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  1. Yeah, no idea how the historic commission allowed that.
  2. I couldn't find a topic on this building but the old Magnolia Ballroom/Brewery Tap/Red Cat/a ton of other stuff has been going through renovations for months. It looks like the full building is being renovated. Does anybody have any ideas what is going in here?
  3. That garage on the left is the bane of my existence. Just reminding everyone.
  4. kbates2

    Discovery Green

    Man that looks so good.
  5. I've been waiting to hear what people thought of the stone as it was going up. I know the finished product is still to come and may look better but thus far, the stone is worse than I expected.
  6. They already have equipment set up and have removed the dog statue where this will go. I saw a neighbor post about it on Facebook. My assumption is that she asked the construction workers.
  7. Urban H‑E‑B should go by market square area, lots of residents there.
  8. That’s awesome
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