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  1. Is there a webcam that can be publicly accessed for this project?
  2. Thanks hindesky for all the great pics. I live out of state and it helps me keep up with the goings on in Houston. If you're ever around the new Menil Drawing Institute, it would be nice to see what that looks like. Thanks again!
  3. Will the top of this building be lighted at night?
  4. Hey WshfulThnkn I have more recent images of the Menil. If you'd like to see them send me your email address and Ill send them to you. I can't get my images on the site.

    My regular guy who's usually posts them isn't responding.

  5. Is there a new webcam for this development?
  6. This is turning out much better than the buildings on either side.
  7. Thanks for the photo update. I live out of town and i'm excited about this project!
  8. Thank for the photo updates. I don't live in Houston and I'm really excited about the progress of this project.
  9. Very nice rendering....would be stunning at 50 stories!
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