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  1. Didn’t take long. https://m.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Fatal-shooting-reported-at-downtown-Houston-14414251.php
  2. This more or less the best way to describe the Texas public university "system". The state truly funds one system and it is broken into several. This fact only further shows the ridiculousness of establishing a UT Houston as "competition" for UH. There is one wallet; that wallet has leather dividers that allocate much more cash to one section than the next but to pretend that the wallet competing with itself is capitalism or anything other than a waste of money and a chance for UT fans to have their logo in this city is a pretty hard sell.
  3. Cafe Firenze was good but did have some issues. They had very limited food and basically no breakfast. They had a nice place that did lack any real personality (it didn’t feel built for business and working, studying, or relaxing). Finally they didn’t have a bunch of visibility. All of that said, they did have good coffee and were super nice, I’m still sad to see it go. The best coffee in downtown right now is down the road at the shoe store The Tipping Point. Try it out.
  4. North: I always hope that UH can somehow get all of the land east of Scott and west of the RR tracks up to 45. Buying Wholesale Electric and the old falling down homes north of Elgin would be awesome. West: I guess I could understand that pressure from the community if UH was all one race but, as it is one of the most diverse schools in the world, it seems like the pressure is to keep a neighborhood one race instead of many.
  5. Also went this weekend. Thought is was fantastic. Easily the winner of the food hall competition thus far.
  6. Disagree on the glass walls. I think normal windows make for a more flexible home and I like some various finishes besides all buildings being curtain walls.
  7. I’ve seen way more cops starting to just park on the sidewalk downtown. Can’t get a stroller past them so you just have to go out into the street.
  8. While we have a number of parks, many of them are over-programmed as is and so adding more could spread that programming around. Market Square Park basically only opens their lawn for events now which sucks if you want to just enjoy it as a neighboring resident. With a few less events (and maybe smarter programming) they could leave it open more of the time.
  9. Did you guys notice the plans to put a beer garden on the roof? I got to see the renders, if it happens, it will be pretty awesome.
  10. kbates2

    2714 White Oak

    There are no parking minimums in downtown. The dirt is expensive. Standalone parking garages are being built all over the place.
  11. kbates2

    Hogg Building

    So this wouldn’t just be that lame 30 day barrier?
  12. kbates2

    Hogg Building

    That would be devastating.
  13. I don't think that this would be anything constituting a crime. The 32% return seems to be based on a 5 year investment, so we are really talking about 6%+ returns a year. Still, my understanding is that the real estate market is based on full project returns, which this would seem to be, and cursory internet searches tell me that 18%+ returns on projects are opportunistic and thus a gamble if that is what you are banking on. Telling somebody that you are shooting for super high returns usually isn't a crime. Ponzi schemes and the like are a result of people covering up for these promises by using others monies to pay that gain while continuing to make absurd promises. If they showed investors false financials claiming that they regularly receive those type of returns, that would be where the crime comes in. My assumption is that 32% IRR does happen, it just is an exception - not the rule. If I was going to invest in this, I would want to see how they expected to achieve that based on prior performance.
  14. Not too familiar with the industry averages but typically, if I see higher than 15%, it starts to raise questions. 32% is probably double what they can expect. Internal rate of return btw.
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