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    I work as a Structural engineer in the construction industry. I specialize in structural engineering for remodeling, renovation, and repair projects. Work for Architects, contractors, and owners. Highrises, midrises, university, hospital, residential, commercial, industrial and heavy petrochemical; I'm all over the place. My hobbies are Cycling, Traveling, reading, PS4 video games, and food; I also enjoy large construction developments, viewing construction project progress, architecture, and urban planning... which is probably why I'm on this website.

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  1. Hows the traffic in and out of there? The HEB in the north heights was a hot mess when it opened, and at times difficult to get in and out of
  2. 1 week update. So the tilt walls are clearly load bearing. They've installed shoring, with structural steel (a little surprising) with cribbing down to the slab on grade. Doesnt look tied down for uplift which irks me a little bit, but I digress. It could be theyre planning on performing select demolition at the roof in these locations.
  3. I'll concede that looking at Sears photos, that demo does seem more invasive than I would picture for a renovation project . A few things on Sears Im seeing based on the demo. It looks like a solid wall was demolished at sears. Other than the lateral system(loads that go left to right, like wind), theres nothing that indicates to me that its part of the gravity system(loads that go down, and hopefully not up). If its part of the lateral system, they're modifiying the lateral system of an existing old building. I'll put this bluntly, doing this sucks, is difficult and expensive and is very invasive to the existing structural systems. Generally on renovation projects youre not required to modify the existing lateral system to modern code provisions unless certain provisions are crossed. Changing a building from Risk Category II to Risk Category III is a good example. Another one is "enlarging" the building wind profile. The other thing I noticed at sears is they appear to have completely removed the roof framing. I dont know their end goal here so Im in pure speculation mode. They could be replacing it. Why would use replace it you ask? Roof framing are typically designed for relatively light loads. If the Architect wanted a green roof, or another occupied floor, demoing that roof structure may have precipitated just simply replacing the framing up there. The other item they could be doing is... simply never replacing it. This has the added benefit of reducing the wind profile of the building. Regardless, I think its important to note that whatever they're doing to sears, at least to me, seems significantly larger in scope that this MKT project... as far as demo goes. We also have a secondary portion that here on MKT: the structure is exposed, and will likely remain exposed. Thats less likely for sears.
  4. Not sure, but I rode by again this weekend and there did not appear to be any new activity.
  5. ha, I took a look at the photos of sears. Interesting demo technique. But it should be noted these are quite different structures. Sears appears to be a structural concrete frame. With Sears I'm not sure what their end goal is there, but they may be performing more drastic modifications to the frame system which is precipitating the need to have a more "ugly demo". For this structure, This is definitely tilt-wall. I can't tell if these particular ones are load bearing. (i'll check next time I ride by). But generally the demo procedure is "saw cut" through the wall and push! One good thing this contractor has done is not over cut at the corners of the opening... so kudos to them for doing that. I would expect some sort of steel lintel to be attached on the inside face/jamb at some point. Generally when I detail post-installed tilt wall openings, I have them install the steel prior to performing demolition. CC @Luminare Tilt walls do have reinforcement, though traditionally less congested then your typical reinforced concrete beam. I've provided a photo from one of my old projects where we repaired a tiltwall. This is the reinforcement that is typical of Tiltwalls.
  6. Quite a bit of activity going on now. cut holes in the tilt walls now
  7. I've been on MKT plenty and yeah, looking at google earth, youre right.
  8. yeah they need lighting through there. This will be good. That area is currently flood retention. I would assume the park will still be retention, so I would guess we should expect a decent amount of expected flooding at this park.
  9. Saw this from I-10 today. appears mostly leveled.
  10. I noticed a demolition project this weekend and dont want to open new thread on it. . On TC Jester, and Schuler (cross) near rice military. Theres a small 1 story building thats been demolished there. -- Is there a forum thread for it?
  11. And none of the deferred submittals!
  12. Apologies if there is topic already for this. Tried searching and was unable to find anything. I noticed Northwest Transit Center was completely demolished yesterday and on the development map its slated to be rebuilt. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/viewer?hl=en&ll=29.78214561558281%2C-95.45377498634184&z=17&mid=1J_89cR1sxP4muIAHRJlm6TajoQPyoswJ Any Renderings of the replacement structure yet? At least publicly available?
  13. I could talk about this all day. My favorite projects are nearly always renovation projects. They can be made hell by an Owner (or architect, sorry!) that doesnt understand the limitations of not having drawings or even they do... not understanding that building systems and codes 50+ years ago are a lot different than now. That being said, for this building. I would be surprised if they had access to the original drawings. I sometimes have to go to the city to get access to public record drawings, and I dont think i've had much luck on anything past 1960. Much less for a 1 story retail building.
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