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  1. Chase is catty-corner to Calpine Center. They are across the street from each other.
  2. That rendering from Minute Maid is pretty awesome.
  3. It looks like you can see their residential in the skyline rendering too. It’s taller than MST so it isn’t Aris.
  4. Burgers, Tacos, and Pizza. Seems like we get a new one of the above every few months in this part of DT. I do love them all but damn.
  5. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Bayou Lofts looks different
  6. Etro Lounge leaving Montrose for Downtown in August

    Rest assured it will be a solid addition. Bobby has yet to whiff on an establishment.
  7. Doesn't seem like a very large number for a project this size, I assume the $31m is just a 'phase 1'?
  8. Wells Fargo Tower

    Yep, the plaza has a constantly broken fountain wall and was surrounded by a tunnel hallway on one side and a secondary lobby and vault on the other. This could actually be a pretty cool addition.
  9. Yes, Hogg Palace remains, garage goes.
  10. The Hampstead - 1508 Blodgett

    $323 in maintenance fee is fairly cheap.
  11. Raphael Building at 110 Main St

    Installing a very large “Main and Co” sign somewhere along this block today. It looks to be about 20 feet tall and is very retro with lighting. Looks cool.
  12. Yeah like ugly buildings. Idiots.
  13. I imagine that a larger portion of Dallas to Houston travelers are destined for downtown than 290 and 610. For those not destined for there, the portion destined for TMC, UH, Rice, etc., would be in a much better spot. Those going elsewhere would be more conveniently located.
  14. If I travel for business to Dallas on the HSR, I would not really be up to catch a bus into town after that. I would probably do what I already do from love and just Uber it. Dallas travelers to Houston probably already Uber it from Hobby but I think what we are hoping for is a better form of transit. Travelling to Dallas now will be better upon arrival than flying. Travelling to Houston will be the same as flying. You are in the middle of nowhere and on your own to get somewhere - unless you want to travel by city bus. People usually don't want that.