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  1. Hi Specwriter, The door is 1 and 3/4". Thanks for your help!! Leslie
  2. Hi Specwriter, Thank you so much for getting back to me! Below is the knob by Rejuvenation Hardware - it's a Schlage. I've contacted Schlage and Sargent, neither do an 18" backset. http://www.rejuvenation.com/catalog/products/scout Fortunately, the hardware I have from the original knob is Schlage, so I can always do a 12" backset if I can't find the 18". The original knob had a regular short backset, then a longer extension that connected both to the short backset and the knob. I am wondering if I can't add in a 5" backset extension (which comes with the knob) to extend to about 18"
  3. Hi All, We are replacing our MCM front door and want to place the door knob on the new door in the middle of the 36" door. Our original knob was only 12" from the edge, so the current hardware won't work. Any ideas where we can find an 18" backset? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Found this nice MCM home designed by Jenkins for sale in the Willowbend area. Open house on January 29, 1pm - 4pm. I don't know how to get a photo in the body of the post, but below is a link to the HAR listing. The agent has pages from a magazine article about Jenkins and about the house in the photos. 10914 Willowisp Dr.
  5. Thank you VicMan. That is super helpful for evaluating schools!!
  6. Thank you Simbha and BenH. I was able to click through your link, Simbha, and got to a map with homes - I appreciate the help! BenH, we looked at that home and it needs a lot of work - foundation, roof, plumbing. We are not sure we're up for that much work. We will keep looking!!
  7. Hello, we are moving from the Bay Area where we live in a great MCM home (See listing here). We would love to find a larger MCM home (over 2500 sq ft) close in to the city with a larger lot (>10,000 sq ft) and great schools. Budget is up to 800K. Willing to put in work to restore. We have been looking in Bellaire and Meyerland and have found the pickings slim - homes are either too small or lots are small. We have been looking on Houston Mod too. Any leads would be appreciated or is this not possible?
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