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  1. Disagree. Those would need a larger subsidy than the high-rises. I’m glad we got something to build a neighborhood downtown instead of a bunch of homeless facilities.
  2. Our definition of locations doesn't matter, it only matters if the Aquarium considers it one or two locations. If they call it a location on their website, that makes it true.
  3. Unfortunately the majority of our buildings were not designed with the ground level pedestrian interaction considered. I think they may do this in a number of old buildings to try to liven them up.
  4. I thought it was announced as a done deal? It says they went with the Chevron offer over Occidental.
  5. There will be layoffs for the reasons Triton suggested. There will also be a few years at the least where they keep the two offices. At some point, I believe it is likely that they will want to consolidate. I only say that because that has tended to be the trend with the major E&P companies of late. The building would take a couple of years to build and would probably get some new design/engineering done anyway. I doubt that even if consolidation were the plan that we would hear anything for another year and then they would be 2 - 3 years out from moving anyway.
  6. Knowing what a POS I am for even bumping this, the news below could be a pretty good sign for this building: https://www.chron.com/business/energy/article/Chevron-to-buy-Anadarko-in-33B-mega-deal-13762129.php
  7. Thanks Tex that’s great.
  8. The Eastside blooming would only serve to make the location of downtown more meaningful (being the center of so much as opposed to the edge).
  9. It's simple, we move the abominations of the 70s and 80s physically, move the people in the spiritual realm, move the concept to the center of the east.
  10. So Downtown is currently on the edge of the Western 'desirable' development side of the city. That desirable developer side is starting to push eastward making downtown more central. Seems better location-wise to me. Move it physically.
  11. Right, clearly the location of downtown should be moved east or west due to upcoming pushes. Move abominations in the opposite direction. PrObLeM sOlVeD.
  12. Yeah, I don't vote straight tickets at all and think that this is the big issue with them. Emmett was supported across lines as he had proved to be very good at his job. He didn't lose it for something he did, he lost it for something somebody else did and being affiliated with a national party that has little influence on the most local leaders. I was very upset that he lost his job and that she won with no experience whatsoever. If she had no real work experience whatsoever and was a 55 year-old white man, I would call her election ridiculous as well.
  13. I think it is hard to make the argument because it isn’t just a true/false. Most cities have sectors with and without the requirements. The question is the scale of each.
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