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  1. I also remember Abcor there on the corner of El Camino Real and NASA1. It almost seemed as though this was my second home. They had stuff nobody else had and knew their stock. I could go in there and ask for a 1.2K 1% resistor and have it in seconds. I miss Brook and Corkie (sp) and their shop as it was one of the last of a well run, family business. I have not seen either one of them in a long time.
  2. I remember it well and used it a lot. The planes flown out of there were the Twin Otter types. Very nice planes and a lot of fun to fly in during rough weather. Metro Airlines was immediately missed and really was an asset to us flying out of IAH.
  3. You can have the one they are throwing on top of us here in League City. They came into city government with grants and bought their way in... against popular opinion. Now we will have one every 5 miles away in a 360* circle.
  4. Love hearing this. Good luck to the new owners.
  5. Sure do. Mom and Dad had the truck out once a week. We still have one of those cans around here.
  6. We hung out a lot at the Shakey's on NASA 1 in Nassau Bay.
  7. The pipe organ from the one at Monroe was originally built and used in a theater in Chicago. After that it came to Houston for the pizza thing. When the pizza place folded it was taken to Brook Mays and refurbished, crated and sold to someone that put it in their home somewhere in the NE.
  8. I think these people sold some upscale cars like Lancer, MG... If it is the same place I am thinking about.
  9. I have not been here in a while and really enjoyed the print ads from further up. The Weingarten's people are still into real estate. Anyone remember the Piggly Wiggly and Weingarten's that were in Clear Lake City and Nassau Bay? How about the radio station that broadcast classic music from the top portion of the Nassau Bay Shopping Center? One of my high school English teachers was a DJ there and worked third shift on Saturdays. We used to crash the station and hang out with him when he was on air. He always welcomed us into the studio.
  10. Dont know why I dont remember anything but the Steak & Egg. That was a great place to just sit and munch. Thanks ParkerPlus for reminding me of that.
  11. Yes, they are scattered out all around the Houston and surrounding areas. I cant believe Wal-Mart hasnt targeted them and put em out of business. I also like Big Lots which is coming on pretty strong.
  12. That would be the place.
  13. I remember the one at Office City with the oil derrick out front among other scattered all over the Ellington area. Neat photo of JFK in front of the model. The LEM sure changed a lot.
  14. A bit of an update. I went by the old Gulfgate skate rink yesterday and the building is actually still there but sitting empty.
  15. I first heard these over at a friend's house in Clear Lake City about 4 years ago. They told me they were frogs and were a type that had not been in this area before. Sorry, I cant remember the type of frog but we searched through the bushes till we found some of them. I said we didnt have them in League City and they told me not to worry, I will... This year they have hit our area. At night they can be heard outside. It sounds like maybe a few of them for now but there will surely be more to come. They do sound like a small bird or a smoke alarm low battery sound but they are actually small frogs.
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