed - so at least a couple of months.
  12. kbates2


    But your spices from Phoenicia. They grind them in house so they cost as much as fiesta (cheap) but they are super potent.
  13. Any idea what their current proposed start date is?
  14. But it’s not just those cities. Denver has a great walkable downtown. As does Seattle. Austin is getting there. We just need better developers. We get hideous automated parking garages while other cities get great walkable developments.
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