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    I work as a Structural engineer in the construction industry. I specialize in structural engineering for remodeling, renovation, and repair projects. Work for Architects, contractors, and owners. Highrises, midrises, university, hospital, residential, commercial, industrial and heavy petrochemical; I'm all over the place. My hobbies are Cycling, Traveling, reading, PS4 video games, and food; I also enjoy large construction developments, viewing construction project progress, architecture, and urban planning... which is probably why I'm on this website.

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  1. Saw cladding going in yesterday on my drive home. Very little thus far.
  2. To add, There are economic benefits to mass transit systems as well. Given the opportunity high rise developments can reduce the costs of construction for onsite parking. Parking garages and structures are low profitability land that right now current infrastructure requires. If you give people more options on how to get to work, you give developers the opportunity to use land for more profitable uses. More shops, more offices, more residential in the same square footage that would have been occupied by parking before. Right now, for large swaths of Houston, the automobile is the only means of accessing our city.
  3. Did a quick peak. Used to be houses on the lot in the 1940s and 50's, then it was mostly warehouses up until about 2016. Been clear for a few years now. Good infill project. Kind of boring appearance wise, but it works for the area in my opinion.
  4. I didnt even think about that. Oh how I loath open floor cube concepts.
  5. Ive been noticing this lately (in single family homes), and maybe the architects can chime in on it. But I've noticed more and more structures with painted black elements on the facade, and I was wondering if that has any deleterious effects on the energy efficiency of the building.
  6. Who's the architect of record on this?
  7. Its a gas station, someone on Nextdoor pulled what looked like a permit. Gas station for sure.
  8. I speculate this plot of land will be multiple buildings, all medicine related over the course of the next 20-30 years.
  9. As I hit enter, Oil hit 2 dollars a barrel. wow
  10. Oil just hit 5 dollars a barrel: Thats still going to be apocalyptic for the Texas Economy, even with the reduction of oil dependency over the last 40 years. Part of this is demand driven, so presumably if COVID 19 starts to free up sectors of the economy by summer, demand might go back up some. But 5 dollars for a barrel is just not going to sustain many businesses at current production levels.
  11. The set back is fine, in my opinion, but as Texasota stated, as long have something there. If they have a wide sidewalk an planted trees - Great! but if its a 3' sidewalk (or no sidewalk), separated from the building by 15 feet of grass than, I'll be disappointed
  12. We've now had a couple of larger jobs in design phase in Houston and Austin put on temporary hold by ownership. This will trickle own to construction eventually.
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