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  1. It tastes like Taco Bell fire sauce and its awesome.
  2. They were open maybe one time out of the 20 or so that I have been there.
  3. Sylvia's does do a really great job, I don't go enough but her enchiladas are great pretty much across the board.
  4. As mentioned, the Ninfa's on Navigation is not affiliated with or remotely similar to any of the other Ninfa's. I think it is pretty fantastic and better than El Tiempo at a lot of things. I think El Tiempo does great fajitas and that is about it. El Real does the best cheese enchiladas in the city. Los Tios does solid ones as well. El Tiempo does the best fajitas (with Lupe pretty solid up there as well). Irma's does the best Mole.
  5. Can't wait to get some f'n Cliff & Winter.
  6. I saw further progress on it a bit ago so I guess they got it fixed.
  7. Or if something better and more fittting goes up than the international tower.
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