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  1. the picture makes it look like it would go up on the parking lot behind the Dillard's garage, away from I-10
  2. Cool project but hopefully there is no road abandonment by the city to accommodate it.
  3. I think this is the land on the west side of washington by the roundabout that swamplot reported was ownded by Greystar and going to be the site of the next Trader Joe's http://swamplot.com/a-trader-joes-coming-to-washington-ave/2013-02-01/#more-54337
  4. 1301 Richmond http://swamplot.com/the-muse-moving-in-next-to-the-post-office-in-castle-court/2012-09-26/
  5. I'm fairly certain a separate residential building is going in there. I think it's in the BLVD Place master plan.
  6. One of those residential buildings is on that plot of land that's supposed to be a park. So I guess the city is abandoning the idea for the park and admitting they obtained the land for this development? Or did they already resolve this issue and I missed it? Old chronicle story. http://www.chron.com...-of-1781405.php
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