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  1. These smaller light-gage steel office buildings I like. Good infill development.
  2. • 4/9/20 – Discovery of trespassers living in the rectory. Windows on second floor broken. In addition, break-in through stained glass window of church. • 4/15/20 – Copper gutters and flashings stolen. • 4/23/20 – Second floor window of school broken out. • 4/24/20 – Air conditioning copper lines stolen; visible evidence of campfires burning along front wall of rectory. • 4/28/20 – Trespasser arrested inside rectory. • 1/28/21 – Interior patio door of rectory broken; basement garage raided for copper pipes, tubing, and wiring. Basement flooded. •12/6/21 – Pierce Street door and multiple windows found broken and used to gain entry. Electric wiring in old school was stolen. • 12/22/21 – Trespassers removed an 18-foot ladder from the rectory basement and used it to climb the school roof to access the wiring. • 1/31/22 – A 2-alarm fire at parish office and rectory. Extensive damage, holes in roof and windows, fire crews find the premises to be unsafe. • 2/1/22 – Break-in at the rectory through glass and sawing throughplywood that was supplied by an outside contractor after the fire. Looking at the case history, thats a lot of break-ins over 2 years. Its a huge bummer they went with surface parking lot. -- street parking downtown is free on sunday's anyway. Huge bummer.
  3. https://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/food-access-research-atlas/go-to-the-atlas/ According to the USDA, this site is indeed very close to a food desert by abotu 2 blocks. Eddie is right. Grocery store would be nice here...
  4. Can definitely see the relics of oil derricks/drills corresponding in the 1944 aerial with your image above.
  5. Great photo. Maybe it was Hogg Field located in Timbergrove? (Im speculating)
  6. Wasnt there an oil-field in the area? Eureka Heights Oil Field? Or was that farther north?
  7. For what its worth, there is a proposed extension to Ella. No idea on the funding or status of it. https://mycity.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=4b5467e117d0459b84e2f2e94ba4fdc2&extent=-10619481.073%2C3470289.6806%2C-10609291.0617%2C3475071.7722%2C102100
  8. Finally got a chance to ride the bike lanes on 11th on Sunday. I liked it. had a mild complaint going westbound and trying to turn left on to the heights bike-trail. I ended up going to Yale and turning left there. Not a big deal since I was doing 16mph pace... but with a slower bike/ride ---I coudl find this annoying. Commenting on the traffic issue at shepherd. I drive from my house down 11th (west bound) every morning to drop my kid off at day care. at 730 in the morning, anecdotally, during construction traffic was backed up some... but now that its more or less complete - I've seen no appreciable increase my time to get him to daycare and get to the office. Going east bound on 11th over shepard, I feel like there needs to be better paint markings to partition the road from 2 lanes down to 1, but thats just an adjustment on my part. Edit: Just want to add, I take my son to the heights library every 2-3 weeks and I generally walk there. Crossing 11th is drastically easier with a stroller than it was before.
  9. my only issue with that round-a-bout is cycling through there. I dont enjoy the stone finish on a road bike. Driving the roundabout is easy....
  10. Not big on the visual appearance of the houses but I do like the site plan/design. nice community center in the center there.
  11. @hindesky, Are you bringing a drone on your bike rides now? Love the air-shots.
  12. That retension pond has only been there since 2012 or so. Used to a be a ware house and laydown yard there. Looking at satellite imagery, it looks like 6th street never cross there. The 6th street on the west side was added after the fact.
  13. Drove by the site earlier this week. Looks like there are some old drilled piers/foundations at the site that were left in situ when the building above was demolished. Looks like hte site held a large warehouse that was demolished circa 2013/2014.
  14. The use of dimensional timber for the stud framing and then use of light gauge for the floor framing is a little unusual to me. Nothing structurally wrong with it, but I'm curious the rationale behind it. Have not run across that before.
  15. Building being demolished this morning. That building used to have an old sign with a 1950's era car. Hope someone saved that sign.
  16. The TC Jester/19th street commercial big box stores need to be revised. Hopefully developments like this encourage growth in that area as well.
  17. I've got a project right now where the owner wants to add a swimming pool the roof an existing two story building. The roof framing is bar joists. Long story short, we performed a feasibility study to see what would have to be done. I think they laughed out loud when I told them the roof framing failed by a factor of 10, the columns failed, and even the foundations failed. They still want us to design new framing to support the swimming pool. Luckily this garage is new construction, but it does kind of concern me that theyre goign to put a swimming pool, full of chlorides over the top of the garage with all its exposed elements... This is going to be a maintenance issue for the owner
  18. Saw cladding going in yesterday on my drive home. Very little thus far.
  19. To add, There are economic benefits to mass transit systems as well. Given the opportunity high rise developments can reduce the costs of construction for onsite parking. Parking garages and structures are low profitability land that right now current infrastructure requires. If you give people more options on how to get to work, you give developers the opportunity to use land for more profitable uses. More shops, more offices, more residential in the same square footage that would have been occupied by parking before. Right now, for large swaths of Houston, the automobile is the only means of accessing our city.
  20. Did a quick peak. Used to be houses on the lot in the 1940s and 50's, then it was mostly warehouses up until about 2016. Been clear for a few years now. Good infill project. Kind of boring appearance wise, but it works for the area in my opinion.
  21. I didnt even think about that. Oh how I loath open floor cube concepts.
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