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  1. This makes me wonder if some of those that venture into bike-unfriendly roads are just ill-informed or are in unfamiliar territory. You can get almost anywhere inside the loop using bike-friendly roads. Of course, this requires planning at first and then familiarity. You know, like how we would eventually find the most efficient way to get around in our cars.
  2. I'm assuming this tangent is because I called him out on the mpg, but it was probably unwarranted since he gave a very good reason why he drives the truck in the first place. I could care less what he drives. The reason why I commented on it was that I found it funny to read about someone driving a very inefficient vehicle claiming to do the environment a favor. If it was not part of his livelihood and he just wants to drive a big truck, he is very welcome to do so, but don't do it while wearing a "tree hugger" hat; but I guess hypocrisy can be a personal choice too.
  3. Anyone know what's going on in 3621 Crawford? It's the property across the street from Luigi's. There's an excavator sitting on the empty lot next to the building. Demo?
  4. Checked on google maps, Heights blvd seems to have a dedicated lane in some portions then parked cars take up the right lane further up north. Is that right? If the right lane is impeded by trash bins, etc, then the blame probably goes to those who put it there. Here's a video of a bike rider protesting bike lane obstruction. He was given a ticket for not riding in the bike lane even when it was obstructed, so he stays on the lane no matter what even with the obstructions. Pretty hilarious video. That's reasonable. I just thought you were one of those pretenders.
  5. Your generalizations are getting ridiculous. I also ride politely and certainly do not inconvenience every person I encounter. When I'm driving my car and come across a cyclist, I don't feel inconvenienced at all. Maybe I have more patience than you or maybe it's because I ride too. Who knows? Like I said before, I'm just puzzled at why some cyclists choose to ride on major roads. No inconvenience to me, but I think they are dumb for risking their lives that way. LOL. Reduced relative to what? to the gas guzzler it would have been? 17/22 mpg hardly qualifies as fuel economy. I sure hope you work in construction or haul some serious cargo for having 1.5 ton truck.
  6. Yeah, he (or anyone) had no business being on that stretch of Studewood.
  7. I ride my bike as often as I can to places within 6 mi. I always take neighborhood streets and bike-friendly streets are marked on google maps. What puzzles me are those cyclists that choose to ride on major thoroughfares like W. Alabama and Westheimer (Yale and Heights are bike-friendly). Another funny thing that happens on 4-way stop intersections is that some drivers tend to be overly cautious when they see me coming. If they are the only car at the stop sign, I adjust my speed accordingly so I can blast my way through the intersection after they've gone, but for some reason they wait at the stop sign longer than they usually would if I were just another car.
  8. There is currently an empty lot on the west side of Baldwin Park. A few more blocks out in several directions, more empty lots and underused property. For those reasons alone, I hardly qualify the area as built out. The fact that this area needs more improvement than the west side equates to a higher upside. The premium has not been completely priced in, so to speak. Of course like you said, current conditions are not the most desirable, but this area was just a barren wasteland a couple of decades ago. You would have made a killing if you bought back then, but who wants to buy a wasteland, eh? I do know that the rental market in the area is as strong as any. If the math works out, buying as a future rental may be reason enough. That's my plan, and I wish I could rent out my place right now.
  9. I live near the park. Some sketchy characters are abound at night time and crime does happen. Put the address in EveryBlock and you can get a daily feed of HPD and HFD responses to events. That should give you a good feel for the area, but compare it to your other choices as well. Personally, I have not felt threatened by anyone. The "poorfolk" say hello to me every time. As far as "investment" goes, I would advise against buying for potential future appreciation. Buy for other reasons, just be happy with the place, and treat any profit from selling as a bonus. I can tell by your questions that your time horizon is not that far. Maybe 5 years tops? I can almost (but not completely) guarantee you that this area will be gentrified with much higher expected returns than the already bustling west side of Midtown as they stand today. I just cannot tell you when that will happen.
  10. I used to live in Fondren SW and frequently visited friends in Sharpstown (east and west of 59). I have witnessed a home invasion in Sharpstown (2007) and heard 10 gunshots in Fondren SW (very recent). I would say the farther you are from apartments and major thoroughfares, the safer it gets. Most of the crimes are concentrated around apartments and businesses. Just going by my gut feel. I would say Sharpstown stands a better chance of improving sooner than Fondren SW (think HBU, Bellaire chinatown, Sharpstown middle new construction). If by investment property you mean rental, then I would buy based on your future potential rent income. Both areas have neighborhoods that target working class tenants, so there is potential there. I would not bank on appreciation though, probably not for a few decades.
  11. You're probably talking about NRG. I don't know if they trade out of that office.
  12. No official release from MMD, but here's a post from Innerlooped. Link: http://innerlooped.com/1897/midtown-officially-ae-district/ So what does this designation mean for Midtown. Is there a case study for how this designation affects a district? I'm curious.
  13. Uchi will stay busy, but wait time will probably go down to 30-40 min. The original one in Austin still has a long wait, and reservations for peak times still get full 1-2 weeks out. I forgot about Tokyo Bowl. That place has great value (price for quality and quantity).
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