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  1. If they go with this concept but build a couple of residential high-rises in the surface lots, this could be amazing. Unfortunately I think that the residential would need to come online at the same time or before for this to truly be successful.
  2. This actually reduces your interaction with others. I have been to several buildings with this kind of check-in and you usually scan your badge then ride up an elevator with maybe one or two other people.
  3. It has one real thing going for it; it is walkable to Bubba's.
  4. I think the Texaco building did this for a bit. At least Camden is telling prospective renters before-hand that there may be hotel renters there. Definitely can change the feel of your home if you have single-night renters there all of the time too.
  5. Not to crap on the recently deceased, he has some amazing work in his portfolio, but I don't think that a child of those towers should be celebrated. To me both of those towers are unattractive. If this was a drive-through bank in function that was a few miles outside of downtown, I might feel differently.
  6. Looks to me like it was finished at one point but the windows were bricked over when the garage went up. I think the brick just is painted?
  7. Disagree. Those would need a larger subsidy than the high-rises. I’m glad we got something to build a neighborhood downtown instead of a bunch of homeless facilities.
  8. Our definition of locations doesn't matter, it only matters if the Aquarium considers it one or two locations. If they call it a location on their website, that makes it true.
  9. Unfortunately the majority of our buildings were not designed with the ground level pedestrian interaction considered. I think they may do this in a number of old buildings to try to liven them up.
  10. I thought it was announced as a done deal? It says they went with the Chevron offer over Occidental.
  11. There will be layoffs for the reasons Triton suggested. There will also be a few years at the least where they keep the two offices. At some point, I believe it is likely that they will want to consolidate. I only say that because that has tended to be the trend with the major E&P companies of late. The building would take a couple of years to build and would probably get some new design/engineering done anyway. I doubt that even if consolidation were the plan that we would hear anything for another year and then they would be 2 - 3 years out from moving anyway.
  12. Knowing what a POS I am for even bumping this, the news below could be a pretty good sign for this building: https://www.chron.com/business/energy/article/Chevron-to-buy-Anadarko-in-33B-mega-deal-13762129.php
  13. Thanks Tex that’s great.
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