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  1. Atlanta has more than one location, so Houston may end up eventually with a Uptown area location.
  2. La Porte Town Center

    Phase 1 was supposed to be completed by this fall is there any update as to if this project is on track to make his timeline for the first phase ?
  3. Hopefully the pirate and land of oz sections turns out to be more impressive
  4. Cement is being poured and rides are now beginning to be on site. I found pictures on this site.....
  5. Where is the source of this information of renovating the interior?
  6. Taken last week. It was about 10 people on site working and alot of equipment moving.
  7. Should this be renamed to "Adventure Pointe"?
  8. This has progressed to paving way for the train tracks and laying concrete.. Much more activity on site now. Also looks like they are working on the entrance opposite of tanger outlets. I took pictures from the back of the property, so all the construction toward I-45 is not shown on photos.
  9. Adventure Pointe inboxed me on facebook after asking about a construction timetable to say that it would open spring/summer 2017 and possibly a section of it would be open in a few months from now. I know the ground is being cleared for the parking lot and sidewalks as of current. Also the rides would be installed early next year.
  10. The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

    Looks to be at the halfway point in height
  11. Adventure Pointe stated construction would begin this summer..Construction trailer now on site!