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  1. Big issue right now is the massive homeless presence on the corner next to this building. Hopefully this helps with it. Got my renovation projects wrong, I was thinking this was the building next to the Hines Spiritual Center.
  2. Have we heard of its fate now that it is abandoned?
  3. I don’t hate the Arabella. I loved the initial renderings and think that the finished product has some ok features and some crap features. It isn’t bad overall but it is also far from good. I had hopes that it could be a beautiful building but then I remembered that Randall Davis was building it and it’s about as good as we could have hoped for from him.
  4. Toeflop is trying to catch Rowdy in terms of quantity. He at least appears to have a slight artistic bone in his body but volume taggers are idiots regardless if they can't take time to make real art.
  5. They don't spend that much on their athletic facilities.
  6. They haven't been open for dinner in some time. They used to close at like 8:00 so some would argue they were never really open for dinner. I never understood those times.
  7. Sounds like Petrol Station is done. Phone number disconnected, clearing out equipment.
  8. Still very excited for this building and hoping that this part looks ok but the first signs of it look pretty bad.
  9. They need to fix the broken path downtown by the old Spaghetti Warehouse. It collapsed during Harvey and hasn’t seen any love.
  10. I don’t think that will about do it. Even the open restaurants are largely operating at levels below their necessary profit points.
  11. We apparently do not have the same taste in food. Fire House Pizza is kind of gross.
  12. I've had Moon Tower a ton of times and the food is awesome. The burgers are legit as are the dogs. I usually go for chef's choice for the toppings on my hot dog and that is where you run a high risk/reward chance. I've had amazing dogs that way and have had some failures too.
  13. That's a rough one, Penny Quarter was great.
  14. They did break into my sons daycare. There will be kids there on Monday and there was a TON of broken glass (like 10 plate glass windows).
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