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  1. Its a renovation of an existing building what did you expect them to do?
  2. Since Pier 1 Imports is going out of business and Weingarten owns that property at the corner of Woodhead St. & W. Gray St. that would be a great location for the next high-rise. They can call it The Woodhead!
  3. Does this mean that huge lot that is currently occupied by Wells Fargo across the street will become available for re-development?!?!
  4. Awesome that this developer has an additional project planned here, however what happened to their proposed second tower in downtown and the second mid rise off Jensen? Just seems weird that they are planning additional development when two of their prior proposals just went quiet.
  5. Microsoft invests $1 million in Houston’s Ion tech incubator, partners with HISD schools https://communityimpact.com/houston/heights-river-oaks-montrose/technology/2020/08/24/microsoft-invests-1-million-in-houstons-ion-tech-incubator-partners-with-hisd-schools/
  6. I showed a unit in this building 6-7 years ago. If I was the owner of the large vacant lot next door I would purchase this property to expand my foot print.
  7. Chevron is the first tenant to sign a lease at the Ion.
  8. I read some of their previous post. They are moving to The Parklane recently converted condo tower. . .
  9. If you have ever been to that area then you would know there is never enough parking! This parking garage will be a great asset to that area!
  10. Nice building. Hope it gets built. That end of Uptown needs some new development/updating.
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