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  1. When the green light last 15 seconds and it takes 5 seconds for the leader of the traffic column to react and put their foot on the go-pedal and another 5 seconds putter pass the lights. That's a cool feeling. When you have a person on a expressway/freeway/motorway who is oblivious to a vehicle approaching at a faster rate of speed on the far left lane and can't be bothered to move over as a column of cars pile on behind them. That's a cool feeling. Let's face it, the only solution to traffic is to remove these low threshold drivers with autonomous vehicles.
  2. Sounds like the fella has more of a socio-econo-political axe to grind than any logical or practical solution to traffic. The only solution is autonomous vehicles. Traffic is caused by drivers with the lowest threshold of skill.
  3. CoD, BF4.. pretty much the latest in PC gaming. I built my rig in 2013 and I can still play the latest games at high settings @ 1080p.
  4. Unix is not Linux. Borrowed concepts but entirely it's own thing. Example: Linux cannot lock the doors on the Raptors. Try Linux Mint. It's by far the most Windows-like Linux currently (as far as it's desktop graphic/user interface).
  5. I game a lot so yes powerful CPU and GPU is a must. $1500 for a custom PC.
  6. Well if everyone learns that maintaining speed while turning your wheel 10 to 20 degrees isn't going to send you into a uncontrollable spin, through-put would improve and you wouldn't have these phantom congestion on the pierce.. Then you wouldn't have to spend 6 billion dollars to solve a human issue and I would be Happy Stan.
  7. If they replace the DPS' Pez-license dispenser that would help. Replacing the current licensing with German-style licensing would improve driver quality by a billion percent. Then you wouldn't have dangerous intersections.
  8. This was a while ago. I use to drive past the building frequently to get to Navigation. Seen it when I was a kid when we'd go grocery shopping at Kim Hung in the early 90s. I've been using google street view to scope out warehouses in the area to convert into a garage/residential and chance upon it again. So I googled it and found some blurb about Kraft taking down the Maxwell House sign from a coffee plant in the East End. It mentioned the previous 2017 Preston warehouse. And of course HAIF never fails me if I need to find out info about an old building.
  9. I had a dream about this building. It was full of zombies. For the longest time I've always wondered about the history behind it. I'm glad they've decide to make use of it instead of turning it into parking space.
  10. I went to the one located in Almeda Square. They had a movie rental for 50 cents.
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