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  1. Most women office workers prefer to take the tunnels. I hear that all the time. Especially in areas where there are lots of street bums. Which is the Greenstreet area.
  2. What is the target audience for this project anyway? Daytime office workers or evening / weekend dt visitors? Like I stated before I am hoping for the best but I STILL think If they don't turn the place INSIDE OUT on the street level and have street facing attractions this redo is going to be more of the same. I realize you probably can't line the exterior along the sidewalks with cafes and bars but if there's not enough to make it interesting it's gonna be boring. They need a tunnel connection as well if possible.
  3. I work DT and the number one thing I HEAR and SEE that people complain about the most are the STREET PEOPLE. But the city and police are not doing anything about them so that problem appears permanent. It makes for an UNPLEASANT experience having to mess with them several times a week. You'll never get rid of them though. And you can't make them WORK community service. I personally don't think DT it will be much better unless there is a HUGE gain in population. Houston is NOT a forward thinking area anymore.
  4. We'll see. Don't get me wrong I would LOVE for them to come out with a new and improved dt destination. I'm all for it. I would be there a lot.
  5. Another month, still ZERO activity. I predict they are just going to build out for office space in the empty areas. There won't be any new retail or redevelopment. They know there isn't enough support for it.
  6. Well that makes sense. I guess you start with an open trench in your available area topside then continue either direction at tunnel level under the buildings. I was just curious about how its done here given higher water tables and clay soil in the area. If I am still working dt when these projects are going on I will make sure to get over for a look. *not an engineer
  7. Well that's a fine article in general but it doesn't answer as to how they do it in DT Houston. But thanks.
  8. With the recent talk about new towers and new tunnel connections I was wondering how exactly do you go about constructing them? Is it done by a simple open trench when available or some sort of tunnel boring machine?
  9. How can it have been shut off for 5 years when it was stlll on just a couple of months ago. Hence, my question?
  10. I notice the tunnel level water wall has been off for the past few months. I remember some workers working on it earlier this year for a while then they left and the water was gone. Is the water wall permanently gone now? I assume some bean counter decided they would rather save a few bucks than continue one of their nice building amenities that many folks enjoyed.
  11. Yeah I know. Am hoping to find an old widow lady out in the country looking to clear out her husband's junk.
  12. I know its nuts, but I need a 20" shipping container for my acreage in Brown Co, TX. I can't afford anymore than $500. It can't hurt to try!
  13. I used to ride 221 up until 4 years ago. Then it only took around 30 minutes from pulling out of the P&R to first stop DT. When I would walk up around 7:20am there would be a line of about 30-40 people but it went fast and was no hassle. Flash forward to last September 2012 when I started working in DT again and tried 221 again. Walked up and there was more than 100+ people in a line that went around the corner. Parking lot was packed. But the worst part is that it LITERALLY took *30* minutes to get from P&R lot, up Westgreen, down feeder JUST to get on I10. The first two days I rode 221 it took me TWO, repeat TWO hours to get to DT, with NO accidents. I was DISTRAUGHT! Then a co worker suggested I try 228 at Hwy 6. It took about the same time to get to from my house. NO lines, walk right on bus. You flyover from P&R right onto the HOV. 99% of the time the trip takes about 25 mins. Sweet. I was wondering if things were better at 221 and if it was worth trying again bc Kingsland is much more convenient driving home from in the evening. Thanks
  14. Acc to the HBJ article: That was April 4th. So just looking at it from the street it appears the schedule has been pushed back. Already discouraging (to me.)
  15. Well I would think they would paint or redecorate or something in the interim to show that there's movement on the project. I am following this project closer because I think it could really have a huge impact on DT. But if they don't turn it inside out and put everything facing out to the streets on the street level I don't think it will work. It's my observation that women do not like to walk through the Pavillions because it is very enclosed. Which is understandable.
  16. Strolled through there today and there is absolutely zero signs of any work,. Renderings and latest info: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Design-for-planned-downtown-hotel-gets-a-revision-6048121.php#/0
  17. I think they keep the tunnel access signage to a minimum to keep the street trash out.
  18. Who wouldn't want AMAZON lockers? Trying to catch deliveries at my house is a pain. Trying to get anything in the mail or delivered to my building is a bigger pain. That's why they invented them, for the convenience. I just see so much opportunity in DT. If I had the finances I would have the whole place filled up with all manner of businesses.
  19. So you are all agreed that nobody should EVER try anything new and downtown should just stay perpetually shitty. Ok. Houston will never grow and be a greater city with most everyone keeping it down. McDonald's DOES suck and I don't go there. But they make a killing.
  20. All I know is that every day all I hear is people complaining about not having enough dining choices dt and I see all these empty retail locations above and below. I'm obv no expert but I do see opportunities. And a nice fancy McD's would be a GOLDMINE. Keep it near the city office bldg like it is in the tunnel and it will be packed all day. There really isn't much of a bum problem in the tunnels.
  21. Nope. Sorry. Thought my post was pretty straight forward.
  22. A fast, fresh and homemade breakfast/lunch taco stand would probably make a killing. The one at Luchi & Joey's or w/e they are called is good but most of the time it takes too long for them to get around to getting to the cash register.
  23. Please re read my post, apply reading comprehension, then answer.
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