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  1. Just walked by and they are gone. For lease sign up and space cleared out. Sucks because they were great and stuck it out through most of the pandemic.
  2. So the Wortham splits time with the ballet and opera, but I don't know that either of those are sought after enough for a new venue alone at this time (I could be wrong, I don't go so I don't know). I could guess that the Hobby Center or Jones Hall would be the closest to being overprogrammed. I have definitely wanted to go to a number of shows at the Hobby Center that were sold out so maybe a new venue could allow for more seating/extended runs?
  3. Took my three year old on Friday. It’s a big whiff of a playground.
  4. So the new article in the Bizjournal makes it sound like the oval room on the bottom floor is more of a building amenity than a public retail space. Closer to Prelude coffee in 609 Main than a real retail spot. I always thought this was supposed to be part of the building’s contribution to ground floor interaction. I am afraid this will be another spot open 8 - 5.
  5. Sounds like it is just going to be a parking lot for now.
  6. My guess is that the next two are Dean's and Notsuoh - they have both been back in their buildings cleaning up recently.
  7. Nope, that’s across the street - one block west.
  8. Also - it is right across the street from a massive underutilized parking garage?
  9. Yep, that is almost exactly how I see pricing most of the time. In the Berringer case, we sold glasses for about $4 and bottles (to consume on premises) for $20, thus giving the bottle deal of one glass free. As you move up the spectrum on pricing, wine is less often sold by the glass and the % markup usually decreases. You still end up with a hefty dollar markup but just lower percentages.
  10. Didn't catch that you were talking about their "retail" section from your post. Yeah if they are selling there for off-premise drinking and marking up 300% then that "retail" section won't last long. I'm more referring to restaurants and bars marking up bottles for on-premise consumption. My first job ever was at The Original Pasta Company and they used to mark up Berringer 500% from $4 at a grocery store at the time to $20 in store. Several restaurant/bar upgrades later and my jobs were still averaging 250% - 300% markup.
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