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  1. The Civic Club started meeting there back in the time of Mr. Spurlock (lived 6600 block of Wildwood, I think?) who was the president back in the mid-1960s. I can't remember when they re-named the park after him - before then (and still in my mind) it was always just "Idylwood Park". There was a mild irony that the civic club met there, in the house with the garage apartment, given the (even then) very strict rules about not allowing things like garage residences in Idylwood proper - are the houses on the east side of N. MacGregor in Idylwood itself or some other subdivision name?
  2. Though hard for me to tell from Google Maps, I think that was Mr. Krebs' house. He was, I think, a WWII veteran who used to - every Halloween - do something cool to amaze us neighbourhood kids. One year it was lighting up a fluorescent tube running voltage through his body, another it was compressed air 'rockets'. And they never minded when we came zooming down the sidewalk on our skateboards! He had a hand drilled water well in his yard that he used to water the lawn and flowers - my Dad always wanted to dig one for us...
  3. I could be wrong (it happened once before...) but I would say that would be Mrs. Edna Mae Goettee, who was married to James H. Goettee, principal at AHS from 1949 until 1966, then assistant superintendent in charge of secondary schools of the HISD from 1966 until he retired in 1972. Goettee was superintendent of the Spring schools from 1933 to 1938. He died 17 Jul 1986. Edna was still alive in 2009 - she was born 6 Sep 1916, so would be 95 or so now. She taught at Henderson Elementary, and was later principal there. She was my first grade teacher!
  4. When I was at Jackson Jr. High, 1963-1966, I believe the band director was Frederick J. Barto. He was, in fact, a very skilled jazz musician, mostly flute, I found out later. As someone else mentioned, the 'band shack' was in one of the temporary buildings (nothing so permanent as a temporary building at a school...) off to the left of the main building when you stood on Polk (you could walk out onto Baird St - there was no fence back then of course).
  5. Boy Scout Troop 4 met here on Tuesday evenings in the early/mid 1960s, down in the basement area. There were a number of small rooms, and with no window lighting, it was rather gloomy at the best of times. The church had some other use planned, and moved the troop on (it became Troop 654, meeting at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer on Lawndale).
  6. Yes, I remember that! I was (in another posting on this forum) trying to remember the location - we used to stop here with our Little League team after the games in the early 1960s...
  7. I threw the Press, too, from about 1961 for about 5 years. Originally only Sylvan, Merry Lane and Rockbridge, but later the whole neighbourhood, I think. $1.47/month to have it delivered to your home, 6 days a week. Originally used to get the papers on Lindy Lane, I think, then on Sylvan when I had both routes.
  8. Maxwell Lane was named after the Maxwell family, I think. They had a big house on the east side of the street, halfway between Sylvan and the Freeway. By the 1960s when my brother Wallingford and I start remembering things, it was pretty run down. I guess it got torn down about the time those apartments were made?
  9. What a great listing of the old leagues - but I'm hampered by memory and too many years since I've driven those parts of Houston... I played Little League, est. 1960 or so, for a few years, but can't remember the league or field name. It was out east, off Lawndale, near the La Porte Freeway area somewhere. I played on the Bakers (Mr Stallworth as coach) and then the Dodgers (can't remember the coach's name, but they lived on Wildwood, in Idylwood). Can someone aim me at the stadium location? We used to stop at a watermelon stand after the games, and about the only thing I can remember about
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