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  1. The big Marie Callender's restaruants showed up much later...at least we had them when I lived in Austin. But the one you are referring to was TINY!! It was sandwiched in between Frank Gillman and the Conquistador. That was our regular Sunday School skipping destination. You'd think we skipped and bought pie - but I remember always getting a bowl of soup and their yummy cornbread!
  2. I went digging into the matchbook collection that I snagged from Mom and Dad's before we had the estate sale and found this: It has the Fort Worth phone number...I wonder if they got it there, or did they give these out in Houston. Guess I'll never know!
  3. I'm sure you all are correct. I don't know what I was thinking...I probably couldn't spell yet when we patronized the place!
  4. I've never found anyone else - besides my siblings - who remembers Jaton's (wasn't it spelled that way?) My family rarely ate out, but this was a favorite cafeteria. I remember huge lines going out the door on Mother's Day or Father's Day. I asked my brother about it recently - he said it is now one of those medical buildings on Richmond behind Greenway.
  5. I remember the Super Slide! And you only have to look at my avatar to see I remember The Clock of Texas. I'm with you gwilson! "Southwest Houston" does not mean Sharpstown.
  6. I know this question is 2 years old, but I just saw it...and maybe I chimed in on this topic before and my aging brain doesn't remember...but you are thinking of Zyder Zee. There used to be one on Fondren between Hwy 59 and Bellaire Blvd.
  7. I never ate at The Velvet Turtle - but I remember it well. It was south of Hillcroft on Hwy 59. Now it's some big flashy strip club. (COLORADO?) The old English looking hotel was further south - Royal Coach Inn. Was the disco called Ruggles?
  8. Guess they ARE making a comeback - there's one on Hwy 59 in Richmond.
  9. That's where I thought it was. Close to Bayland Park.
  10. Probably talking about the house on Burning Tree that burned down. They rebuilt with one of those mcmansions...but not quite.
  11. I just re-read my post, and it sounds like a totally self-serving advertisement. But that's not the case. I really do have a lot of pride in the neighborhood!
  12. Greaser - we moved into our Sharpstown house in Feb 1966 (just down the street from the house you speak of on Osage). My Father recently passed away and our house will be on the market soon (after the estate sale this weekend). I have always felt safe in our little neighborhood! I love our house and our neighbors. If my husband weren't so sold on Sugar Land, I would live there in an instant. It has always been the main thoroughfares surrounding the neighborhood that were iffy - but even that is changing now. They are putting a lot of effort into beautifying the Bellaire/Fondren intersection. For 40 plus years we couldn't turn left from Bellaire onto Fondren - and now we can - woo hoo! Anyway - I really hope that a wonderful person who will respect our neighborhood and our house will eventually buy it - so come by the estate sale this weekend and have a look! The house is on Rowan, which runs perpendicular to the house on Osage.
  13. Love your post Chief! Not sure about your recollection of where Battelsteins was located...I thought it was on the other side of the mall just outside of Foleys - but you appear to have a much better memory than me - so you're probably right. Wasn't the restuarant with the phones at the tables called, "Across the Street"? That's what I remember. Thanks for the trip back to the good ole days!
  14. Well, not too frustrated, you would get this photo with former Texas Governor Bill Clements and Dallas Cowboys Great Roger Staubach!
  15. Re: Palmeiro & OCD I haven't noticed this about Orlando - but I used to notice it about Biggio - only not so much anymore. It's been a few years now - but he would always come up to the plate, tap his bat on the base, turn it around in his hands, and then adjust the helmet with his right hand. I only notice him adjusting the helmet now. I guess that's how he got all the pine tar on it.
  16. That's what I'M talkin' 'bout - EVERYONE!
  17. This is as close as I could find... Pre-trim: Post-trim:
  18. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke! I think he must have trimmed his eyebrows or something...but he's about to over-take Brad Ausmus as the the cutest Astro. Oh - and he's playing great baseball too. :-)
  19. Ha! Shed was correct. I remember him well. I just emailed him tonight because I heard a familiar voice on Channel 2 News and came into the room and re-wound the DVR - sure enough it was his Dad doing one of those "man on the street" interviews. He's one of those people I'll always be friends with. Hey have you heard this! It's my favorite Public Service Announcement! http://www.enviromedia.com/MP3/TCEQ_stormdrain.mp3
  20. There were plenty of MYFers that did dumber! I wish that hadn't kept you away. I remember one time we were having a "lock-in" and a few of us sneaked away to the church sanctuary and decided to have "Disco Church." So we flashed the lights off and on really fast to look like a strobe...how sacrilegious could we get?! The church has those huge windows that face Bellaire and the Fire Dept guys saw the flashing lights and called the cops. The MYF leader awoke to find 3 of us with our arms spread against the church wall and a cop pointing a gun at us! Dumb at the time - but funny to remember.
  21. Oh man - my memory IS failing me! Gethsemane IS where I knew you from! I went there from - well I don't know - since before I have memories until I left for college. But I'm still very connected because of my Mom and Dad...now just Dad. If you take time to look at it (this being an architectural forum!) - it really is a beautiful church too. All of us girls dreaded the thought of trying to decorate the place when we got married because we thought it was ugly. But fortunately by the time I DID get married I came to appreciate it's style. Kind of Frank Lloyd Wright...ish? I was glad that the organist suggested I use the original candlesticks on the altar. The architect designed them specifically to go with the church. I love that turquoise, orange and brown church!
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