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  1. The middle-man was apparently intense there but, to be honest, I think a lot of the closings there came as a result of the lack of quality overall of the food. Mala was still pretty legit but a lot of people can't handle sichuan spice and so they need a lot of traffic in the place to get enough people that can. There were a lot of subpar food options there. I live and work downtown and barely went. My coworkers who went said the food was bad. I think that the management group that charged all of that money failed good places like Mala by surrounding them with options that wouldn't increase traffic.
  2. Same. It’s directly in my work from home view.
  3. This was also a tax break to incentivize development that goes on to significantly increase the tax coffers in the future. An affordable housing development would have a lower fair value and thus bring in less tax revenue making the development make less economic sense. I am not saying that it would make no sense at all, just not as much sense towards specifically increasing your tax base.
  4. It may have more potential than any other lot downtown due to the location. I always hope for a crown jewel at the street level here.
  5. I like the girl standing inside of the bar stool.
  6. Still all office or did they add some retail and/or hotel?
  7. "The owner of the adjacent J.W. Marriott Houston Downtown Hotel (historically known as the S.F. Carter Second National Bank Building) purchased the building in 2019 and plans to rehabilitate the building for hotel purposes utilizing state and federal historic tax credits."
  8. So I haven't spent much time in this thread, and now at 35 pages catching up seems daunting, so I will just ask the question for anybody who may already know more. Are they widening 45 around the north main/houston ave area? If so are they going to expand both ways? Just west? Just east? Imminent domain going to be used anywhere?
  9. I was really referring to the vantage point of Triton's photo, which was taken from the parking garage on Milam and Franklin - the one with two massive giant blank cement walls.
  10. Such an awesome view to be wasted on a parking garage.
  11. Apparently this project is back on. "Sovereign Properties will resume construction on a mid-rise apartment project near Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston after securing new financing. Acres Capital Corp., a commercial real estate lender based in New York, provided a $49 million construction loan to fund completion of the project, now called Sovereign at the Ballpark, a 229-unit complex at the northeast corner of Crawford and Commerce." https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Stalled-downtown-apartment-project-to-resume-15018116.php
  12. Seems like the city still thinks cutting down mature trees and planting saplings is net neutral. At least it doesn't get hot here in the summer.
  13. You are overestimating the cost/clientele/level of luxury of a W hotel.
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