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  1. I have never heard of the NRP Group. I wonder if the these are going to be market rate or affordable housing.
  2. Its a race at this point for this development and Regent Square. Both are going to be competing and going after the same tenants for the retail and residences. The first one finished has a better chance to get leased up first!
  3. Awesome pic! This is going to be a large building! Love the skyline in the background!
  4. Are you able to tell if they are still working on the office building? I know they took the crane down. Are they using the other cranes for the office building?
  5. That was the impression I always had about the retail at this site. I attended St . Thomas from '06 to '10 and I never stepped foot in the place or felt the need to.
  6. So is the new crane larger than the previous crane that was on site? I'm just curious as to why it was removed. Will the new crane be able to function for the pavilion portion of this development and the tower?
  7. This looks great! Nice improvement to that area!
  8. What a great photo! I think the roof top element of this project is going to be great! I just really wish the developer would develop the surface lots surrounding the main building. If they cant do it themselves then they should partner with Hanover, Hines, Midway, or another developer to build high-rises on the parking lots. They could even sell the land to other developers if they don't want to partner with them. I highlighted the parking lots in red. You could get at least three nice sized buildings on that land. For example a residential building, hotel/hospitality building, and a office building would be a great trio and a nice mix of uses! I think that would really make this development a success! You would have a built in customer base for the retail and restaurants planned in the old post office building. Not to mention the high-rises would have amazing views to the north, west, east, and downtown to the south!
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