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  1. Lucky for them it's rent and not mortgage and if you live downtown, you have to know that can happen.
  2. Finn does have the worst food of all of the downtown halls IMO. They could retool quite a bit. I liked Mala but they are gone right? Yong is good.
  3. I walked by it yesterday and there were people eating inside and dish society cooking that I could see from the sidewalk.
  4. I would assume fairly deep. That should change when the white oak bypass is complete but they would need to plan for that contingency either way I would think.
  5. I assume that they haven't sold MST yet? That worries me slightly that they won't go very tall to preserve MST views. That said, their MST investment (and this land investment) would both benefit from development here, so I wonder if they decide to go short to protect MST or just go tall as most views are going away with the Preston anyway.
  6. El Real did have the best cheese enchiladas in the city. It will be missed.
  7. It's not their customers as much as their loiterers. If a liquor store opens - cool - if it has customers who get hammered outside and pass out and yell at other customers/pedestrians - not cool. This store tends to be closer to the latter in my example.
  8. This store just needs to close, it’s a huge blight.
  9. i think so yes, but I still love the parking lot and the way the Montrose store fits in with the neighborhood
  10. i thought it was just reinforced? It doesn’t look new.
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