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  1. The ones on the streets have the potential to get into shelters as it is, they just don't for drug or mental health reasons. That jail is one of the few exceptions to the rule that anything is better than a surface parking lot.
  2. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Skanska-plans-28-story-office-building-next-to-15867313.php#photo-20488083 From the article: "Norton Rose Fulbright, which has signed a long-term lease agreement, expects to relocate to the new office building in 2024, at which time it will acquire naming rights to the tower. Until then, Skanska is calling the development 1550 on the Green. ....... The project, which is being designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, will feature tree-lined pedestrian zones and two roof terraces dedicated to tenants on the 12th
  3. Sounds like this is the big time news. That is awesome. This will help to mitigate the look of the Embassy Suites from Disco Green.
  4. Chris Shepherd coming to downtown is huge news for me personally but I don't know if that is the pretty big announcement. I'm hoping for new apts or a grocery store...
  5. The concrete edges will though. We took my three year old here the day it opened. It looks sort of cool but calling it a kids play structure is a stretch.
  6. Concrete cornered play structures at falling height, Mihalic must have read about kids in a book once.
  7. With Dean's closed, they have been able to set up an actual storefront. TBH, it's much more professional now.
  8. Would be amazing if this got a great rehab.
  9. I haven’t seen any movement to starting street patio seating.
  10. Courthouse is adding elevators and modernizing/fixing crappy design. 4th crane is an apartment complex close to Irma's. There are threads for both but I'm like real lazy.
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